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Poltergiest film connections to 1988 Dodgers winning World Series-Death of Heather O'Rourke in 1988

Sam asked me a few days ago if I knew about Poltergeist and the 1988 Super Bowl. I feel like I looked at this before, but anyway here is another look. 
The reason it's significant is because the poster says 1988 Super Bowl and this film was made in 1982. The day of Super bowl XXII in 1988 the girl who played Carol Anne got sick and died the next day. 

She died in San Diego, where the Super Bowl was being held as well. 

What I find interesting is the the Los Angeles Rams helmet below the poster. 
Los Angeles Rams=160
Carol Anne=160

San Diego=38
Carol Anne=38
San Diego California=162
Major League Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games. 

Poltergiest III even came out on the 162nd day of 1988. Also 130 days after she died. 
Washington=130(won Super Bowl)
Ha just as I typed "Super Bowl" the TV said Super Bowl as well. 

It's this episode of the Simpsons..."Simpsonrama" the mixed episode with Futurama. Farnsworth says they shoot the Super Bowl Losers to space. 

Anyway....Carol Anne died 36 days after her bday. 
Dodgers=36(reduced) and 36(rev red)
Remember they won the WS in 1988. 
They're Here=117

Her brother even wearing the Dodgers hat.

She died 99 days after the Twins won the WS in 1987. 
San Diego California=99
Los Angeles=37
The Twins beat St. Louis.....
Just has me thinking about the RAMS who played in St. Louis and now back in Los Angeles..also the San Diego Chargers who now play in Los Angeles. 
Remember the Chargers tweeted the new logo that looked like the Dodgers LA and then they changed it on 1/13 this year too. 
113th world series....
All of this reminds me of the symbolism in the Charlottesville car RAMming as well. 
It was a Dodge Challenger, but a lot of people said it was a Dodge Charger. The Dodgers named after dodging cars in Brooklyn. 
Charlottesville=89(rev red), 181
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red), 181

Also the Chargers hired the former Redskins OC Sean McVay as their coach on 1/12...the same day the Chargers tweeted the LA symbol.  
In 1988 the Redskins won the Super Bowl in San Diego. 

The Chargers former coach Mike Mcoy is now coaching with the Denver Broncos the team in which the Redskins beat in 1988. 

The current coach of the Chargers officially hired on 1/13..
Anthony Lynn=162
Notice he started his coaching career with the Broncos. 

The Dodgers won the WS beginning on 10/15 which was 257 days after Carol Anne died connected to the Super Bowl in which the Washington Redskins won. 
Washington Redskins=257(reverse)
Sean McVay=140(reverse)
Television=130, 140(reverse)-where the Ghosts come from. 

The Los Angeles Lakers also won the NBA Finals in 1988. 
Los Angeles Lakers=257(reverse)

It makes sense that the team who won in 1988 would win/be in the WS again this year as the WS begins on the 88th anniversary of the Black Thursday that I've mentioned as well.
Herbert Hoover...HH 88   Hurricane Harvey... and so on. 

Carol Anne dies on the 32nd day of the year. 
The Broncos lose by 32. 
The first super bowl the Broncos won was Super Bowl 32 in San Diego as well.  
32nd prime is 131. 
It was played on 1/31....
"Super bowl"=131
John Elway=130(reverse)
Remember Elway is from Port ANGELES, Washington where Gabe Rygaard was from...I documented him forever as they kept leaving weird comments on my video. It's when I noticed the Angels(Gabriel, Michael) Theme intermixed with the Jesuits. 
Angeles means Angels.....
Elway went to HS in Granada Hills(Los Angeles). This is also where the Drummer of my band is from. 

Super Bowl Thirty Two=197(reverse)
Super Bowl XXII=197
Denver Broncos=197(reverse)
Los Angeles California=197

The San Diego Stadium in 1988 was called Jack Murphy Stadium named after the above guy. 
Notice he was born in Denver and died in Los Angeles age 57. 
World Series=57

Should watch the new Poltergeist movie that came out a few years back. I bet it might have some clues to this year or a future year in sports. 

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