Thursday, November 14, 2019

Two People got the Plague in China

Two People=35
China=28, 35

Patterns in my life today-11/20-Aurora/Batman/Joker-Spammed messages on my 166 blog posts

I just got home about half hour from band practice. I watched the new South Park and then went to Facebook. I clicked on the messages and was going to look at what Bobby had sent me...but I noticed 1 random person sent me a "Happy Birthday" message. I have no idea who this person is, but he is friends with my mom and other people from around the area on Facebook, so I assume it's not fake person. Anyway, I just feel like it's odd they would private message me about my bday instead of just writing on my wall like everyone else.....but notice where this person lives...AURORA, Missouri... 

His bday is the same day as the upcoming Super Bowl LIV too...remember how the Dark Knight Rises is important to the Football game/Stadium....

What else is interesting is that on my way home from band practice I got a text from my best friend saying "Happy Birthday"...I kept thinking...does he not realize my bday was on way he would have forgot my bday....apparently he sent that message on Sunday, but for some reason it didn't go through until earlier tonight....
It's just funny as in a previous post I mentioned how his bday on 11/20 was important to 310 and the 8/10/France/Ethiopia I get this weird happening about a bday on the anniversary of the 2015 France Attack.....Also I turned on the Gematria Effect and the caller started talking about the date of 11/20 being important to Trump....It's 159 days after his bday..."Donald Trump"=159...
It's also 5 months 6 days...
Paris France=56=Isis=President=Pope and so on...
5/6/2020 will also be the 227th day of the 227th year of the French Republic..
I started thinking too the date can be written as 20/11. In 2011 we got Obama saying he was the Lion King and mocking Trump...

Thinking about my best friend in regards to Batman....we went to the midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises in Harlan, Iowa in 2012. It's the first and only time I have ever been to a midnight showing of a film...we also went with our friend Norm whose bday just so happens to be the day the film came out..7/20...
Norm's real name has name gematria of 86 as does Sturgill...
Norm=86(FB)...his real name is actually Joel, but we looks similar to Norm on Cheers and his father is from Norman Oklahoma. 
Aurora Colorado=86=James Eagan Holmes and so on..
I still remember pointing out the 322(Skull and Bones) to them during the film that gets flashed on the Football scene too. Of course they didn't know what I was talking about...
Norman, Oklahoma=227
I see I talked about this in my post about "Adam West"=86 too. 
It's also interesting to me because recently people have been telling me I need a new pair of shoes. The fronts are ripped up and you can see my toes lol. It really doesn't bother me, but I know I'm gonna need new ones in the near future. I have a pair of Chuck Taylors with orange shoe laces that I wore for Norm's wedding somewhere at my old house....I recently went to find them and start wearing them to make everyone happy, but I could only find 1 of the just interesting I would even think of this now....
I also documented about Norm on Cheers a few times earlier this year...

I also noticed that today I got a few spammed messages on posts about the number 166...all about the 2016/2017 stuff I've mentioned recently...

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Some extra thoughts on War of 1812/Canada-Jay Z Billionaire/Kanye West name change story-Pigs-Charles Manson

I'm wondering about something here...We just had that story of Kanye wanting to change his name to Genius Billionaire...I remembered we had Ross Perot/Tom Steyer Billionaire stuff...but I also randomly documented about Jay Z being the first billionaire rapper in a post about Charles Manson earlier this year. 
Think about Jay Z...Kanye..

The reason I even thought of this is because today at work I saw a post about...if you made 2000 a day and worked fulltime since would only have about $8.3 billion and there would still be people richer than you. 

I'm just thinking this has to relate somehow...Jay Z has the Gray Album that is important to Kanye/ band is actually going to be playing our version of the song "Piggies" on this Friday...Death to Pigs....The Tate Murders happened on 8/9 which is the same day Slipknot released their new Album...Paul Gray is the Pig...

It made me want to look up November 19th again as I thought there was something important to that day with the Royal's actually the day that King Charles I was born....I also saw Dan Haggerty(Grizzly Adams) was born that day....He was important in 2015 when I was talking about the Chiefs in the SuperBowl...Happy Gilmore/Philadlephia/Earthquake. 

Plus remember that the Beach Boys were important to Charles Manson, and the song they stole from him is on the Album with 2020 in it....Hindsight.....Hindsight is how I am able to pick up on new patterns...

