Friday, September 22, 2017

Mike Moustakas 261 connections-one of my first Youtube videos about Sports numerology

I just made a video and I brought up when I first noticed Sports were somehow super rigged by numbers. In 2014 I was watching the Royals game and Mike Moustakas hit his 4th post season HR in the 4th inning at exactly 4:44pm giving the Royals 4 runs. 
Anyway I figured I re-look at it. 

Michael Moustakas=261(reverse)
Mike "Moose" Moustakas=261(reverse)
Notice he was also born on 9/11. 

The Gematria of John 14:6 -Saint Thomas the Twin

I was looking at St. Thomas as he was known as Doubting Thomas but Thomas also means Twin. It doesn't specify what who his Twin was though. They do refer to him as Didymus instead of Thomas. 
Thomas=32(rev red)

Anyway I stumbled upon this as I was reading a bit. 

John 14:6 is where Jesus says he is the way the truth and no one come to the father except through him. 
Jesus Christ=61(rev red), 146(reverse), 151
John Fourteen=61, 151
John Fourteen Six=77

I am the way and the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father except through me"=319(NIV)


Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father except through me=923(NIV)

How interesting in regards to Pope Francis and his 923rd day as Pope and so on. 

St. Thomas was the only apostle who didn't believe Jesus resurrection until he could feel and see the wounds from Jesus himself. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Toddler hit by Foul ball 9/20 during Twins Vs Yankees game-9/11

The kid who got hit by the Foul ball in the Yankees vs Twins game happened when the score was 3-9. 
New York=39
7+2+6+1+7+8+8=39(became a state. )
39 Story United Nations Building.
First Governor of New York was George Clinton who became governor in 1739'. 
Clinton=39(rev red)
The Giants won their first ever Super Bowl (XXI) with 39 points. 
So many more examples. 


Toddler=39(rev red) Look at the other gematria too. It's super fitting for New York. 
This happened on the 263rd day of the year. 
Also think about a Toddler being hit by "Todd" Frazier. 

The girl hit was with her Grandparents. 
New York Yankees=187
Todd Frazier traded to the Yankees on 18/7. 

Anti-Netting=52, 133 also 164. 
Minnesota=52(rev red) and 133(reverse)
Three to Nine=133, 164(reverse)

I've been seeing a lot of 164 in the past few days in things I look up. 
CNN today had an article about the Peace Sign.
Peace Sign=164
I was reading through Zach's blog a bit ago and someone commented about Jesse Ventura. 
James George Janos=164(Ventura's real name)
He's the former Governor of Minnesota. 
Benjamin Tetzlaff=164(if Benjamin is his real full name) on Zach's blog. 
Puebla Earthquake=164=Chiapas Earthquake=Captain Underpants:The First Epic Movie

The pitcher at the time of the girl being hit was Nik Turley. 
Look at his bday of 9/11. Think about that in regards to New York and all of the 9/11 stuff I keep mentioning. 

This also happens 7 months 8 days after Todd Frazier's bday. 
New York=78(reverse)
Todd Brian Frazier=170

Also thinking about it, if the Yankees and Twins play each other in the Wild Card game it will be the 7th time this season they played each other. Currently the Yankees are leading 4-2. If the Yankees win it would make them 5-2. 
Minnesota=52(rev red)
Seventh Game=52(rev red)
Todd Frazier born on the 43rd day of the year. 

Andre Ward Announces Retirement from Boxing-Son of God retires age 33

Andre Ward=155(reverse)
He retires 155 days before his bday. 

Notice too he retires age 33 and his nickname is "Son of God". 
Jesus retired(died) age 33. 

Andre Ward=43
Jesus Christ=43
Remember Jesus supposedly crucified on 4/3...the 93rd day. 

Andre Michael Ward=95(rev red)
Son of God=95

It's interesting too in regards to him retiring at 32-0. We just had Mayweather retire at 50-0. 
America=32, 50

As I'm typing this up I hear the tv talking about God. It's Futurama the episode when Bender becomes like God. 

Garden of Eden=55

Symbolism just after I woke up today-Gabriel-Twins-261

I just woke up about an hour ago and I needed to go up town. My truck of course has a super Flat tire and my girlfriend has the other car at work. I figured I'd just take the golf cart, but I couldn't find the key. So I was getting pissed about my day starting this way and was crabby as I walked uptown. Anyway I walked to the store where my girlfriend works to figure out where she put the golf cart key and my crabbyness went anyway. When I got there I was standing there talking to her and a kid walked in wearing a shirt that says "TWINS" on it. Nothing else, just "Twins", and it wasn't a Minnesota Twins shirt. 
The kid wearing the shirt is Joseph Grady. 
Joseph Grady=513(satanic) also 52(rev red)
Minnesota=52(rev red)
Angel Gabriel=513(satanic)
513 a number I have mentioned a lot over the years as Youtube kept showing me the date of 5/13. 
Five Hundred Thirteen=107
Today is 107 days before his bday.  9/21 to 1/6. (according to his facebook). 
I also bought a 2 liter of Mountain Dew. 
Mountain Dew Two Liter=90, 261

