Friday, October 19, 2018

Correction on Post with Uncle Freddy

I wanted to make a correction to a blog post I did a week ago. I said I saw the guys Myron and Byron who were friends with my Uncle Freddy at the wedding then their mom started working at my job and so on....Anyway apparently their names are Byron and Brian...for some reason I always thought one of them was named Myron....I think because they had similar sounding names. It's funny as I've been calling them that for years too haha..

Just documenting it as there might be some significance in my error that I need to understand at a later date. 

Slipknot to perform at 2019 Iowa State Fair on 8/10-Film Bohemian Rhapsody coming out on 11/2-Kanye West singing Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury

I keep seeing people post about this on Facebook. Slipknot is going to play the Iowa State Fair next August for the first time. 
It stands out to me because they are playing on 8/10...a number that I have documented to be important all summer. Rocky Colavito's bday...also the first day of Tisha B'Av next year. 
Iowa State Fair=57

They will play 57 days after Trump's bday too. 
Kanye West-Corey Taylor-Glastonbury-Bohemian Rhapsody playlist
Remember Corey Taylor was important to the Kanye West singing at Glastonbury stuff....Also Donald Trump said he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair in 2016 that was synced to all the other Batman stories that the Batman shooter being sentenced....
Batman=15 and 51
Kanye West=1551(Jewish) and 51
Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Queen Elizabeth became Queen 51 years 15 days after Victoria died. 
Pope Francis turned 15 years old in 51'. 
Helicopter=51(rev red), 57

This story comes 9 months 23 days before they play...
This is important because 9/23 is important to Pope Francis' visit to the US in the 239th year of the year. 
Corey Taylor=1189(Jewish)
Donald J. Trump=1189(Jewish)
This is important because Trump's bday in 2016(239th year of US still) was also Pope Francis' 1,189th day as being the Pope. 
There are 1,189th chapters in the King James Bible. 
Pope Francis arrived in the US at 4:04pm in 2015 which was 404 years after the KJV came out in 1611. 
King James=404(satanic)
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Make American Great Again=404
Revelation has 404 verses. 

It's funny as I just left a comment about this on Derek's video too. 

New shirt idea from this post as well. A Slipknot Gematria: The Killing Name shirt with the Gematria of the death of Paul Gray on it. 

Also...."August Tenth"=156
August Tenth Two Thousand Nineteen=156(rev red)
False Flag=156
Thirty Three=156
156th prime is 911...
An interesting Date. 

Also I know what I am talking about with Kanye singing Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury is important because they are coming out with the Film Bohemian Rhapsody on 11/2/18. 
This is the same day the Slipknot tickets go on sale too. 
Freddie Mercury=911(Jewish)
Think about the date 11/2 as well.....112 is the emergency dialing code in most parts of the world instead of 911. 
Also Slipknot being from Des reminds me of the 112th World Series that game 7 was on 11/2...that same day a shooting next to where I used to live in Des Moines was synced up to the Cubs...I've told the story many times..not retyping it. 
Of course "Freddie Mercury"=80 and he died 80 days before his bday too. 
Des Moines, Iowa=151
Farrokh Bulsara=151

Remember it was all connected back to Freddie Gray/Civil War stuff too. 
Corey Taylor said Kanye West is not the greatest living Rockstar...
Slipknot's last album was the GRAY chapter...Paul Gray...Freddie Gray..the Grey Coats..50 shades of Gray..Gray's anatomy..Gray's sports almanac..Tina Gray was the first character to die in a Freddy Krueger was an important year for "Gray". 
Waynes World=51
Kanye West=51
Taylor Swift=51
Corey TAYLOR...TAYLOR Swiff Seriously as I'm writing up this post my daughter Claire is sleeping on the floor. She was just talking in her sleep. She said, "Dan". Then I said what, thinking she was awake....then she said, "Please Keep it Together" I said, "Keep what together"? Then I realized she's still sleeping as she never responded and is sleeping. 

Claire Cowgill=222
Please Keep it together=222
August 10th the 222nd day of the year. 
How interesting...

