Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Order at Wendy's was $2.61 on the 261st day of the year-Amber Alert at Work-261 Consciousness and more

Last night I was talking about how my band was playing our 2nd show at "The Down Under Lounge". 
I mentioned how it was the 261st day of the year and my band has a lot of connections to 261. 
Anyway I figured I'd better eat something before we played as I hadn't ate all day and knew I was going to party a bit. I went to Wendy's and ordered off the dollar/value menu. I got a chicken sandwich and french fries and the total came to $ 2.61. 

I noticed something about Wendy's though....
Notice a lot of the Gematria I showed that equaled 261 also was 90 in reduced. A lot of the stuff I documented on the blog that is 261 is also 90, so possibly it's showing me 90 and interrelated to 261? 

Remember Pat used to live in Minneapolis and Jesse is from Los Angeles. 
90 days before the World Series begins this year the Twins lost to the Dodgers 5-6. 

Also just before I got off work today I went to scan someone's lottery ticket,  and this memo was up on the screen. It's an Amber Alert about a girl and her Twin Sisters missing and possibly on the way to Minnesota lol. 

I also just randomly discovered another 261. 
Scottish Rite Freemason=261

The reason I noticed this was because someone had shared Prince EA video on Facebook about Jim Carrey/Consciousness. 
I noticed he started his channel on 7+11+20+06=44
Prince Ea=44
It says his name is Richard Williams
Richard Williams=159
I knew there was something to do with Scottish Rite and 159 and I stumbled upon another 261. 
Scottish Rite=159

Christ Consciousness=261
"Consciousness"=77(rev red) and 175
Seventy Seven=175

Subconscious=74(rev red)
Jesus Christ=74(rev red) and 146(reverse)
Jesus=74, 61(rev red) 
Id, Ego, Super Ego=74, 61(rev red), 146
Human Mind=146

Seventy Four=55(rev red)

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