I also ordered food at the bar since I had 7 tickets left over from the weekend. I rarely go there anymore so I figured I would just use them on food today. Think about that in regards to what I've documented with Gabriel as well. 7 Arch Angels, 7 Days, 7 Limbed Aliens, and so on. My meal cost $7 exactly too. 
 After I left the gas station I went to pick up my food. I walked in and saw one of my best friends from high school eating with his family. The reason it's significant is because I haven't seen him in a while because he lives in Tampa, Florida. 
Tampa, Florida of course where Aaron Carter is from and I just documented all of the Twins stuff in regards to him. 
Tony Darveaux=170
Darveaux also has 2 younger siblings who are Twins.(different dads) 
James and Katie=113
Cogdill Twins=57, 147=World Series

Anthony Joseph Darveaux=95,266
He married "Jenelle Mercade"=266(reverse)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95, 176
Dan Behrendt=95
Remember how I've said my best friends have gematria fitting for me? 
Chris Sturgill=176(reverse) and 95(h)
The Cozy Corner=176(reverse)(where my gf works)
The CC. (33)
Lampes Pub=33(Bar)

Another thing to point out is that when we graduated Darveaux took me and few other friends on a trip to their cabin in Minnesota by 10 Mile Lake? His step dad took all of his kids and their friends here after they graduate from what I remember. So just interesting I would even remember going to this. 

I'm pretty sure it was in this town? 
Hackensack, Minnesota=69=World Series(rev red)
Just documenting it for further reference as well. 

A while back I mentioned my cousin Ben who I work with and him having Twin sisters. What I didn't realize back then was their bday is 261 days after mine. 

Bartolo Colon signing with the Twins-Complete Game-Miguel Sano-Twins lose 11-3 to Yankees same day Dodgers lose 5-7 to Phillies-Jesuits

The Yankees beat the Twins today 11-3 getting their 85th win. 

I'm interested in regards to Bartolo Colon pitching too. He was called up on 18/7 with the Twins to play against the Yankees. 
New York Yankees=187(reverse)

It was 55 days after his 44th bday on the 144th day of the year. 
Forty four=144

His bday also the 52nd day of the MLB Season. 
Bartolo Colon=52
He threw a "complete game"=52 against the "Texas Rangers"=52 becoming the oldest since Nolan Ryan. 
Nolan Ryan of course finished his career with the Rangers. 
Lynn Ryan Jr=52(Nolan's real name)
Notice they won 8-4 on 8/4 and got their 52nd win of the season and Texas losing stayed on 52 wins too. 
Minnesota=52(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=84(rev red)

The Twins also beat the Rangers on Colon's bday the 52nd day of the season. 

In regards to all the 52, I'm reminded that the Twins lost their 52nd game this year to the Angels and it was 113 days before the 113th WS. 
Wildcard=52(rev red)
Also interesting in regards to Super Bowl 52 coming up in Minnesota. 

Also interesting Miguel Sano's last game was against the Diamondbacks with Colon pitching. 
Reminding me of 2001 season yet again. 

I never noticed before that Miguel Sano's full name includes ANGEL. 
Born on 5/11/93
Saturn=511(Jewish), and 93

Last year I documented how Bartolo Colon was showing us the Indians in the World Series. It was connected to the Curse of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage when he was pitching in Game 1 of the 111th World Series. 
Roast of Rob Lowe-Bartolo Colon-Indians Vs Cubs

Interesting today the Dodgers lost 5-7 as well. 
So the two teams I think are gonna be in the WS both interesting scores today. 
World Series=57
113th World Series. 
The reason I mention the significance is that the Phillies and the Yankees are the only teams with the Jesuit Connections in Frontwards Gematria. 
Philadelphia Phillies=191
New York Yankees=191
Society of Jesus=191

Bartolo Colon's bday is the day Donald Trump met Pope Francis as well. 

Jake "The Raging Bull" Lamotta dies age 95 on 9/19.

Interesting choice of words in the article about a volcanic eruption. 
Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight was connected to Hurricane Harvey-Steve Harvey sitting close to the ring and so on. then we got Earthquakes in Mexico.....
Floyd Mayweather=71(rev red)

Jake LaMotta=71(rev red)
The Raging Bull=71(rev red)
The Bronx Bull=171(reverse)

He dies 71 days after his bday. 
Notice his bday also 7/10....A lot like 71. 

He was portrayed by Robert De Niro in the film Raging Bull. 
Robert De Niro=71