Thursday, August 17, 2017

Natalee Holloway's remains possibly found-more Twins and other symbolism in my life

I'm using my hotspot to make this blog post as my internet was diconnected the other day now too. Lol seriously been a stupid week, but I ordered a new computer and have to wait until tomorrow to pay the internet bill. Thankfully I have a bunch of upcoming band/dj gigs to pay for this crap, but what a time as the news has been going crazy lately.  Anyway it was driving me crazy not to post about this Natalee Holloway story. 

Earlier on the way to my girlfriends Dr's. appointment I mentioned the Natalee Holloway story to her. I was talking about why only certain stories get placed in the media and not others. Think of how many people go missing every day or people who get murdered that you never hear about and so on. So now here I am looking at CNN on my phone and I see a story about Natalee Holloway. 

Notice how she went missing 7 months 9 days after her bday? 
Remains=79(the topic of the story today)

The story on CNN about her remains comes 79 days after the 12th anniversary of her going missing. 
Notice also it's 2 months 18 days. 
A number Derek has mentioned a lot in regards to the upcoming eclipse. 
Dutch=79(reverse)...what they tell us Van Der Sloot is. 
Doesn't have to mean anything but Dutch also reminds me of a recent post as Darren Daulton's nickname was Dutch and he died on Joran van der Sloot's bday 8/6. 

I'm also interested that this story is about her Dad/Father. 
Natalee Holloway=169
Went missing on the 150th day of the year. 

Both of these things were in connection to what I talked about in regards to Priests/Fathers Day/USS Fitzgerald MISSING Sailors....
Fathers day on the 169th day and so on...
Child Molesting=150 (much more)

August 17th is also the 229th day of the year...
Joran Van Der Sloot=229(reverse)
The USS Fitzgerald story was in connection to Otto Warmbier who was last seen crying on the camera on 2/29/16. 

Notice Joran van der sloot's bday of 8/6 or 6/8. 
Holloway went missing 68 days before his bday. 
Joran Van Der Sloot=68

Van Der Sloots bday is 2 months 15 days before Holloway's. 
May 30th leaves 215 days in the year. 

Notice his father Paul Van Der Sloot born on 2/15 as well. 
He dies on 2/10
Paul Van Der Sloot=210(reverse)
It's also interesting he dies on 2/10 in 2010. 
Holloway declared dead on the 12th day of 2012. 

He also murdered Stephany Flores on the 5th anniversary of Holloway going missing. 
Holloway=33(red rev)
Flores=33(rev red)

Holloway last seen at Carlos'n Charlie's in Oranjestad, Aruba. 

Oranjestad is named the Orange City. 
Oranjestad, Aruba=150
She went missing on the 150th day of the year. 
Natalie Holloway=74(rev red)

I also wanted to document some things in regards to twins that happened yet again. 
Yesterday before work I turned on the TV and started watching "The Chase" on GSN. Anyway the first guy up(1 minute into me turning on the tv) had a question and the answer was Twin Peaks. Then against the beast he lost on a question about Polar Bears having Twins. 

I got on my Facebook just before going to CNN and seeing the Natalee Holloway story and this was one of the first posts on my feed. 
Enterthe5t4rz sharing a video with the caption "My Twin". 

I clicked on his page and just a few posts down he has this picture with Twin Peaks and the Bohemian Grove. 
8/11 at 8:11pm...
Twin Peaks=118
He talks a lot or at least used to about 88....11X8=88

Not sure if I posted about this or not, but the other day I went back and looked at my posts about the Biker Gang fight at Twin Peaks in Dallas, Texas...
Casey Brown=125
Twin Peaks=125(reverse)
Casey Brown=55(rev red)
Enter the Stars=55(red)
Casey James Brown=88(rev red)This one cracks me up. 
I believe he even lived in Dallas for a short time in the past few years? 

Ha and thinking about it when I mentioned Darren Daulton above....He had the book "If They Only Knew". Casey has the backup youtube channel called "If You Only Knew". 
Brother Berg post on Darren Daulton
I'll remember this day if the Astros are in the World Series. Brother Berg's post on Darren Daulton has a lot to do with the Astros. Their symbol is the STAR. 
Darren Daulton=147 and 204(reverse)
Houston Astros=204 and 147(reverse)
The Chase=147(reverse)

The Chase premiered on 8/6 as well. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ric Flair hospitalized-Charlotte symbolism-National Treasure

I haven't been online much the past few days as my laptop has been crazy and it finally died yesterday. A bunch of other circumstances that haven't allowed me to make videos as well such as my girlfriends family having to move in with us. Now we have 8 people living in my 2-1/2 bedroom house. Hopefully getting a new laptop tomorrow, but we will see. 
Anyway earlier on my phone I saw my friend share a story about Ric Flair being hospitalized. It just instantly drew my attention as I posted about him a few times before the Super Bowl in regards to the Falcons/Four Horsemen. It was before I used "Reverse Gematria" so I figured I would check him out again. 

