Thursday, September 28, 2017

Another old guy I know died yesterday-Knights of Columbus-New South Park Columbus Day episode

While at my Grandma's visitation tonight, I found out another old guy I know died yesterday. I know for whatever the reason I am supposed to see this guys death. I saw him a lot with a guy I know is a Knight of Columbus, and I see he was also a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus. Notice he dies on the Jesuit anniversary. 
Edward Louis Gunia Jr=85, 211
Ellie Ruth Murphy=85, 211
Everyone called him "Ed Gunia" though..
Ed Gunia=128(reverse) also 266(Jewish)
266th Pope and so on...
Remember my neighbor and my Grandma both died 128 days before their bdays and more with 128...Death of my Granda and Neighbor-North Korea-Jesuits

The South Park last night was also about Columbus Day and Christopher Columbus. How fitting for the episode to come out on the Jesuit anniversary. It really didn't make any sense for the episode to be about Columbus Day considering it's not for a 2 more weeks. 
Ironically enough my grandma's husband was born on 10/12 which is Columbus Day(actual day he supposedly discovered America). I talked about my Uncle Barney being a Knight of Columbus....

Also tonight my brother and I were standing outside across the street in the Parish Center Parking lot drinking a beer. We were waiting for the prayer stuff to happen and killing time. The priest came up and told us we couldn't drink there. So...I literally walked 20 steps  across the street to the funeral home where it was ok.  
Father Joel David Mcneil=196
Joseph John Behrendt=196(my brother)
Knight of Columbus=196
Ellie Ruth Arthur=196(my grandma's maiden name)
Flintstone, Georgia=196(where my grandma born). 

What's funny to me is the guy I used to see Ed with a lot has been mistaken as my brother by multiple people. We are not related in any way but for some reason there have been people who think we look alike and were brothers. Not quite "Twin" stuff but still worth noting. 

I will add more if I think about it, but wanted to document some of this stuff so I don't forget. 

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