Thursday, September 21, 2017

Symbolism just after I woke up today-Gabriel-Twins-261

I just woke up about an hour ago and I needed to go up town. My truck of course has a super Flat tire and my girlfriend has the other car at work. I figured I'd just take the golf cart, but I couldn't find the key. So I was getting pissed about my day starting this way and was crabby as I walked uptown. Anyway I walked to the store where my girlfriend works to figure out where she put the golf cart key and my crabbyness went anyway. When I got there I was standing there talking to her and a kid walked in wearing a shirt that says "TWINS" on it. Nothing else, just "Twins", and it wasn't a Minnesota Twins shirt. 
The kid wearing the shirt is Joseph Grady. 
Joseph Grady=513(satanic) also 52(rev red)
Minnesota=52(rev red)
Angel Gabriel=513(satanic)
513 a number I have mentioned a lot over the years as Youtube kept showing me the date of 5/13. 
Five Hundred Thirteen=107
Today is 107 days before his bday.  9/21 to 1/6. (according to his facebook). 
I also bought a 2 liter of Mountain Dew. 
Mountain Dew Two Liter=90, 261

I also ordered food at the bar since I had 7 tickets left over from the weekend. I rarely go there anymore so I figured I would just use them on food today. Think about that in regards to what I've documented with Gabriel as well. 7 Arch Angels, 7 Days, 7 Limbed Aliens, and so on. My meal cost $7 exactly too. 
 After I left the gas station I went to pick up my food. I walked in and saw one of my best friends from high school eating with his family. The reason it's significant is because I haven't seen him in a while because he lives in Tampa, Florida. 
Tampa, Florida of course where Aaron Carter is from and I just documented all of the Twins stuff in regards to him. 
Tony Darveaux=170
Darveaux also has 2 younger siblings who are Twins.(different dads) 
James and Katie=113
Cogdill Twins=57, 147=World Series

Anthony Joseph Darveaux=95,266
He married "Jenelle Mercade"=266(reverse)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95, 176
Dan Behrendt=95
Remember how I've said my best friends have gematria fitting for me? 
Chris Sturgill=176(reverse) and 95(h)
The Cozy Corner=176(reverse)(where my gf works)
The CC. (33)
Lampes Pub=33(Bar)

Another thing to point out is that when we graduated Darveaux took me and few other friends on a trip to their cabin in Minnesota by 10 Mile Lake? His step dad took all of his kids and their friends here after they graduate from what I remember. So just interesting I would even remember going to this. 

I'm pretty sure it was in this town? 
Hackensack, Minnesota=69=World Series(rev red)
Just documenting it for further reference as well. 

A while back I mentioned my cousin Ben who I work with and him having Twin sisters. What I didn't realize back then was their bday is 261 days after mine. 

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