Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cryptocurrency and the connection to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash

I'm curious as to what is going on with Crytpocurrencies being so mainstream all the sudden. 
I've mentioned a lot in regards to this year and the connections to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. 
Now it seems a good majority of people are jumping on Cryptocurrencies.....
I wonder if it's something that is going to get crashed after enough people get in on it....or if it will be the opposite and the connection to the stock market will actually be good for people who jump on it? 
New World Order=174
False Flag=174
Eighty Eight=174
It's the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash...

Bitcoin=72 also 317(satanic)
Decentralized=72(rev red)

The 317 I find interesting as it was connected to the Simpsons episode about Marge gambling....We also got the Vegas shooting that was connected to that episode....

Litecoin=42, 87

The person/persons who invented Bitcoin go under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto....Claimed to be from Japan and born on 4/5...
Bitcoin=45(rev red)
Nakamoto=45(rev red)
This would make them 42 years old currently...
Satoshi Nakamoto=181
181 the 42nd prime number.
Seventy Two=42 

I keep getting ADS for this little video too ever since looking into cryptocurrency. 
Notice this guy says the big opportunity disappears on 2/2/18....The 33rd day of the year. 
James Altucher=136
Stock Market=136

Monday, December 11, 2017

Keaton Jones bullying video and his mother's Racist Facebook

I've been seeing this story all over today. It's a video that a boy and his mother made in regards to him being bullied. 
Keaton Jones=39, 60(rev red)

There's also a story about his mother being racist on Facebook and just wanting money. 

I noticed even on this pic on Yahoo says "Keaton Jones&#39". 
Kimberly Jones=59
Negro=59 and so on....

The GoFundMe has raised nearly $60,000? 
Keaton Jones=60(rev red)
Joe Schilling=60(Fighter calling it a scam)

Bullying also has a connection to racism. 
Bullying=42(rev red)
Nigger=42(rev red)

South Park Chef Goes Nanners about the racist Flag-Isaac Hayes quits South Park in connection to Scientology

I haven't been keeping up on the new South Park's lately so last night I watched all but the newest episode called "Splatty Tomato". 
Anyway today I went to watch it and I must've clicked on Watch a Random episode instead of the new episode. I had it on Full Screen so I didn't realize it wasn't the new episode. I kept thinking how did they bring Chef back on the show? Now I see why as I was watching an old episode called "Chef Goes Nanners". 
The reason for the blog post is because what are the odds somehow this episode came on rather than any of the other 287 episodes? 

Chef Goes Nanners is all about South Park having a racist Flag and arguing over changing the Flag. Which is why I kept watching it even though Chef was in it. It makes sense this would be a new episode considering the Flag stuff. I just kept thinking possibly they just got a new guy who can do the same voice as Isaac Hayes and brought Chef back for an episode. 

Chef Goes Nanners came out on 7/5/2000 which is probably why I don't remember it too. 
A flag episode came out 17 years ago. 

Isaac Hayes quit South Park after they did the Scientology episode with Tom Cruise in the closet, but the last episode that he voiced Chef was called "Die Hippie Die". 
Notice it's about Cartman capturing 63 Hippies in his basement. 
Die Hippie Die=63(rev red)
I'm interested it came out on 3/16 too(something that's been coming up a lot recently). 
Earlier today we went to Denison and my girlfriend needed to be back for work. The clock in our car is still set an hour ahead from the time change and I didn't realize this. I was speeding on the way home and when I got in town the bank clock said "3:16". I then realized the clock was wrong in our car and we were back in plenty of time. 
Thomas Mapother Cruise IV=316(reverse)

Isaac Hayes quit South Park on 3/13/2006. 
Notice that was on L. Ron Hubbards birthday or what would've been his 95th bday. 

L. Ron Hubbard dies 1 month 17 days before his birthday. 

Hayes quits South Park 117 days after the Scientology episode and also on L. Ron Hubbard's bday. 
Hayes died age 65....
L. Ron Hubbard=65

Dianetics=48, 60(rev red), 84, 159(reverse) also 261(Jewish)
Interesting a new "261"....meaning through mind.....

Scientology=54(reduced), 54(reverse reduced)
It came out in 54'. 
Tilden Nebraska=54(where L. Ron Hubbard born)
Makes me think of Hayes-Tilden presidential election too. 

