Friday, September 8, 2017

Jay Z's mom is a Lesbian-Noise in my room when making this post-Gender reveal

Jay Z=62

Ha, seriously I'm sitting in the bedroom and all the sudden I heard a loud noise on the other side of the room. I have no idea what is was? It sounded like a heavy object landed on the floor. 
I got up and looked around and everything and kept asking myself what was that noise? I figured I'd see what "Noise" was in gematria. 
I still have no idea as there is nothing on the floor and no one else is awake. I had thought possibly my girlfriend rolled over and something fell off the bed?.... but nothing is on the floor.  It was exactly 4:15am when I heard it. 
Four Fifteen=62
Jasmine Cowgill=62(my girlfriend)
Today we went to the doctor and he wasn't there. He was supposed to do the in depth ultrasound. Instead we had to set up a different appointment and a nurse did a simple ultrasound. She did however write down what the gender of our baby is in an envelope. We should've been able to find out the last 2 times, but the baby wouldn't roll over so today was a significant day. We do not know what the sex is yet though as her sister wants to have a gender reveal party. We've been thinking it's a boy but now I'm wondering....
Gender Reveal=62

It's probably a boy though lol as it's always the opposite of what I document it seems. 
Loud Noise=42
Plus if it's a boy Claire wants to name is Robby? Robbie? Can't remember how she spelled it....
Claire=42(rev red)

I'll try and look more at this story tomorrow, but I have to work in a few hours so need some sleep. Weird stuff though. 

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