The Nationals(Expos) and the Raptors both win the sports championships...The War of 1812 important to Canada...
The War of 1812 also important to Napoleon/France..
Just last night I saw a story on Yahoo about MLB player Billy Bean...remember is important to the reason Francis Scott Key wrote the national Anthem.(William Beanes in Baltimore). 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

NFL teams invited to Colin Kaepernick private workouts this weekend-Charles Manson/Helter Skelter-Kneel

Oh really Colin Kaepernick gets invited to workout with NFL Teams...this story comes on Charles Manson's bday haha. Remember Charles Manson was super important to the Kneeling symbolism. I mentioned all of this in October 2017 and then Charles Manson died November 19th, 2017. 
What's even more interesting is all of the praise for Larry Johnson for spreading gematria info....Charles Manson died on Larry Johnson's 37th bday. 

It's funny too that I just covered the Roman Polanski story and how I blogged about him on 11/3....11/3 is Colin Kaepernick's bday. 
I documented about a Cowboy theme when Charles Manson died....but also thinking about "Blackbird"...and the Atlanta Falcons/Ravens...
Remember both are important to the War of 1812 symbolism too...
Notice this workout will be in Atlanta...
Also this comes just after the Atlanta Falcons upset the Saints and the the 49ers got their first loss of the season to the Seahawks....Remember how the QB Controversy with Alex Smith and Kaepernick began in the year the 49ers lost to the Ravens(Blackbird..Baltimore/National Anthem). 
Remember the Saints are another team that is important to the War of 1812 narrative. 
Notice how this CNN article points out that Kaepernicks last game was a 49ers loss to the Seahawks too...The team that just gave the 49ers their first loss this year haha. 

You know thinking about it too, I've mentioned a lot about Francis Scott Key sounding Francis Got Key in regards to Pope Francis. It's interesting though with as much as I've covered the importance of FRANCE this year, as it also sounds like "France is got Key". 
The Kneeling stuff was also important to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash...Wall Street...just thinking how Kaepernick won his settlement the same day Trump Declared the wall a national emergency. 

We'll see what comes of this story but no doubt Larry Johnson has come into this for a reason...I mean this whether he actually knows about it or not too. 

Roman Polanski rape allegations on Charles Manson's bday-Batman/Joker-51 children injured in Chinese Chemical Attack-Synchronicity with Youtube and Singin in the Rain

Of course Roman Polanski's rape would be in the news today. I mean just documented about him on 11/3 being important to the Joker/Batman narrative. 
Today is also the perfect day for him to be in the media because it's Charles Manson's birthday. 
Roman Polanski=76 on..

Today is also 86 days after his 86th bday.
Aurora Colorado=86
James Eagan Holmes=86

This comes just before he releases his newest film called..
"An Officer and a Spy"=76 and 86

We also got a story today about 51 children in China injured in a Chemical Attack....
Think about the 1989 Tim Burton Batman in which Batman drops Joker into the Chemicals which is why he looks the way he does. 

Something I never thought of before in regards to LeBron is Cleveland winning for the first time in 51 years and all the 51 stuff with it...

So I'm sitting here reading my post from 11/3 that involved Roman Polanski...I read the part about the song "Singin in the Rain" and then I hear a guy on our TV start singing the song...I look up to Claire watching this video on notice they have 1.77 million Subs....The 177 I keep seeing. 
Also interesting the video came out on 8/31 which is the day my son Alistair was born and number of other important things this year. 
It's also the day when the JOKER premiered in Venice for the 76th anniversary of the film festival. 

I just don't get the significance of the number 177...It was important to my first ever Youtube copyright claims in 2014...I've also been talking a lot about the 2016/2017 stuff that was important to 166 and 177 is 11 more....11 was super big last November and the reason I even noticed the pattern of the 2016/2017 stuff coming back up...
Switzerland=177(FB)...where Roman Polanski supposedly raped this girl. 

Possibly it's something to do with Malcom McDowell as he's the lead character in A Clockwork Orange..that is important to the song "Singin in the Rain"....Notice he is 76 years old right now....
He's also the Dr. in the Rob Zombie "Halloweens" and my post about all this originally began with LeBron's Halloween costume..

Southern Connecticut State Gymnast dies after Fall from Uneven Bars

Melanie Coleman=59
Uneven Bars=59(died on)

She died 161 days after her birthday? 
Melanie Amber Coleman=161

Notice too this also means she died on the 5th month 9th day of her age....59

Southern Connecticut State is also in New Haven, Ct....which is where Yale/Skull and Bones is...
Skull and Bones=59(sk)

Monday, November 11, 2019

Alex Trebek chokes up after Heartfelt message

"We ♥ You Alex"=112, 41, 40
Notice this comes 112 days after his bday. 
Alex Trebek=40...born in 1940..
Jeopardy=40, 41

We Love You Alex=166
Just interesting considering this was the big number with all the Jeopardy stuff I mentioned in 2016/17.