Monday, September 11, 2017

Eric Bolling's son dies hours after he loses his Fox News Job-Jesuits

Eric Bolling=106
Fox News=106

His son dies 191 days(end date) after his bday. 
Eric Bolling=191(reverse) also 61, 106
Notice he was born on the 61st day of year too. 
God=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit=Church=Christian=Sins=Bull=Keeper of Time and so on....
Society of Jesus=191 and 79(red rev)
Eric Chase Bolling=79

Notice he went to Loyola Academy which is a Jesuit school. 
Also played with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 84'. 

He got fired because of a Huffington post story on 8/4. 

He was fired and son dies 35 days after the story...
Catholic=35, 71
Eric Bolling=71
Bolling=35, 71

They put a lot of emphasis on the name "Eric" in this story. His name is Eric, his son's name is Eric and they mention Eric Trump. 
Remember Trump also went to a Jesuit university. 

Eric Trump born in 84'. 
It's funny when I think back I had a video in regards to "Eric is Next". It was because on the film "Castaway" he's on the FedEx 88 plane and they say "Fed Ex 88, Eric is Next". 
Wouldn't that be something lol? 
Eric Frederick Trump=103
Forty Sixth President=103
In regards to 1984 it reminds me of another Eric...
Eric Arthur Blair....Or George Orwell writer of 1984. 

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