One last video on Kanye West and Corey Taylor was one of the most trolled videos I have ever had. Most of the messages aren't there fact I can only see 1 comment now...They've gradually all disappeared... but I had all kinds of people attacking me on that video. It's to this day the most memorable video for me in regards to dickhead comments and death threats. 
Also think about how I had synchronicity with my uncle FREDDY a week ago...his bday being 8/10. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rajon Rondo # 9 and Lebron # 23-Lakers first game against the Blazers and the Death of Paul Allen-Steve Ballmer

Something I never caught before in regards to the Lakers is that Rondo is # 9 and Lebron is # 23...once again the narrative with Lebron and 923. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish)

Also the Lakers starting their season off against the Portland Trailblazers who were owned by Paul Allen. 

There has to be a riddle with Steve Ballmer who was once the CEO of Microsoft and now the owner of the LOS ANGELES Clippers. I know a different LA team, but still connected to LA...
Plus the Red Sox(Boston)are on the World Series now with the possibility to play the Dodgers(LA)....Think about Rondo in regards to that. 
Steve Ballmer=44
Think about all the 44 with Paul Allen. 
Also thinking about Doc Rivers who coached Rondo with the Celtics. 

Remember too that 9/23 or 23/9 is important to the Kneeling during the National Anthem..Lebron called Trump a Bum on 9/23 the same day Trump called out the NFL. Now the Red Sox in the World Series...they are the team in which is got popular to stand during the National Anthem in Game 1 of the 1918 WS against the Cubs. 

What else is funny during this game they have been making it a point that Staustkas and Wagner are here and both Michigan players. 
Michigan Wolverines=206
Seattle the 206 area code. 

Big Bird Actor Retiring Story on October 17th

Caroll Spinney=71(rev red)
They announce his retirement 71 days before his bday(end date). 

Without the end date above they announce his retirement 2 months 11 days before his bday. Notice it is also 211 days after Big Bird's said Bday too. 

Big Bird first premiered 47 days(end date) before Spinney's bday. 
47th prime is 211. 

Notice too that Big Bird first came out on the 11/10 the day that leaves 51 days in the year. 
Big Bird=51

What's with the Muppets/Sesame Street stuff? We just had the article about Bert and Ernie being Gay....also the film "The Happytime Murders" in August...

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Evan Almighty and God giving him Signs through Numbers-John Goodman-614

I just got home a bit ago as I didn't have band practice, but we needed groceries. Anyway I was listening to the Gematria Effect, but also doing some other things. I heard Zach say something on his Live stream today about calling a guy who said he's being told what to write....So I figured I would look for that video to see what he was talking about. Anyway I click on the Live Stream above and right away in the comments I see someone talking their other account being "ogEvanAlmighty". 

What's funny about this to me is that last night I tried watching that movie but fell asleep. I noticed a few things right away in the film, but wanted to finish the movie before making a post on it. I even texted Sam about it. So just funny that right away I see a comment involving Evan Almighty. 

What I noticed in the first few minutes of the movie is yet again what I have been explaining for a long time now. Notice how God communicates with Evan through the number 614 and also wordplay(theme). The clock that has GEN goes off at 6:14 even though he sets it at 7. Then he gets a delivery to the wrong address of 614 although his is the reflection of 416. Then he's going to call the company 1-800-Go-4-Wood and he sees a Genesis 6:14 sign on the TV. He looks at Genesis 6:14 and it tells of Noah and the Ark with Gopher Wood. 

Also the movie has John Goodman as the "bad" guy. He's the guy trying to get Evan to go along with his "bill" and is essentially the reason for the Flood that happens at the end. 
Just interesting because I know John Goodman is important to much of the stuff I document. He was Fred Flintstone and King Ralph that was super connected to the deaths of my grandma and Uncle Barney. He's also on The Conners/Roseanne....I also recently had the synchronicity with the Westroads Mall shooting and "Cloverfield" film. He's in the 2nd film called "10 Cloverfield Lane". Goodman is also in the film "Babe" in which he is Babe Ruth. Think about that in regards to the Indians and Red Sox...Ruth dying on 8/16...1948....Think about the MM JAM stuff with that date of 8/16 too..Elvis, Aretha Franklin,Madonna and many others connected to that date. 
Think about how John Goodman was also in the Blues Brothers 2000 too. Aretha Franklin and Matt Murphy both dying this year..
He's in a lot of interesting movies....Coyote Ugly stands out to me for some reason, but I have no idea. I just feel like it's got something important in it with him...possibly because the only time I've ever been to a Coyote Ugly was in Chicago years back...thinking of the Blues Brothers/Roseanne stuff...

