Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bartolo Colon signing with the Twins-Complete Game-Miguel Sano-Twins lose 11-3 to Yankees same day Dodgers lose 5-7 to Phillies-Jesuits

The Yankees beat the Twins today 11-3 getting their 85th win. 

I'm interested in regards to Bartolo Colon pitching too. He was called up on 18/7 with the Twins to play against the Yankees. 
New York Yankees=187(reverse)

It was 55 days after his 44th bday on the 144th day of the year. 
Forty four=144

His bday also the 52nd day of the MLB Season. 
Bartolo Colon=52
He threw a "complete game"=52 against the "Texas Rangers"=52 becoming the oldest since Nolan Ryan. 
Nolan Ryan of course finished his career with the Rangers. 
Lynn Ryan Jr=52(Nolan's real name)
Notice they won 8-4 on 8/4 and got their 52nd win of the season and Texas losing stayed on 52 wins too. 
Minnesota=52(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=84(rev red)

The Twins also beat the Rangers on Colon's bday the 52nd day of the season. 

In regards to all the 52, I'm reminded that the Twins lost their 52nd game this year to the Angels and it was 113 days before the 113th WS. 
Wildcard=52(rev red)
Also interesting in regards to Super Bowl 52 coming up in Minnesota. 

Also interesting Miguel Sano's last game was against the Diamondbacks with Colon pitching. 
Reminding me of 2001 season yet again. 

I never noticed before that Miguel Sano's full name includes ANGEL. 
Born on 5/11/93
Saturn=511(Jewish), and 93

Last year I documented how Bartolo Colon was showing us the Indians in the World Series. It was connected to the Curse of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage when he was pitching in Game 1 of the 111th World Series. 
Roast of Rob Lowe-Bartolo Colon-Indians Vs Cubs

Interesting today the Dodgers lost 5-7 as well. 
So the two teams I think are gonna be in the WS both interesting scores today. 
World Series=57
113th World Series. 
The reason I mention the significance is that the Phillies and the Yankees are the only teams with the Jesuit Connections in Frontwards Gematria. 
Philadelphia Phillies=191
New York Yankees=191
Society of Jesus=191

Bartolo Colon's bday is the day Donald Trump met Pope Francis as well. 

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