Thursday, September 14, 2017

Facebook video "Twinz" by Big Pun and Fat Joe-Minnesota-World's Fattest Twins

I just left this comment on Zach's Anonymous video and then figured I would check Facebook and lay down. 

I get on my homepage on Facebook and the 3rd post I see is this. 
TWINZ by Big Pun and Fat Joe. 
Fat People=147(reverse)
Fat Rappers=150(reverse)
World Series=147, 150(reverse)
Deep Cover 98'=150(reverse)-song subtitle. 
Both from the Bronx.
The Bronx=43, 106, 38(rev red) and 110(reverse)
Anonymous=38, 137, 43(rev red) and 106(reverse)

I find it interesting Fat Joe's real last name is Cartagena...
I just posted about Pope Francis hitting his head in Cartagena, Colombia. 
Fat Joe=33(rev red) and 57
World Series=57
Big Pun=33

Interesting Big Pun born on my bday exactly 11 years before me. 
Dies on 38th day. 

He dies 9 months 3 days before his bday. 
Big Pun=93(reverse)

Seeing 2 Fat people and the song Twinz I am reminded of these guys who were the World's Fattest Twins. 
Notice their bday of 12/7 which I just documented...It's 1 month 13 days after the 113th WS begins. 
They are called the McGuire Twins although their names are Mcrary. 
Think about super Fat people in regards to Earthquakes that I mentioned in the previous post lol. When the walk the ground shakes...
Billy dies on 14/7 and Benny dies on 3/26(Gabriel) in 2001(9/11)

When I think of Big Pun I always think of this song. I'm not a Player. 
Notice it came out on the B-Side album "Twinz" and was produced by "Minnesota". 
Peaked at # 57. 
World Series=57
It's the only song on his Capital Punishment album to be produced by "Minnesota" as well. 
Remember how 8/7 was important in my previous post too with Aaron Carter. 

Deep Cover 98'.....The Yankees beat San Diego in the 98' World Series. The Twins played San Diego tonight....

The Twins beat Milwaukee on 8/7 this year a score of 5-4 getting their 54th win. 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin=261(reverse)
Anonymous Official=261(reverse)

I really have to get some sleep, but still finding the 261 for whatever reason....

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