Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Larry King death in relation to King Charles and King James


This is why I remembered my YouTube video earlier. I started my YouTube channel on the date 11/19, which is Larry King's bday. I was going to post about this from last night, but I fell asleep...
Of course "King"=23 and he died on the 23rd...
Zach's post mentioned how he died age 87 and it reminds of King James...
Notice Larry King died 218 days after King James bday. 

In relation to King James, I want to point out that 11/19 is also the day King James son, "King Charles I" was born. 
Larry King died 88 days or 2 months 29 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday..
King Charles I=229(FB)

Corona means Crown....King
Prince Charles=260(FB)

I've been on 2/18 so much I figured I would see how it connects to the Royal Family...
2/18 is 62 days before Queen Elizabeth II's bday..

$6.66 Pork Steaks my girlfriend wanted for Supper Tonight


I thought this was funny earlier..My girlfriend wanted to have Pork chops for supper and when I looked at the package it had the price of $6.66.....the Old Testament says not to eat Pork...We didn't end up having these because her sister made Spaghetti(Thankfully)...I honestly don't really like pork that much(It's alright, but not beef), but I think my girlfriend would eat it every night.
Pork Steaks=666(English Extended)
Have to love how the date is the 6th day of 21' as well. 

Hilarious too, I just went to Zach's channel and see he posted a video about his supper...I had no idea before I started making this post lol. Looks better than the Pork Steaks to me too, but don't tell my girlfriend. 

Another Look at my first YouTube video in 2007-ABC, 123 Tasteless


I'm on a roll tonight with this old stuff...I don't even recall what sparked my brain, but I remembered that my first video on YouTube was a song with the main lyrical line of "ABC's never meant much to me and 1,2.3's I can't counterfeit". I know I've documented about this before as I put this video out in 2007, well before I knew about Gematria so it's funny that now I'm obsessed with ABC's and 123's lol....Anyway I just found a new piece to this....Notice I put the song on YouTube 21 days after my birthday...


12/1...12 and 21..

Daniel Behrendt=121 and 257

The book/journal I wrote that went with this was published on 25/7, which is 257 days after my bday. 

What's even funnier that I just turned on Simple Truth's video and right as I realized it was 21 days after my bday he started talking about the number 21...he then brought it up a bunch of different times in relation to "Mag"=21...

Arthur Pichardo=218

Monday, January 25, 2021

My message to James Holzhauer exactly 1 year to the day before Alex Trebek died-St. Patrick's Day


So I'm looking through my old messages still because I do not want to double book like I did last year. I wish I would've started this before though, because I have so many messages it's insane, and I'm probably going to miss one. 
Anyway, I forgot all about messaging James Holzhauer and asking him for his birthday...Notice I asked him exactly 1 year before Alex Trebek died on 11/8/2020....What are the odds that he would die exactly 1 year later? 
I still cannot find for sure what James Holzhauer's bday is...it says 7/23 in some spots and 7/1 in others...both interesting in light of what I have documented about with the Jeopardy stuff and my uncle. 

Thinking about it too...Alex Trebek died 3 months 17 days after his bday or a span of 3 months 18 days...
Just another 317...

St. Patrick's Day=166
The Jeopardy stuff was all about this number. 

Trebek died 129 days before St. Patricks' Day...another number I've mentioned recently. 

 3/17 can also be written as 17/3....
The 40th prime number is 173. 
Alex Trebek=40...born in 40'. 

Another thing I find funny that I've pointed out about this message before is that I missed the "y" on Drew Carey...
Drew Care=129(FB) and 152(FB) and 41 and 49
Trebek died 129 days or 4 months 9 day before St. Patrick's Day. 
Bob Barker=221(FB)...the number that was in relation to 129 in my Hawaii post..
Who knows, just wondering about this as everything happens for a reason. 

Death of Bond Girl Diana Rigg and the Moon Connection-Roddy Piper


Someone asked me if I could DJ their wedding in October so I'm going through the messages I send myself in my phone because that's how I remember...I always intend to put it on a calendar, but never do lol..so finally doing that because the gigs have been building up...Anyway I noticed I took a screenshot on 9/10/2020...I'm assuming it was because of the Knoxville Tiger story, but look at the other stories...Roddy Piper...and a Bond Girl died....I didn't even realize another Bond girl had died.
Notice she died 52 days after her bday and a span of 52 days before Sean Connery.
Diana Rigg=56 and 122(FB)
Sean Connery=52
James Bond=52
Notice her bday was the anniversary of the moon landing too lol..I said how Sean Connery was synced to the Moon and even died on the Halloween Full Moon.
Plus James Bond synced to the Batman shooting, and Roddy Piper synced to the RV bombing in Nashville.
She died 158 days or 5 months 5 days after Honor Blackman..aka Pussy Galore..
Pussy Galore=158
Honor Blackman=55
Tanya Roberts=158

She was in the only James Bond film with George Lazenby..
George Lazenby=56
Diana Rigg=56
Sean Connery=56

Notice the film came out in 1969 too..the same year as the moon landing.
Diana is the goddess of the Moon.
Interesting 2021 will be the 52nd anniversary of the moon landing too..

In regards to Roddy Piper another girl was texting me earlier about Djing on St. Patrick's day...apparently she is taking over the bar in March and was asking me a bunch of questions and if I had any ideas..
Roddy Piper died on 31/7..
I just pointed out a bunch about 317 and St. Patrick's day..

Nancy Lieberman could have been on Kobe Bryant's Helicopter


Nancy Elizabeth Lieberman=224

Kobe Bryant=224(FB), 209(FB) 157, 41

Kobe died 157 days after his 41st bday...Notice she would've died 157 days before her bday..

Of course her bday is 7/1, and we were told Kobe had went to Catholic Church and so on..

She also would have died 209 days after her bday...


7/1 is also the day that Kobe's rape supposedly happened, which is a span of 54 days before his bday..

Kobe Bean Bryant=54

JoJo Siwa comes out as Gay on Instagram with a shirt that says "Best Gay Cousin Ever"


JoJo Siwa is came out as gay with a shirt that says, "Best Gay Cousin Ever"? 
Best Gay Cousin Ever=249
This story came a span of 249 days after JoJo's bday. 

JoJo Siwa=201(FB)

It just reminds me of some old stuff I was talking about with Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins too...Gay Cousins..