Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Aaron Carter Takes Drug Test on "The Doctors"-Minnesota Twins-Earthquake-Death of Leslie Carter-9/11 connections

Aaron Carter in the news again. He took a Drug Test on the show "The Doctors". 
Aaron Carter=114
Drug Test=114
Notice what they highlight in the headline...
The Doctors=143(reverse) also 127. 
Is How Many People accidentally die=143
Aaron Carter comes out as Bisexual-Twins

Lol as I'm typing this I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and right as I typed "Twins" to post that link Zach said, "Binder Twins". 

Notice the Binder Twins were born in 1987 which was the first year the Minnesota Twins won the World Series. They are 30 years old. 
30th prime is 113....113th World Series. 

The Doctors=127
Aaron Carter born on 12/7. 

This story comes 85 days before his bday. 
Aaron Carter=183(reverse)
Minnesota Twins=183(reverse)
In the previous post about Aaron Carter I never noticed that his Twin sister is "Angel Charissma Carter"=195
Minnesota Twins=195

He doesn't want to die the same way his sister did. 

His sister died 55 days after his bday on 12/7. 
Leslie Carter=55, 127

She also died 127 days before her own bday. 
Better yet she dies on the 31st day of 2012. 
127 is the 31st prime number. 

Aaron Carter Drug Test on The Doctors article
Go to the link above and watch what he says in the video. He was traumatized age 13 when he went on Tour with Michael Jackson and the Limo had a flat tire. When outside he saw the plane hit the WTC on 9/11.
Him being 13 is fitting as well...
13th prime is 41
Al Qaeda=41
Skull and Bones=41(Bush and Kerry)
Islamic State=41

I'm interested as well as I've been saying I think the World Series this year is synced up to 2001 when the Yankees upset the 116 win Mariners 41 days after 9/11. 
Aaron and Leslie Carter both from Tampa, Florida. 
Notice the Yankees even beat Tampa Bay today. 
I'm thinking this year we may be getting a 9/11 like event sometime after the World Series sort of the reverse of 2001? 

Today is 41 days before the 113th World Series. 
Aaron Carter's 30th bday is 1 month 13 days after the 113th WS begins. 
30 is the 113th prime. 

I'm also interested in Aaron Carter's final studio Album called "Another Earthquake". Last year I was talking about Earthquakes around this time and also mentioned the 1989 Earthquake World Series a whole lot. We even got a big earthquake story in Italy during the 112th World Series. 
Earthquake=55(rev red)
The Doctors=55(s)
Aaron Carter=114
Minneapolis, Minnesota=93, 114(rev red)
Carter's bday is 1 month 13 days after the 113th WS begins but it's also 44 days. 
The Twins play at "Target Field"=107

The last biggest Earthquake in Minnesota was the Morris Earthquake that happened 42 years and 107 days before the World Series begins this year. 

According to that article the last Earthquake in the Twin Cities was 36 years ago and also 183 days before the 113th WS. 
114th day of the year....
Aaron Carter=114 and 183(reverse)
Minnesota Twins=183(reverse)
I swear I have seen 114 a bunch of times when looking at the Twins stuff but I never documented it on the blog as I didn't know what it might have meant. Now I wish I would've been documenting it. 

Look at the Album too, it's fitting for all of this...came out on 9/3. 
41:47 in length. 
Made it's chart debut with 41,000 albums sold and dropped to # 41 in the 2nd week. 

His previous album "Oh Aaron" came out 1 year 27 days before "Another Earthquake". 
Remember 8/7 this year was also the 127th day of the Mlb season and the day we got the Aaron Carter bisexual story in the mainstream media. 

Notice his newest EP came out on the 41st day of 2017. Also the first single on it came out on 4/1 last year. 

In light of all the 127 in this post, remember last year 127 was a big number in connection to the Cleveland Indians and 114 was the absolute reason I knew the Cubs would be in the WS. 
Notice Carter's recent EP came out 256 days before the 113th WS. 
Curse of Rocky Colavito=113 and 256
Rocco Domenico Colavito Jr=113
113th WS. 
We got the the story last year of the 127 people arrested at the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. 
North Dakota=127 and it turned 127 years old on Game 7 of the World Series last year. Michael Jordan played under Terry Francona and played 127 baseball games. The MLB strike happened 127 days after his first baseball game on 4/8. The Bulls retired his jersey 1 year 27 days after he retired. He retired from baseball on 3+10+19+95=127
Michael Jordan was a baseball player for 1 year 1 month 3 days. 
Michael Jordan=113
The White Sox played 113 games before the Mlb strike...Major League II came out just before Jordan's first game. The Indians defeat the White Sox...I talked about the 2005 connections to "Tie's" and the Astros losing to the White Sox in the WS. So Much but you get the point. All of this Twin's stuff may just be for the Indians or possibly it really is for the Twins?

Funny the Twins just won 3-1 in extra innings tonight too. 
31st prime is 127. 

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