Hayes birthday is 5 months 4 days before L. Ron Hubbard's bday. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Comment on old Youtube Video-Gabriel and other stuff I've documented

I got this comment a few hours ago on an old video. The reason these people don't understand the video is because they didn't watch all of my previous videos explaining more of what I was talking about leading up to this video. 
Anyway there's some interesting things in regards to this.... I always get comments on old videos, or something that sticks out such as a copyright claim that is coded. I've been saying forever that something seems to be helping me understand this stuff by doing so as well. 

I swear every time someone talks shit they never have any subscribers or sub any channel too. 

Frederick Louis Maytag=318(reverse)
Anyway notice that the Maytag guy died 3 months 18 days after his bday on 3/26.....
Both important numbers I have documented all year. 
318 the supposed "God" number....and 326 what I have called the "Gabriel" Number. 

The reason all of this sticks out to me is because earlier I got yet another spammed comment on my old post on 3/26. I have documented about this blog post a bunch of times. It's the only out of how many I have that continually gets these spammed comments on. 
Earlier tonight I thought how it's been crazy that lately I've been getting spammed on this post again an thought about Gabriel as this post was on 3/26. 
Then I got on Facebook and one of the first posts on my feed was about someone named Gabriel. I didn't take as screenshot of it though and I wish I would've now. I'll add it if I find it again. 

The reason I find all of this important is because lately I have been covering the importance of 231 and the Flag/National Anthem...
Frederick Louis Maytag I=231
Ha and My girlfriend just text me a second ago at 5:13 am.....
Remember the connection to 326 and 513 in regards to Gabriel. 

Funny how I was talking about the significance of 88 and the Maytag Neptune Dryer. 
Maytag Neptune Dryer=88

Funny too that a few of my friends came over around 2am after the bar closed and just left a few minutes ago. When they got here I turned on the TV and of course Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was on....I just posted about this film last night on Zenith of the Alpha's video. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Fingerling Monkey Toy-The Number 23-Pinky Finger-Pink(singer)-There You Go-Pink Floyd

My daughter really wants one of these Toys for Christmas. I didn't even know what it was called but her cousin has one and they said they spent $30 on it. I thought that's a lot for a toy that looks like it could be in a Claw Machine. 
Anyway my boss asked me what I'm getting Claire for Christmas on Tuesday and the only toy I mentioned was this one. I said she wants some monkey finger puppet thing as I didn't know the name of it. My boss then went on to say it's a really popular toy and a bunch of people are spending way too much money on them. I said, well that's crazy as I just saw these at a gas station and they were $14.99. 
So now today my girlfriend got paid and went to the gas station and they are sold out. When she text me however she told me the gas station was out of "Fingerlings". Instantly I started laughing as these things are called "Fingerlings"......like the Jim Carrey's detective character in "The Number 23". 

Carrey's character Walter Sparrow even says how Fingerling in the book seems to have a lot of similarities to his own life. Then says to his wife, "How many people do you know that have read Fingerling at the Zoo". 
It's just so weird and random. I only re-watched this film because it was the first thing to show up on my girlfriends Netflix account. Then I make a blog post about it....Now I find out a main toy we are trying to get my daughter for Christmas is called a "Fingerling"? 
It's not like the word "Fingerling" is common either. 
Fingerling=65, 101, 52(rev red), 169(reverse) also 223(Jewish)
Philadelphia=65, 101, 61(rev red), 223(reverse)

This is all you get when you search "Fingerling" on Wikipedia. 
Notice it's also used in Fiction in a "DUTCH" film and book called "Pinkeltje". 

Pinkeltje means little pinky....
Pinky Finger=666(Jewish)
Fingers=666(rev sumerian)
Also in The Number 23 when you first learn about Gematria, it involves the crazy way to come come up with "Pink". 
On 9/18 I had 2 posts about Pinky and the Brain as well in regards to the death of the Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Facebook bringing up Pinky and The Brain right after I mentioned them in my original post. 
Pinky and the Brain=261(reverse)
The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky, Try ToTake over the World=261(rev red)

I also wonder if it's something to do with Pink the musician? 
She's even musically out of Philadelphia and born in Doylestown that is very close to Philadelphia. 
Maybe she will be singing the national anthem at Super Bowl 52? 