Richard Morgan Fliehr=115, 187 and 326(reverse)
How interesting as forever I have mentioned the significance of 326 connected to Gabriel/Jesuits. 
Society of Jesus=56 and 187(reverse)
Notice he was born on the 56th day of 1949. 
He was hospitalized on the 224th day 8/12. 
The Society of Jesus=224
He was hospitalized 1 month 15 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
Remember the Jesuits and Freemasonry intertwined. 

Ric Flair=140(reverse)
Interesting as it's a number I've been documenting recently. 
Corey Taylor=140(reverse)
The Killing Name=140

Interesting he's billed out of Charlotte as well. This happens the same day as the Charlottesville, Virginia Riot.
He hasn't appeared in the WWE since Sasha Banks beat Charlotte Flair on 11/28/16. 
Sasha Banks=333(Jewish) won on 333rd day. 
Charlotte=102 and 141(reverse)
8/12 leaves 141 days in the year. 
Civil War began on 102nd day of the year. 
Notice too it was 102 days after Princess Charlotte's 2nd bday. 
I've been wondering forever in regards to "National Treasure" saying the secret lies with Charlotte....
Notice it's 3 months 10 days as well. 
"The Secret Lies with Charlotte"=310
Benjamin Franklin Gates=128(rev red)
Thomas Gates=128
August 12th or 12/8.
William Penn=128
Philadelphia established on a date numerology of 128..
Ben Franklin died on 4+17+17+90=128
The secret entrusted from Charles Carroll III. 
Charles Carroll III=116(rev red)
He died exactly 116 years before Prince Charles was born, who will become King Charles III if Elizabeth II dies. 
Also Charles Carroll=145, he's the only catholic signer on the declaration of Independence. 
I'll have to come back and look more at this guy again knowing reverse. He was the last person to die of the 56 signers on the declaration of independence. He died 56 years after signing it. John Hancock died age 56. 
Carroll also went to a Jesuit school. 
Society of Jesus=56
John Hancock=102
Declaration of Independence=122
Charlotte born on 122nd day. 
Charlotte the feminine name for Charles. 

Ryan Satin....Satan...
Ryan Satin=40, 121 and 122(reverse)
Nature Boy=40, 121 and 122(reverse)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

First post on my Facebook Feed about Twins on Maury Povich

Just proving my point again...I just got on Facebook for the first time today. The first thing on my feed is a post about Maury Povich and the Funniest DNA Test Ever. Of course it's about Twins...

Not enough time to analyze it as I have to work in 15 minutes, but wanted to document yet another occurrence with Twins. 

Winning Mega Millions ticket worth $393 million sold in Illinois

Mega Millions=57, 129 and 195(reverse)
Three Hundred Ninety Three=129(reduced)
Lottery Ticket=57
Three Hundred Ninety Three Million Dollars=195

Have you ever actually looked at some of the photos they put of the winners on the lottery machine? I work at a gas station and I point it out all the time. They have people winning $50,000 and the picture looks like they just had someone in their family die. I always tell people I think they just pay some homeless person $100 to hold a sign so they can take a picture of them and say they won. 
Funny that "Homeless Person"=195(reverse)
No one has won it since the 118th day of the year...
Now someone wins on August 11th...8/11 or 11/8. 
Interesting too without the Mega Ball the numbers add to 223. 
August 11th the 223rd day...

Palos Heights, Illinois=103
Mega Millions Winner=103(rev red)

Friday, August 11, 2017

CNN Article about Twins-Seeing Double for Science

I just got online and went to CNN. This story is one of their headline pieces. Of course a story about Twins. 
It's just crazy. If it's not meant for the Minnesota Twins I don't even care, but you can't deny this theme being used a lot. 

