Thursday, September 14, 2017

High Speed Chase in area I live..What's the meaning of 261?

A few days ago my girlfriend's mom who lives with us was asking me if I saw anything about a High Speed Chase. I guess they were going to Council Bluffs, Iowa and saw a bunch of cops chasing a car on I-29. I never heard anything about it, and didn't see it on Facebook or anything else. 
Anyway I just saw my mom and she was talking about a high speed chase. I thought she was talking about the one from a few days ago and told her my girlfriends mom had saw it. It turns out it's a different one that happened today as I'm seeing this all over Facebook. 
Anyway the only reason I'm posting this is because of the gematria of High Speed Chase. 
High Speed Chase=261(reverse)
I don't know what the meaning of this number is, but it keeps coming up in stuff I'm looking up and things in my own life. 

Possibly an event pointing to September 18th the 261st day? 
Interesting this chase ends in Woodbine, Iowa. 
Woodbine, Iowa=189
I'm djing a wedding in Woodbine in 2 days on Saturday. 
My band is playing a gig on 18/9 at The Down Under Lounge again as well. 

Remember my band has a lot of connections to 261 too and the down under. 
The Down Under Lounge=261

I wonder if we will get a story about Australia or something this day? 

I also noticed the Twins open a series against the Yankees that day as well. 

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  1. Australia land of down under
    Malcom Turnbull PM of Australia
    Malcom Turnbull = 189 EO
    261 reminds me of postcode or zip code
    Like 2061 postcode of Kirribili - second choice residency of the PM