Monday, October 26, 2020

Former 49ers player Dana Stubblefield sentenced for Raping the Babysitter


A few other people shared this with me on Facebook, but it's such a concrete example I have to document about it on the blog. 
Dana Stubblefield gets sentenced for raping the babysitter his babysitter on 4/9 of the year 2015. He gets sentenced exactly 49 weeks after his 49th birthday. 
He played for the San Francisco 49ers. 
He also wore the number 94, the reflection of 49. 

He also won a Super Bowl with the 49ers in the 94' season. 
The season where they won in their 49th season scoring 49 points over the San Diego Chargers. The lead rusher was Steve Young with 49 yards and the QB for the Chargers threw 49 pass attempts. 

The GM of the Chargers was Bobby Beathard too, and now the 49ers have CJ Beathard. Last year his brother died before the 49ers made the Super Bowl. 

It's also interesting that Joe Montana's final season was the 94' season. Recall a month ago that his grandchild was supposedly almost kidnapped in Los Angeles/Malibu... I find this interesting because Dana Stubblefield was sentenced just after the 49ers beat the Los Angeles Rams....and the Chargers now play in Los Angeles too. 

Stubblefield was also sentenced 23 days before his birthday too. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Lakers call Duncan Robinson Jimmy Neutron and Sheen during NBA Finals


I have never watched Jimmy Neutron, or at least the whole movie or TV show...but I'm pretty sure the film involves Space from what I remember.....just thinking about the connection to China and the Rockets when I saw this story.....Robinson also played for Michigan which is important to Apollo 15..

Duncan Robinson=64


Robinson pointed out that they were calling him "Sheen" from the TV show as well....

The character is named "Sheen Estevez", which has to be a play on Charlie Sheen who is also Carlos Estevez. Just think about Two and a Half Men/Charlie Rose being important...

It is funny though, because I think Robinson does look a lot like Sheen Estevez lol. 

Ice Cube in the news days after I blogged about Ice Cube and Children of the Korn


It's funny that I blogged about Ice Cube a few weeks ago and then less than a week later on 10/16 he was in the news. It was again headline news on today. 

That's all I want to blog about at this time. 

10/16 was 127 days after his birthday. 

Zachery Ty Bryan arrested in Oregon on 10/16 for strangling his girlfriend


Zachery Ty Bryan=191, 187
Home Improvement=191
Carly Matros=145, 46, 71
Catholic=145, 46, 71
Society of Jesus=191, 187
Remember back in March I had synchronicity with Toy Story and then found out Buzz Lightyear is actually voiced by Tim Allen and not George Clooney.....I wonder if there is something important to that..
That synchronicity was on 3/10 which was 7 months 6 days before this happened on the day leaving 76 days in the year. 
I also find it interesting because that was the day my grandpa Behrendt died..
The synchronicity involved my cousin Nicole too...
I only find it interesting because my grandpa and my dad are very similar to Tim the Toolman except they don't get injured or break things all the time. 
Zachery Ty Bryan's bday is 10/9
Don Behrendt=109(Grandpa)

Zachery Ty Bryan I also remember from the film "First Kid"...which is about the White House and the Secret Service..
Zachery Ty Bryan is also from Aurora, Colorado and Tim Allen's birthday leaves 201 days in the year. 

Jeff Bridges has Lymphoma-Bridge Theme-Steelers-Rose Bridge named after Rose Kennedy-Pope Francis elects 13 Cardinals including First Black US Prelate Wilton Gregory


Jeff Bridges has lymphoma now? Remember how Charles Manson died in 2017, which was the year Trump called out the NFL for Kneeling connected to the Eagles....Super Bowl 52 was connected to Bridge symbolism and the Big Lebowski hates the fucking Eagles. 

Jeff Bridges=55

The upcoming Super Bowl is SB 55. 

This story comes a span of 112 days before the Super Bowl and also the Super Bowl is 65 days after Jeff Bridges 56th bday....


Bridge Collapse=65

The FIU bridge collapsed after SB 52...FIU founded in 65'. 

Super Bowl=112

This doesn't mean the Eagles will be in the Super Bowl either, but there is a connection to them though. They played the Ravens the day before this announcement....the Ravens important to Kneeling/Charles Manson....they then played the Thursday Night Game agains the Giants...