It's basically just a story about a place called Twinsburg, Ohio and how each year they have a festival called Twins Days. Thousands of Twins show up to the festival. 
Twinsburg=133 and 110(reverse)
Minnesota=110 and 133(reverse)
Twinsburg, Ohio=72, 180
Arizona Diamondbacks=180
Twins Days=35, 109 and 55(rev red) 134(reverse)

Twinsburg named after Moses and Aaron Wilcox. 
Wilcox Twins=54
Baseball=54 and so on..
Moses and Moses and his brother Aaron from the Bible...

Apparently 33 out of 1,000 births in the US are Twins lol. 
CNN Article "Seeing Double For Science"
The article is in the link above. 

For some reason this article reminded me of the Biker Gang Shootings we got in 2016 that was coded to the Broncos winning the SB. One of the shootings was in Dallas at Twin Peaks. 
Twin Peaks=118
Dallas Texas=118
Colorado Rockies=73, 163 and 89(rev red), 242(reverse)
Rockies=35, 80, 46(rev red) and 109(reverse)

Los Angeles Dodgers=73 and 89(rev red)
Colorado=38..The 38th state....
163 is the 38th prime number...
Los Angeles=109
Just some interesting things I wanted to note. 

Gravity Falls(Cartoon Series) uses Gematria/Ciphers/Subliminals in every episode-Twins

Before work today, I sat down on the couch to eat something and my girlfriends mom was watching this show Gravity Falls. This show has so much symbolism in it it's crazy. I was sitting there and asked what is this show? She then told me and I told her about 10 things I noticed in the show in the 10 minutes I watched it. 
The episode that was on was called "Carpet Diem" and it was the 16th episode. 
Anyway there is a part where the kids hit an eyeball out of their Triangle bedroom window. They had a calendar marked July 4th 1982 with a big Owl picture above it...

The Uncle on the Show wearing a Fez hat which made me assume he was a freemason. I just watched the first 2 episodes of the show and he even mentions in the 2nd episode how the guys from the Lodge don't trust him. 

At the end of the episode they are taking pictures and the Uncle even does the hidden hand pose, so for sure a Freemason. 
In the shows beginning he is known as Stanford Pines but later on you find out that's actually his Twin brother and his real name is Stanley Pines. 
Stanley Pines=159, 165(reverse)
Scottish Rite=165, 159(reverse) and 78(rev red)
He's most likely a Shriner, and in order to be a Shriner you have to be a Master Mason. 
Master Mason=159
The episode I randomly watched was about Experiment 78...
Seventy Eight=165 and 159(reverse)
Mabel and Dipper=78
The show also is set in Gravity Falls, Oregon. 
Think about Oregon in regards to Freemasonry..
Oregon=74=Jesus=Cross=Messiah and so on.
Oregon the 33rd state. 
Stanford Pines=74(rev red)

In the beginning of every episode they flash this picture, and I mean flash it just enough for you to see it, but not be able to read it unless you pause the show at just the right time. 
As I'm watching some of these episodes, I see the Pyramid guy later in the show is "Bill" who is a dream demon that can control or influence minds in Trans-dimensional mindscape. 

Anyway as I look more at the Plot of the show I see the it's all about TWINS. The twin kids are Mabel and Dipper Pines. 
Pines? Reminds me of Back to the Future and the Twin Pines being the Twin Towers. 
I mean what are the odds the only thing I see on TV today is randomly about Twins, something I keep documenting about coming up in my life and other things? 
I'm not sure If I documented it, but a week or so ago I was training a new kid at work. That same night a girl who looked similar to my girlfriend was in the store with another co-worker(same hair/size/Supernatural tattoo on left boob).  I even said, hey look you guys are twins. I later found out the kid I was training is also a Twin. My cousin Ben who works there as well has Twin sisters. There's a reason I mentioned him as well, but hard to explain/too much to type right now. 
The uncle in the show is also a Twin as you get further into the series you find this out I guess. 

The writer of the show is Alex Hirsch. 
Alex Hirsch=53
Gravity Falls=53, 152
The Shows first episode was on 6+15+20+12=53
The Shows final episode was on 15/2..2016. 
His bday is 6/18....that probably explains somewhat the next few pictures as 618 is used in the first episode I noticed. 

$6.18 on the register. 

Dipper finds a book in the forest about the strange things in the town of Gravity Falls.
He opens it up and reads on the page that says June 18. 

I discover this show 53 days after Hirsch's bday as well haha. 
He is also a Twin and his life experiences going on trips with his sister were inspiration for the show. 

