Monday, September 11, 2017

Some happenings today in my life-Also I found the Priest I met the other day

Just want to document a few more experiences today. So this morning my coworker/s were amazed that when she counted up change for the next person it was $9.11 and today is 9/11. Thinking about it now as well it might even have been at 9:11am as I got to work at 9:07 and just minutes later is when they were talking about it. 

Now just a little bit ago I drove up to my parents house to pay my mom back some money. When I got home, I pulled into the yard and thought to myself, "Man I need to mow the yard the grass is super tall". Of course just as I'm thinking this the so
song on the radio says "Tall Grass". It was "Body Like a Backroad". 

I also found the Priest I was talking about in a previous  post that I'm distantly related to. 
Donald Bruck=42
Born in 42' 
Looking at his bday means that he is 75 years old right now. 
He became a priest age 26 on 6/1.....35 days after his bday. 
God=26, 61(jewish)

I met him 4 months 14 days after his 75th bday. 
Donald Bruck=414(Jewish)

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