Sunday, September 3, 2017

First post I read on Zach's blog today involves Twins-Chris Paul

I just got on the internet and for whatever the reason the first thing I did was look at Zach's blog and read this post first over any of the others. The title of the post says nothing about TWINS, so what are the odds this would be the first one I look at? 
Zach's blog Post

Here's the article on CNN about the twins reuniting with Gen Honore who saved them in Katrina 12 years ago. 
There's something about 12 years that I'm not seeing too. 
The Twins on Gravity Falls are 12 years old. 
The Poltergiest girl died age 12. 
Chris Paul's played 12 seasons in the NBA. 

Hurricane=56(rev red)
Chris Paul born on 5/6. 
Russel Honore=61
See Zach's post he goes more in depth in regards to Chris Paul and the death of his grandpa. 

Nice Fitzgerald jersey too. 
Fitzgerald=54, 54(rev red), 108 and 162(reverse)
Baseball=54, 162(reverse)
Major League=108
Major League Baseball=162 and so on..

Ha, funny I took the picture when it was showing KC and Minneapolis weather. The Twins just lost to the Royals today as well. 
I think I mentioned Hurricane Katrina previously as it was in 2005(Chris Paul's first season)....2005 was the year of the last "Tie" before the Cubs vs Pirates game last year. The Houston Astros Tied the Reds in 2005 and the Astros went to the World Series. 

Remember the Chris Paul Headlines when he left LA about him leaving because of Austin RIVERS? lol think about that in regards to Floods as well. 
Chris Paul-Austin Rivers Blog Post

Chris Paul also has the fake Twin brother Cliff on the State Farm commercials. 

Seems like Los Angeles needs a Flood to put out this fire. 
Fire and Water....

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  1. Niice..
    Right? Isent Texas supposed to be on fire and LA flooded?