Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bernie Casey dies on 9/19 and some old 9/19 info reminders.

Before I even look this guys' bday or anything up I want to point out the movie the article tells us he is famous for. 
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka=261(reverse)

He dies on the 262nd day of the year and it was 262 days before his bday. 
Two Hundred Sixty Two=199(reverse)
Bernie Casey=65(rev red)

Him dying 103 days after his bday is also interesting as it has a connection to 9/19 that I documented with the Death of Nancy Reagan. 
9/19 leaves 103 days in the year. 
Nancy Reagan=103, 618(sumerian), 618(Jewish)
Anything that's 103 is 618(sumerian)
Six Hundred Eighteen=199, 919(Jewish)
One Hundred Three=164
This sticks out in regards to the Puebla Earthquake...on 9/19 too. 
Puebla Earthquake=164
Chiapas Earthquake=164
One Hundred Sixty Four=103

Notice he played for the 49ers and the Rams as well. 
The 49ers now play in Levi's Stadium...
Moses brought in the Age of Aries...The Ram. 
Moses in the Tribe of Levi...
Moses=71=The Ten Commandments=Super Bowl fifty=Golden Super Bowl
There was a lot of stuff I talked about around this time in regards to Earthquakes as well. The biggest recorded Earthquake was in 5/22/1960. 
Tribe of Levi=60  A lot more but just want to note this as he died on the same day as the 7.1 Puebla Earthquake. 

His name being Bernie also reminds me of when Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination over Bernie Sanders. It was all about 262 and Pope Francis'/Obama's trip to Cuba. 

September 19th is also the day James Garfield died after being shot on 7/2/1881. 
Also a big day in regards to Youtube Copyright Claiming my videos by a 262, 626 code. 
Youtube Copyright Striking My Videos Playlist

Bernie Casey most famous for catching a TD pass from Roman GABRIEL? 

I know this post is all over the place, but wanted to remind myself of some of the 9/19 stuff from previous years and I know there's more to this guy dying that I'm not seeing in connection to it. 

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  1. Played for the rams and niners, who play tonight.
    Bernie Casey = 52. Los Angeles Rams = 52.
    Today is 105 days after his birthday. Rams = 15.
    One hundred five = 78. Died age 78.
    Rams looking to get their 65th all time win over the niners.
    65th prime is 313. Today is 3 months 13 days after Bernies birthday.
    Sum of divisors of 65 = 84.
    Bernard terry casey = 84.