Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hugh Hefner dies age 91 on the Jesuit Anniversary

What a perfect time for HH, Hugh Hefner to die. 

He dies age 91. 
Playboy founded on 10/1 that leaves 91 days in the year. 
Hugh Hefner=64, 170(reverse)
He dies just before the 64th anniversary of Playboy magazine. 
Naked Girls=170(reverse)

He dies 172 days after his bday. 
Playboy Magazine=172
Playboy Bunny=172
Marilyn Monroe=172(first centerfold)
On a side note: "Norma Jeane Mortenson"=85 and she died on 8/5. 

He dies on the Jesuit anniversary to make it even better. 
Hugh Marston Hefner=79(rev red)
Society of Jesus=79(rev red)
His bday is fitting for Pope Francis(the first jesuit pope) as well. 
4/9 is the 99th day that leaves 266 days in the year. 
Pope Francis the 266th Pope who went to the White House on the 266th day of the year(9/23) 2015. 
Remember 923+266=1,189
There are 1,189 Chapters in the KJV. 

He also dies in Beverly Hills, California. 
Beverly Hills=59, 175(reverse)
Pope Francis=59, 175(reverse)
Beverly Hills, California=111, 132(red rev)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

Interesting to me around the time of Hugh Hefner's 91st bday I mentioned stuff about Hustler magazine. I was talking about my Uncle named Eddie Murphy who won a trip in Hustler magazine to the Bunny Ranch. I mentioned him too just days before the death of Charlie Murphy who died 91 days before his bday. I was thinking Larry Flynt might die this year haha and now we get the death of Hugh Hefner. 
He's currently 74 years old and Hustler founded in 74'. 
Then we had the death of Chester Bennington and he was talking about Child Molesting. Hustler had the "Chester the Molester" cartoon. 

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