Monday, September 25, 2017

Death of my Grandma Ellie(El Lie)-Chattanooga Bus Crash-Flintstones yet again

I was wrong about my grandma's name being 238. I always thought her real name was Eleanor but I guess it's just Ellie. 
Ellie Arthur=129 and she died 129 days(end date) after her bday. 
Ellie Ruth Murphy=211
Her bday was 2 months 11 days before our neighbor died on the 211th day of the year. 
Ellie Murphy=63
6/3 leaves 211 days in the year. 

Thinking about her name too then...
EL Lie. I just documented about this on 7/25 the Book of Eli...The Book of A Lie...The Book of EL Eye. 

Unbelievable though, look where it says she was born...
Remember the death of my uncle Barney was all about the Flintstones. 
He was married to Betty....Betty and Barney...
The Flintstones aired 166 episodes. 
Based off of The Honeymooners show. 
Barney Murphy=166
Barney left the Miami Dolphins Jersey on my porch and I found out he gave it to me at the Gold Slipper. 
The Gold Slipper=166
I asked my mom what Barney's bday was and the day I asked was 166 days after his bday. 
Reverse Gematria=95, 166
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95=Dan Behrendt
Barney died age 63. 
His bday was 63 days before my grandma died. 
My neighbors bday was 6 months 3 days before Jesuit anniversary.
Flintstones=63(rev red) and 153
Flipper came out in 63'
Sixty Three=153

Flintsone is 12 miles south of Chattanooga which is why she said she was from Chattanooga I'm assuming. 
Chattanooga Tennessee=211

I've thought forever that there was something connected to the Chattanooga Bus Crash in 2016 to my Grandma. 
She dies 307 days after the Bus Crash...
307 is the 63rd prime number. 
Also it happened on the 326th day of 2016...The Gabriel number. 

Bus Crash=125(reverse)
Chattanooga Bus Crash=196
Ellie Ruth Arthur=196

Chattanooga Bus Crash Police Report
It says 9/20 on the report yet at the top it says 11/22? 

The time of the Bus Crash even listed at 14:40...
Regardless if this is true or not it's still interesting in regards to EL and my Grandma....
Remember my Grandma just died 1,440 days after her first child(my uncle Kelly). 
Kelly Charles Murphy=1440(Jewish)
Ellie Murphy=63, 144
EL is the Keeper of Time. 
Forty four=144
There are 1,440 minutes in a day. 

Time is the Lie we are told exists. 
Keeper of Time=128, 196(reverse)

I have to go to work, but gonna look back at this story. I didn't cover it when it happened as I didn't have internet at my house around the time of this story last year. I only read about it on Zach's blog with the data on my phone. 

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