Tuesday, September 5, 2017

It happens again on the first thing I looked at tonight-Princess Camilla-Moon-Earthquakes-Duchess of Cornwall-Corn Moon

I just sat down and went to Youtube and figure I would watch a few videos before looking up anything else. This is the first video I saw and clicked on. Right as he said "MOON" in the video, I heard the TV say Moon as well. 

I know it's Futurama, but I had no idea what was even on the TV as I wasn't paying attention to it when I sat down. Plus this episode is actually dedicated to the Moon unlike many other episodes.
Leela said "Moon" when It happened. 
Moon=51(reverse), 57, 21 and 15(red rev)

It's actually the 2nd episode ever not the 49th like Dish Network says. Dish Network always has the wrong episode number for whatever the reason. 

Today is 9/4 and this episode came out on the 94th day of the year in 1999. 
Seattle Washington=94(rev red)
Ninety Four=57, 51(rev red)
Moon=57 and 51(reverse)

I restarted the episode. Notice the guy wearing the Moon "U" shirt. 

Zach's video says the Full Moon is Sept. 5th, but everywhere I see says it's the 6th just after midnight. Depending on where you live as It's 9/5 in Hawaii and 12:02am in Seattle....
Tomorrow means that....
It's 15 days after the Great American Eclipse. 
Moon=21, 57, 15(rev red) and 51(reverse)

The episode came out on 4/4 which is 5 months 1 days (end date) to 9/4 and 5 months 1 days to tomorrow 9/5. 

Interesting the Moon will be close to Neptune, and this article even mentions Neptune reaching opposition on 9/5 so it will be the brightest it's been all year. 

Last night when I posted about the Weird Al stuff, my video talks a lot about Neptune and Neptune being Pisces. 
Discovered by "Johann Gottfried Galle"=95
Reaches opposition on 9/5? 
I show more about Neptune in the above link. 

Also interesting it's called a "Corn Moon". 
Corn Moon=44, 107
Seattle=44(rev red) and 107(reverse)

With all the Hurricane/Fire stuff would we get an Earthquake soon? 
Earthquake=44, 107

Not saying it will happen, but I just discovered an interesting thing about Mount St. Helens. 
It says it's 96 miles from Seattle. 
Mount St. Helens Eruption=96
This full moon would be on 9/6. 
Remember the last eruption on 18/5...1980. 
Mount St. Helens=185
Donald John Trump=185

I was re-looking at my Earthquake Notes tonight. 
The study of Earthquakes goes back to Thales of Miletus in 585BC. 
Thales of Miletus=85(rev red)
Charles Richter died age 85 in 1985. 
The Big One=85
Richter Scale=58
In regards to Earthquakes East of the Rocky Mountains, the last biggest Earthquake was an 5.8 in Mineral, Virginia in 2011. The one before that was a 5.8 in Cornwall-Massena in 44'. The one before that was in Charleston and it was exacly 58 years 5 days before the Cornwall-Massena earthquake.
The reason I wrote about Earthquakes again in here is because Zach also had a post from today about the Cornwall flooding....Cornwall-Massena. 
Think about Prince Charles as well. 
King Charles=107
He is married to the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla and they got married on April 9th 2005 or 9/4. 
Interesting today we also got the news of Prince William and Kate Middleton's third pregnancy.  

Her first overseas tour they came to the US and saw the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina lol. 

Their marriage was delayed a day because Pope John Paul II died. 

Duchess of Cornwall=261(reverse)
North Korean Missile=261(reverse)
That number I keep mentioning....
September 6th or 6/9 in the UK is 69 days before Prince Charles 69th bday and also 51 days after Camilla's. 

Corn Moon, Corn Wall makes me think of the area I live(Iowa)
Iowa=21, 48
Cornwall=1114(Jewish) Reminding us of Prince Charles Bday November 14th in which we got the closest super moon since the year 48' last year. Charles born in 48' as well. 

Pope John Paul II the only pope to visit Iowa that I've previously documented. 

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