Thursday, September 7, 2017

Kim Kardashian and Kanye using a surrogate for 3rd Child.

They are using a surrogate for number 3 huh? 
Surrogate=56(rev red)
Kim Kardashian=56
Paris France=56

Over the Moon=60, 150 and 48(rev red), 147(reverse)
Them same numbers that seem to be in multiple stories lately..
Kanye West Paris France and more
Fishdicks=56(red rev)
Gay Fish=33(red rev)
Kanye West=33
Even if the Kanye Pray for Paris shirt was a fake, the point I'm making is they programmed people to think about that photoshopped picture. 
Kim Kardashian attacked in Paris video

South Park Magic Johnson Paris Attacks
Team America Paris Attacks Pt 1
Team America Paris Attacks Pt 2

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