Honestly the Bridge symbolism makes me think about the Pittsburgh Steelers who are playing well this year....they are the City of Bridges....Also the last time they won a Super Bowl was in SB 43 that was held in Tampa Bay...just like SB 55. Another reason I wonder about the Steelers is because of the Rose symbolism and the Antwon Rose story earlier this year. 

I figured I would search "Rose Bridge" and the first thing that came up was a bridge in Ireland named after JFK's mother Rose Kennedy....Notice her name though....she is the 6th American woman to become a Papal countess of the Holy Roman Empire...

Rose Kennedy=187(FB)

JFK died in the 187th year of the United States. 

Society of Jesus=187

Remember how JFK was important to Charles Manson too. 

Pius XII was the Pope during World War II as well...

Rose Kennedy dying on 1/22 makes me think about Pope Francis..

Pope Francis=122

He's been in the news a lot recently too....He said Gay people are today he makes history by naming 13 cardinals today...which includes the first black cardinal Wilton Gregory. 

Of course today is 1 month 22 days before Pope Francis' bday....


Catholich Church=132

He died 56 days after the Jesuit anniversary in 1963. 

Society of Jesus=56

Remember JFK met Pope Paul VI a span of 35 days after his 46th birthday before he was assassinated too. 

Catholic=35, 46

Today is 43 days or 1 month 12 days before Wilton Gregory's birthday. 

Black Prelate=43


Wilton Gregory=64

Wilton Daniel Gregory=311(FB)

The 64th prime is 311...

Both of these numbers important to Civil Rights and JFK. 

He will become a cardinal a span of 35 days from today...



African American Catholic Cardinal=201

Wilton Gregory's bday is also 71 days after the Jesuit anniversary...


Today is also 313 days after Pope Francis' bday...He became Pope on 3/13. 

Today is also 1 month 3 days before 11/28....and he elected 13 Cardinals....became Pope in 3/13/13. 

Synchronicity with "War" and my friend Fonzo-Charles Manson-The Matrix

Like usual I've had a ton of synchronicities lately such as thinking about how I haven't heard Young Decoder in a while, as I was listening to the Gematria Effect. Then he is the next caller....Anyway, for some reason I remembered the band Hierosonic in the last few weeks and randomly listened to them. When I was at work yesterday this song was in my head for much of the day, which is odd to me considering it's not even close to the best song they have. At some point during the day somehow the word "Fajita" came up and I swear every time I hear the word "Fajita" the a System of a Down comes to my head. There is a song where the lyrics say, "We will fight the Hethens", but for the longest time I thought he was saying, "Where are my Fajita's". I then decided to look up that System of a Down song and it's called, "WAR". It only stood out to me because the other song that was in my head all day was called, "Dance to WAR". Remember W. Axl Rose(WAR) too. 

It was even funnier when a few minutes after turning on the System of a Down song, I went to a pair of gloves and saw this Red Hand on the medium sized boxes. It reminds me of the Red Hand in the picture of the System of a Down video. 

I think my downstairs toilet got a toy thrown in it, and for the last few weeks we have done all types of things to get it out with no luck. When I got off work last night, we decided to just buy a new toilet, so I stayed home with the kids while my girlfriend went and got a toilet. It solved the problem too...but anyway it's difficult to get on the computer or use my phone when I am watching them. I can sit here, but the second I touch my phone or laptop they are trying to grab it and so I sat in the chair and played guitar while they played. My band had a show the night before, and I ran into my friend Fonzo who goes on tour with Smile Empty Soul. I am also a big fan of them and know a lot of their songs, so as I was playing guitar I played some of their songs. I wasn't paying much attention to what I was doing, but I then remembered they had a song called, "This is War"...and I realized I have forgot how to play it lol....No big deal, kind've a force synchroncitiy in my opinion, but after Jasmine got home and we moved the toilet, I went to wash my hands in the kitchen sink and saw a guitar pick with my friend Fonzo on's a pick he made while on tour with Smile Empty Soul. 

Smile Empty Soul=282(FB) and 174

Sean Danielsen=174(FB)

Compton Ass Fonzo=194

I find it interesting considering the Charles Manson numbers. It's also funny that Fonzo closed one eye on that pic. I assure you that he did not do this because he is part of the cabal either. 

