Sunday, September 17, 2017

Death of Husker Du member Grant Hart-Twins-Yankees, 261 connection to New York

Sam text me last night and asked if I would look into the death of Grant Hart of the Band Husker Du. He said he has a feeling it's connected to the Minnesota Twins stuff. He was correct. 
Grant Vernon Hart=84(red rev), 195
Minnesota Twins=84(red rev), 195, 183(reverse)
Notice his bday of 18/3 or 3/18. 
318 the "God" number. 
Even born in 61'.   God=61

Husker Du=35, 44, 107
Nova Mob=35(red rev), 107(reverse)
Grant Hart=44, 107  also 55(rev red)
Minneapolis=55(where he died-band from)

Also interesting in regards to 107 and what I just documented about Earthquakes possibly being connected to the Twins stuff.  
Earthquake=44, 107

It's also interesting he dies 179 days after his bday and 41 days before the World Series begins. 
179 is the 41st prime number. 
I've been talking about this as well in regards to a connection to the 2001 WS when the Mariners were upset by the Yankees. 
Sam's Favorite team the Mariners as well. 
Seattle Mariners=179
9/11 had a lot of 41 connections.

Anyway I read this text on my way to Omaha this morning and doing the math in my head and sending myself a text message with the info so I wouldn't forget it. As I was typing about 179 being the 41st PRIME number I looked up and noticed a semi turning in front of me with the company name "PRIME INC" in big letters on the side. 
In regards to 41 though I pointed out in my text that:
Super Bowl=41 
Super Bowl 52 will be played in Minnesota. 
He also died on the 256th day of the 2017. 
Curse of Rocky Colavito=256
If the Yankees make the WS they will do it after winning their 41st AL Pennant. 

I noticed as well that Husker Du's final studio album came out in 1987, the year when the Minnesota Twins first won a World Series. 

He died age 56 from Liver Cancer. 
Liver Cancer=56, 110, 187(reverse)
Cancer=44=Chemo=Cigarettes=Grant Hart
Society of Jesus=56, 187(reverse)
New York Yankees=187(reverse)

Interesting he married his wife on 7/5/2017. 
Brigid Hart=60
Minnesota Twins=60
World Series=57, 75
It was 111 days before the WS begins. 
New York=111
He dies 1 month 11 days before the WS begins. 

He also dies 70 days after getting married. 
New York Yankees=70(rev red)
Saint Paul, Minnesota=70, 263(reverse)
Two Hundred Sixty One=263

Lol it's crazy.....My first thought on the year was the Yankees losing in the World Series because of the Jesuits/Oblivion Film/Angel Gabriel..... I then noticed the connection the Twins also had with the Jesuits.  
Minnesota Twins=84(rev red)
This World Series I'm positive is connected to the Jesuits I just don't understand what team it's for yet. It will be great if the Twins play the Yankees in the Wild Card though. We will see how it plays out and keep documenting. 

Check this out...."One Hundred Eleven"=261(reverse)
261 the number I keep trying to figure out what it means.
Not sure If I blogged it yet, but the WS also begins 261 days after Super Bowl 51.  

Interesting Wild Card Pattern for the Yankees as well. 
Either in a year that's a multiple of 5 or ending in 7. 
2017 is fitting for them to be a wild card. 
57=World Series

As always more to look into. 

Interesting too how the name shows importance on the U. 
He dies on 13/9. 
Metal Umlaut=139(what the dots are called)

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