Saturday, September 2, 2017

Michigan vs Florida Game talk of Ricky Vaughn in Major League-Tyrie Cleveland-Dodgers

Earlier when I got home from work I sat down and turned on the Michigan Game. They were showing Michigan's FG kicker and talked about his hair looking like Ricky Vaughn's from Major League. 
Ricky Vaughn=58
Quinn Nordin=58(rev red)
Wild Thing=52
Michigan won with 33 points. 
Charlie Sheen=64(rev red)
Of course the Red Dawn Movie and the Wolverines...

I turned the captions on so you can see what I'm talking about. 

Anyway right as they are joking about Major League Michigan kicks the ball off and it is returned by 
Such a joke. (It says michigan in white as that's what I named my video file to get this pic). 

Talking about the Cleveland Indians and then a guy named Cleveland returns the ball? 

I never noticed until now they were showing the Dodgers on the bottom screen as well at this same time. 
Notice Cleveland is number 89. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red)

I asked my girlfriend if she just heard what they were talking about. Then explained to her why it was funny the guy Cleveland was returning the ball. I started telling her I'm almost positive we are going to get the Dodgers vs the Indians or Twins in the World Series. Right as I said Dodgers the screen popped up and showed Dodgers and Padres. I never noticed it in the above picture until after I rewinded the DVR, and it only said LAD anyway. 
Hope that makes sense. 

Michigan's kicker is Quinn Nordin. 
Quinn Nordin=148(reverse)
Cleveland Indians=148
Today he only missed on FG and it was a 52 yarder. 

The Indians even playing Detroit today which is the team the Curse of Rocky Colavito began with for Trading him to Detroit. 

Tyrie Cleveland=65
The Dodgers lost today 6 to 5. 
Interesting he's from Houston as well. 

San Diego Padres=65

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