Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Death of Dave Thomas(founder of Wendy's) 119 days after 9/11/2001.

Another look at Wendy's here as I noticed Dave Thomas died 119 days after 9/11..2001. 
Dave Thomas=36 also 54(rev red), 108, and 162(reverse)
Wendys=27, 36(s), 27(red rev), 90, and 72(reverse)

Dave's bday 7/2 and it was 72 days (end date) before 9/11. 

Thomas born in 32'. 
He dies in the 32nd year of owning Wendy's. 
Notice it says the original restaurant was operational until 3/2..2007. 
Thomas=32(rev red)
Dave=32(v) and 32(simple)
David=32(rev red)
He also died age 69 and Wendys opened in 69'. 

Thomas dies 54 days after the 32nd anniversary of Wendys opening. 
Dave Thomas=54(red rev)
It was first opened in Columbus, Ohio. 
Columbus, Ohio=54

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