My band gig was also at the Down Under, which was the bar important to the Twin symbolism in 2017. Which also connects to Charles Manson. Tom or Thomas(Fonzo's name) means "Twins"...I've also documented about him before in regards to the Matrix and Neo's real name being "Thomas" too. In the very beginning of that film it shows the date 2/19/98...too...remember how 219 was important to Charlie Manson....What's even funnier is that while talking to Fonzo that night he brought up how our friend Mitch and his son have coronavirus. I then told him that it was probably from Mitch's brother Jimmy who just moved back to my town in the last year. He basically took over the job overnight job at the nursing home when my girlfriend quit, and about every worker at the nursing home in town had it in the last month or so...I then was talking about how I recently started watching the show "Shameless" for the first time and the character of "Jody/Jodi" reminds me of Jimmy. I can't believe I have never watched that show before either, but I feel like my life is about 85% on point to that show lol. Anyway, the reason I mention this is because Jimmy to me has always looked a lot like Keanu Reeves too. I think I have even documented about this before.....Jimmy also loves the military and was in the Navy in Hawaii years ago....Pearl Harbor...World War.....

Fonzo even shares a birthday with Keanu Reeves.

There's even a 4th Matrix film set to be released in 2021 haha. Interesting there is an actor named "Daniel Bernhardt" in the film looks fairly similar to my name, and many people have actually pronounced my name just like that before. Further, I know I'm supposed to look at this guy because..."Agent Johnson"=194(FB), 282(FB), 56, 52, 142

Coronavirus=56, 142

Charles Manson=52, 142, 194(FB), 282(FB)

What are the odds that today would be 55 days after his 55th birthday too? Notice it's also 1 month 25 days.....this is interesting because it also means today is 53 days after Keanu Reeves birthday...

In regards to War...

North Korea=53, 55 and 125

Notice he's also in a film called, "Future War" too. 

I'm gonna have to watch the 3rd Matrix film I think...I don't recall ever watching it, but reading about it is interesting. It says that Neo was a program to stop the crash of the Matrix which basically happens by free will...I could be misunderstanding it, so I need to watch it. 

Race War... 

Not sure what else to say about this, but I wanted to document it as I know it will be important as some time in the future most likely. I think more and more everyday that we are living in world similar to the Matrix though. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hot for Teacher Van Halen video in relation to the Ginger Cow-Charles Manson/Rose-Death of Eddie Van Halen-Two and a Half Men-Conchata Ferrell


So I'm sitting here thinking about the Rose theme and it's connections to Conchata Ferrell/Eddie Van Halen...I just figured out a huge piece to this.

ZENITH OF THE ALPHA, America=104(Keypad)

Eddie Van Halen=104

On 10/12/2020, we then got the death of Conchata Ferrell who is famous for being the housekeepr in "Two and a half Men". 

Conchata Ferrell=65(Keypad)

Two and a half Men=65(Keypad)

Conchata also died 5 months 16 days before her birthday, which is interesting because Melanie Lynskey, the actress who portrays the character "Rose" was born on 5/16. Recall, in 2019 the number 516 was important to "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and Slipknot. This in turn was related to Charles Manson, the Chinese Pig year, and the dates 8/10 and 8/11. 

Eddie Van Halen died 8 months 10 days, or a span of 8 months 11 days after his birthday. 

Bobby made a video about Van Halen’s music video “Hot for Teacher” in 2019. He pointed out that if you change the numbers on the chalkboard in the video to letters, it says, “Holy Shit”. I then pointed out that the song "Hot for Teacher" is on the "Ginger Cow" episode of South Park, which was important to the 3rd Temple and Tisha B'AV. 

Look at this though...

Hot for Teacher=194(FB), 282(FB), 261(FB), 416(FB) and 65(It came out on the day leaving 65 days in the year)

Ginger Cow=194(FB), 282(FB)

Charles Manson=194(FB), 282(FB), 261(FB), 416(FB)...

Gemaria The Killing Name=194

I should point out that Jon Cryer's birthday is 4/16 and remember he is important to the "Duck/Pink" symbolism too. Remember Tisha B'Av in 2022 falls on 8/6...the 218th day which is important to that symbolism as well. 

Cryer was born in 65' too. 

Holy Shit=116, 100

Slipknot=116, 100

 Angus T. Jones bday was the 282nd day of 2020....the same as Nick Cannon's. 

Nick Cannon=194(FB)