The show also uses Gematria/Ciphers. 
Notice it uses Simple Gematria A=1 B=2 and so on...then also uses Atbash Cipher which is Z=1, Y=2 and so so Simple Gematria and Reverse Gematria. 
That's why they flash that in the opening theme song as well I take it now. 
Each episode has a coded message in it too. 

For example at the ending credits of the first episode they put this message on the bottom. 
It's a code for "Welcome to Gravity Falls" using the Caesar Cipher(3 letters back). 
Gonna have to watch this series now. 
This show further adds to my thought that there is an agenda to "awaken" people.....Or possibly just to mock the people knowing most will never apply this to something that matters outside of the show. It makes Gematria/Ciphers/Subliminals look as though it's just entertainment. "Illuminati Confirmed" so to speak... This cartoon is training people/children to be observant to their surroundings and find meaning though, and possibly in the future it will start a new generation of Truthseekers... Or maybe that's just part of the plan altogether? Knowing these clues are all throughout the episodes it makes people watch the show like I do in everything I watch. There's always clues in movies/tv shows etc and that's the only thing I really pay attention to anymore when watching tv. 

At the end of season 2 they try and use the Zodiac shown in the beginning to stop "Bill". All of the main characters were stamped with a piece of the Zodiac. For example the Zodiac has a "Pine Tree" Symbol on it which was meant for "Dipper" as he wears the Pine Tree hat and so on. If you go on Youtube you find videos of people making predictions from their observations and decoding. 

There's a banner on the wall that is for the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel. Notice it says it appears 33 times in the show. 

The Twins won again today as well. It was their 113th game and they got their 57th win of the season. 
I believe they are the only team that got/is possible now to get their 57th win on their 113th game. I could be wrong I looked at it fast. 
113th World Series...
World Series=57
Interesting the score of 7-2 though....
The Yankees lost staying on 60 wins in their 113th game today too. 
Minnesota Twins=60

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mindless Freaks Facebook cover art not about Flat Earth-Other Mindless Freaks things I noticed

While writing my last post, I got on Facebook as I wanted to re-watch the video Brandon Bourbon had before he died. Anyway I noticed I had a notification that I had 2 new views on my Mindless Freaks Facebook. I haven't posted on this since 11/16/16. 
Brandon Bourbon=155, 223(reverse)
Mindless Freaks=155, 223(reverse)

Anyway I just thought it was funny as my cover art is seemingly about the Flat Earth, but it's actually not. 
In 2007 I made a book of stuff I had written as journal entries. I had a lot of questions my whole life in regards to what the purpose of life is/was. In 2007 I just decided to start writing down things that didn't make sense to me such as the Ten Commandments. God freed them out of the Slavery of Egypt yet on the Sabbath everyone must rest even your slave? So it's ok to own slaves, just not in Egypt? 
A ton of examples not just religious, but wondering what "Time" really is, or why Gold has been so popular. I would rather have a sandwich than gold. 
Anyway the picture above I was just stating that saying something is a certain direction(North, South, East, West) doesn't make much sense in a 3D world.  If the world is round then the North Pole isn't technically north. In order to look in the direction of the North Pole you would have to look into the earth because it's round. Depending on the Axis of the Earth and your location in order to look North you would have to bend your head back and look at the sky. I also talked about how do we know the North Pole isn't actually East/West/South whatever in the Universe? Or how do we know how many miles away a star/planet/so on is? If there is a way to calculate the distance then how do we know that just because a certain planet is so many miles away that it's not above or below the earth..(what's the shape of the universe?)...

I guess moral of the post is that the picture on my facebook might be deceiving but that's not what it was intended for. I didn't even know people thought the Earth was flat back then.

I published that book on 25/7 and it was also 257 days after my 27th bday. 
Daniel Behrendt=257(reverse)
That blows me away lol. 
I was originally going to title it: 
The Antisocialist Journal=95
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95

Mindless Freaks=56, 155 and 88(rev red), 223(reverse)

Funny too a while back I see I posted about my first ever youtube video. It was a music video of my song called "Tasteless". The chorus is "Abc's never meant much to me, 123's I can't counterfeit". 

The Book cover is crazy to me as well. I just made a stupid drawing at the time. I only meant to represent the escape of the rotting world. Jumping the fence to the other side where I could feel happier. The otherside while happier was still just a bunch of Mindless Freaks wandering aimlessly.  Now I see I drew what looks like people ascending into the Sun. Just crazy to me. 
257 the 55th prime number.