Friday, September 1, 2017

Justin Verlander traded to Astros-Stock Market Crash connections to World Series and Super Bowl 52

Justin Verlander traded to Houston today 8/31. 
Notice it's 192 days after his bday. 
Justin Verlander=192

His bday also the 51st day of the year.
Houston Astros=51

Houston wins 5-1 the same day they get him. 
Houston just hosted Super Bowl 51 in 2017. 

According to Wiki he has a record of 183-114
Minnesota Twins=183
Justin Brooks Verlander=92, 133(rev red)
Astros=92 won their 133rd game of the season tonight. 
It's funny as I just typed According to Wiki.....When it comes to scores I usually go to Sportsreference and double check but didn't feel like it for some reason and just wrote that.

Anyway right after I typed that I searched "192" on my notepad and it took me to this...
I searched 192 to see if any MLB teams had 192 gematria. 
Remember the 88th anniversary of black thursday is the sameday WS begins 10/24.
Herbert Hoover=192(reverse)
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)...2/20? 
HH...88 "Trump"=88....Hurricane Harvey(88)
Herbert Clark Hoover=204
Houston Astros=204
Two Hundred Four=192 says the same thing too, just so you know. 

It's funny as my last post I mentioned Orange is the Black. 
Orange is the New Black=192

Last year I mentioned Herbert Hoover as well. His bday is the same as Rocky Colavito's 8/10. It's also the same day Lou Boudreau died in 2001. 
192 a number I mentioned mostly in connection to Football stuff in my notes, so possibly the Twins stuff just clues to SB 52 in Minnesota...I still think it's for the Twins, but who knows. 
Super Bowl LII=161
Stock Market=161(reverse)
Super Bowl Fifty Two=204....
American Civil War=161

The WS begins 103 days before SB 52...
Stock Market Crash=103(rev red)
US BANK stadium? Think about that? The United States Bank? 
Minnesota used to play in Hubert Humphrey Stadium...HH 88. 
Hubert H Humphrey=88
Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome=133
US Bank Stadium=88(rev red)
Minute Maid Park=88(rev red)...Astros play here. 

United States Bank=103(rev red) and 185, and 247(reverse)
Stock Market Crash=103(rev red) and 185 and 247(reverse)
Donald John Trump=185

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