I wish I knew more about 614....I know it's Trump's bday...6/14 and Flag day....
In the film we find out Evan's bday is 6/15 and the flood was mid day on 9/22.

So it happened 100 days after his bday on the day that leaves 100 days in the year. 
3 months 8 days....

Baby synchronicity all day long-Moore theme-Death of Oli Herbert age 44-MM

I just went to the school and picked up Claire. Just before this my girlfriend turned on "Young Sheldon". As I was listening to it, he mentioned something about Spock and a BABY.....So I go and pick up Claire and went to my moms house so she could get a snack. As I was there, my mom brought up that she didn't know one of my new coworkers had a BABY......Now we are home and Claire wanted to watch Cartoons so I told her to turn on what she wanted to watch. Of course she goes to Netflix and turns on a TV show of Boss BABY. You just can't make this up, its hilarious and happens to me all the time. 

Sam also text me how an article about the death of Oli Herbert of the band All That Remains age 44. Sam had previusly mentioned how MM was important to 44. I have suspicions that I'm supposed to pay attention to Sam as he is part of the "MOORE" theme. 
Also the band All that Remains is one of my cousin Timmy and Ryan's favorite bands. At least I have memories of them with this band..Timmy used to play their song "Thunder Rolls" at the bar so many people around here love Country. 
Remember how Timmy and Ryan were both important in the death of my Uncle Barney....Barney was when the "Moore" theme began, because of Matt Moore..MM...44.

Ha and just checked the message again to make sure I got the guys name right while writing this post up. Of course it would be 4:44pm with 10 percent on my phone too. 

The reason I was following Mike Moustakas so much in 2014 was because of the stone Cube that was placed on the Georgia Guidestones many were talking about. It had MM JAM 8..16...20...14 on it which many people thought was stood for "Master Mason" Judgement Against Mankind. 
Of course 8+16+20+14=58
Also 8/16 leaves 137 days in the year. 
33rd prime is 137. 

Sam's Blog Post
Go read one of Sam's first blog posts about the Georgia Guidestones keeping the population under 500 million. He mentioned possibly it's just the amount of people needed for concsiousness to work similar to the 1000 Monkey experiment. 

Synchronicity with Babies and the Big Bang Theory just after my last post-MM-1313 or 44. Marilyn Manson, Marshall Mathers, Mike Moustakas and more connected to Roseanne/Time

I always talk about how so many things are interrelated that it's hard to organize and make a video explaining it. There's a lot going on with how this stuff is connected right now....

So last night I noticed a big pattern with all the M's....Mike Moustakas, Manny Machado, Max Muncy. 
Sam text me and pointed out that it could be important to 44 as well and not just 13. It's funny as it is all related back to Roseanne that was all about 44 too. Roseanne was related to Stephen Hawking because of the 10 day before stuff...all of that stuff went back to Marilyn Manson(MM)...think about Marilyn Monroe(MM). It's why we got the story of MGK dissing Eminem(Marshall Mathers/MM) the same day Roseanne said she was moving to Israel 44 days(end date) before The Conners came out. Also the same day Kaepernick was sponsored by NIKE. 

Remember "Forty Four"=144
It's a big number in regards to 9/3 important to EL/Saturn the keeper of Time. 
MM=10(rev red)

Haha my god, I just posted about "Babies" too and my girlfriend just got up and turned on a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. The episode starts off with a joke about Babies crying...
This whole episode of the Big Bang Theory turns out is all about Penny not wanting to have Babies too.  It just cracks me up. 

Remember how Eminem and Mac Miller both had connections to the movie "KIDS" as well. 
30th prime is 113....

All I can think about is I hope my girlfriend isn't pregnant again lol. Funny though as I remember if we had a girl it was going to be named "Rosie"=30