Monday, September 11, 2017

Jim Carrey confusing existential interview

Jim Carrey Article

I just saw this article on Yahoo and figured I would click on it as Jim Carrey has played an important role in lots I have mentioned over the years. 
He's talking about how this is "Not our World" and "We dont matter". 
Jim Carrey=60(rev red)
Icons Party=130
This happened 130 days before Carrey's 56th bday. (
9/9 to 1/17)
How interesting lately I've been focused on what is truly going on and even mentioned Consciousness in regards to Darren Daulton. 
Now this article leads me to Terence Mckenna who was all about Metaphysics, Pyschonautics, Alchemy and so on. 

Terence Kemp McKenna=94(rev red)
Notice he dies on the 94th day of 2000. 

Truth Bombs=60(rev red)
Jim Carrey=60(rev red)

Interesting too that Carrey is currently 55 years old. 
God=55=Satan=Heaven=Garden of Eden

Remember all of the connections in regards to Drugs and God as well. 

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