What are the odds of this? Pink's first hit single was called "There You Go"....
Read my post from last night about Alex Jones and my Cat in regards to the phrase "There You Go". 
There You Go-Alex Jones Blog Post

Funny at the end of this video she randomly puts on a Cowboy hat too. It's really pointless to the video and I find it odd...Why a Cowboy hat? 

Why does Wikipedia even mention this about the music video too? 
They tell us about at the end of the video Pink crashes a motorcyle through her ex boyfriends window. Notice his name is "Floyd" though. 
Pink Floyd....

A Roger Water's death would be fitting for all the Wildfire stuff and he's a perfect age to go too. 
The Wall...The Moon Symbolism....

Bob Kerrey says 9/11 was as 30 year conspiracy video-Awakening Agenda

I was listening to Zach's video a bit ago and I thought it was funny as I just posted about Alex Jones a few nights ago on a Facebook Group I got added to a while back. 
Anyway I got up to Pee and when I came back and sat down I told our baby kitten "There You Go". I said this because he always sits on my lap and was mad that I moved, so I said "There You Go" as I sat back down for him. 
Right as I said this, Alex Jones says "There You Go" on the video I was watching. 
There You Go=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139
There are just too many people that hate Alex Jones and love Bill Cooper. Or they think Aaron Russo was a good guy too. 
Aaron Russo=42, 129(reverse)....dies on 8/24 that leaves 129 days in the year. Born on 14/2. "Forty Two"=142. 
I have my suspicions about a lot of people...
Eustace Mullins(see my previous posts on him and Ezra Pound)
I have the same feelings about Jordan Maxwell and many others...
Maxwell interestingly enough is the only one that doesn't have a Wikipedia page of him though. 
You don't get on the film Zeitgeist if you aren't part of the propaganda. If they didn't want people to wake up, they would have never let Zeitgeist even be released. 
There are so many people out there doing exactly what I have been saying for a long time. Awakening people but making sure it's on their terms and keeping them in a controlled state of awakeness. 
I remember watching a video with Alex Jones at the Bohemian Grove years ago and knew it didn't make sense. There was a part where David Gergen gets mad at him for calling out Bohemian Grove and says..."Listen, I don't know anything about You or your film" and blah blah blah. Why would he even say that? It's hard to explain without a clip of the video, but if you ever come across what I'm saying it's obvious Jones was part the gang and was purposefully supposed to make that film. 

Bob Kerrey says 9/11 was a 30 year old Conspiracy Video
Anyway the reason for this post is because it reminded me of this clip too. Bob Kerrey says 9/11 was a 30 year old conspiracy which it was.....but listen to what the reporter says.....Under Article 3 Section 3 of the constitution. 
Bob Kerrey the 35th governor of Nebraska. 
All of this stuff was put in our faces to see. This interview was staged or at least made famous because it's part of the awakening propaganda. That's why it's Article 3 section 3...(33). 
They also switch camera angles for whatever the reason right as he's saying the stuff about 30 year conspiracy. 
Youtube did the same thing promoting the shit out of the Prince video saying Osama Bin Laden getting ready to bomb that is obviously edited. 
How do some of these Youtubers get footage of these false flags/hoaxes in the media that can't be found anywhere else? 
The agenda is real and we have a president who is supposedly against "The System" for a reason. It's the same reason we got Pizzagate and now bringing up the Hollywood Pedophile ring. 

Ryan Shazier # 50 for Steelers and his Spinal Injury-103 Stock Market

Interesting how I talked about the Steelers connection in regards to Chiefs Marcus Peters throwing the Flag into the Stands. 
Anyway notice Ryan Shazier of the Steelers who has been in the media a lot lately due to his Spine injury wears number 50. 
Steelers=50(rev red)
Steelers defensive cooridinater in the picture above is "Keith Butler". 
Keith Butler=50, 131
Defense=131(reverse)...also 31...."Steelers"=31
Spinal Injury=168
Ryan Dean Shazier=168

He got injured 63 days (end date) before Super Bowl 52. 
Ryan Shazier=63

He also got his first career sack on Colin Kaepernick....How interesting. 
In the previous post I mentioned: 
The Dark Knight=103
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania=103
103 also reminds me of what I was talking about in regards to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. It was 103 days before the Super Bowl at US BANK Stadium. 
Stock Market Crash=103(rev red)