Sunday, December 16, 2018

At least 42 injured in Japan Explosion-Japanese Emperor Hirohito during WWII

At least 42 people injured in Japan? 
Sapporo Japan=142
Forty Two=142
World War=42
Nagasaki,  Japan=42
Hiroshima, Japan=142

Hokkaido=43(rev red), 142(reverse) and 142(Jewish)

It's located at 43N and 142E. 
Forty Two=43, 142

Bonus note...the emperor of Japan during World War was Hirohito. 

Interesting his bday was 102 days before the Nagasaki bombing on 8/9. 
World War=102
He then died in the year 89' and it was 8 months 9 days after his bday. 
He died 10 months 2 days before the destruction of the Berlin Wall too. 

Remember FDR died on the 102 day of the year before WWII came to an end. 

Also if you go from 8/6(Japan bombing) to the Pearl Harbor bombing on 12/7 the dates are 4 months 2 days apart. 

The phrase "Organic Gematria" is 666 in Satanic

I always see a bunch of people talk about the gematria in their lives and call it "Organic Gematria". This is a term I've never liked using for some reason, and really don't ever call it this. 
I just thought it was funny when I typed it in and it equals 666 in Satanic Gematria...Also 423(Jewish)...which is an important number I've mentioned recently. 

God created the world by numbers, but who is the real God of this world? We can kill all the Freemasons/Jews/Jesuits/Overthrow the government/NWO so on...but we are never going to fix the world until we can fully understand or rid this system we all live in.

Satanic Gematria=666
Funny as today is also 36 days after my 36th bday when I notice this...
The Satanic cipher based on the 36th Triangular number which is 666. A=36, B=37 and so on...
36th prime is 151. 
Jesus Christ=151

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Kanye West says Drake is Threatening Him-Illuminati-French 1830 July Revolution same year Adam Weishaupt died

Funny how Kanye was in the news a few days ago and I didn't even see the story. I was saying how he is connected to Paris. 
They love making it seem as if Kanye West isn't part this, and Drakes in the Illuminati...Notice how Kanye talks about 69 being locked up and XXX dead. Remember XXX said Drake wanted sacrifice him. 
Kanye West=120
Aubrey Graham=120
Drake=120(eng ext)
This comes 1 month 20 days after Drakes bday. 

Also interesting that Kanye's bday is the 159th day of the year. (6/8)
Aubrey Drake Graham=159  
Drake's bday leaves 68 days in the year. 
Also note it's 51 days...and the Illuminati was founded on 5/1.  
Kanye West=51
Adam Weishaupt=51

From way back I've always found it interesting that...
One Hundred Twenty=80
Bavarian Illuminati=80
Weishaupt died 80 days before his bday. 

Notice this story comes 188 days after Kanye's bday. 

In light of me documenting so much about 164, I find it interesting that Adam Weishaupt also died 164 days before the anniversary of the Illuminati. 

Think about how Kanye is connected to Paris and the Bavarian Illuminati supposedly responsible for the French Revolution. Remember the French Revolution is why Pope Francis visit to the United States was so important arriving on 9/22. 
Francis the 266th Pope...3/13/ 2/6/6 in Primes...9/23 the 266th day. 

Also the year Weishaupt died there were famous Revolutions in France. Notice it says it was followed by stronger Revolutions in 1848. 
Illuminati=48=Kanye West
1848 was also the year the Mexican American War ended. 

All of these things would be better understood if I knew more our told World History. The narratives always play on History it seems after studying this over the years. 

The Conners newest episode had a VIKING/Hagar bit in the storyline-KING symbolism-DAN

I just posted about Vikings/Hagar/Sammy Hagar and I remembered the newest episode of "The Conners" also had this theme in it. 
Fat Chicks=35
It's also interesting in regards to the KING symbolism...Vi KING? 6th King?  
King Ralph....Matthew Broderick is the voice of Simba(Lion KING). 
If you go 164 days after my bday is 4/23...which is a number I've mentioned is important to King's also 5 months 13 days(Gabriel/King Charles). 
This episode aired the day after the Vikings lost on Monday night too. 
John Goodman is DAN Conner. 
Remember a few episodes back Dan Conner mentioned the KING of ENGLAND too. 

Hagar syndicated by KING Features Syndicate. Launched on the 35th day of the year. 

The creator of Hagar was born on August 11th too. 
Hagar the Horrible=155
He dies on the 155th day of the year 6/4. 
Comic Strip=64

I wonder if we get a story soon that involves the Scandinavian area...Norway...Denmark(Mark of Dan)?..Sweden..Finland?

Van Halen's Hot for Teacher Music Video uses Gematria and on the "Ginger Cow" episode of South Park-Sammy Hagar 164-Other Thoughts

I watched this video earlier in regards to Van Halen's song "Hot For Teacher". 
Casey Jones-Hot For Teacher Youtube Video

He was looking into Emmanuel Macron marrying his teacher and watched the Van Halen video "Hot For Teacher". He noticed on the Chalkboard the numbers write out "Holy Shit" in reverse. 

So I was looking at the song and I see that it was in the South Park episode "Ginger Cow".....this episode has been talked about recently in regards to August 11th and the 3rd Temple. 
Hot For Teacher=142
Ginger Cow=142

I started thinking about Sammy Hagar who has blondish/red hair..also known as the Red regards to the Ginger Cow...
Anyway I'm only posting this because I noticed his name is 164. 
Sammy Hagar=164(reverse)
Samuel Roy Hagar=164
This number I have been seeing a lot lately and not sure what it means. 
Possibly we will get the death or a story of Sammy Hagar in the next year? I just posted about the owner of the bar in town that was connected to 164. I never posted more yet, but his full name on his obituary is also 164.  Just like Sammy Hagar and his full name. 

Interesting too that 164 days before his bday next year is 5/2. 
Sammy Hagar=52, 164
Samuel Hagar=52

I can't help but think of Hagar the Horrible either. It reminds me of the Vikings and red hair. 
Maybe there is something I'm supposed to see with the Vikings in the NFL? They are playing Miami this week just after the Miami Miracle...the Dolphins were my favorite team...I also have strawberry blonde hair/red....
I remember a long time ago I talked about the Tribe of Dan supposedly having red hair too. 


 It's also interesting that above the song "Hot for Teacher" it says is 
covered on Trisha Paytas "Fat Chicks" Album. This only sticks out to me because the WordPad I put a lot of my stuff in is called "Fat Chicks". Plus I have a song about a priest who fucks fat chicks instead of little boys from a long time ago. Also earlier today I was thinking about this topic. I just documented about seeing a guy named Jake Roberts and him not liking me. I saw him again today....The reason he didn't like me was because I did his ex girlfriend who of course fits the description. Remember he was born on the 164th day of the year....I talked about him in the post with Jesse Ventura(Minnesota..thinking Vikings?) and the number 164. 

Notice Trisha Paytas also a regular on the Greg Behrendt show? Funny as he is the only celebrity I have ever heard of with the same last name as me. 
Fat Chicks=35, 55
Think about Sammy Hagar....I can't drive 55....I've talked about this song as well in regards to Back to the Future. 
The Moon landing day 7/20 leaves 164 days in the year too. 

Friday, December 14, 2018

High speed train crashed into a bridge in Turkey-Jamal Khasgoggi a cousin to Dodi Fayed who died with Princess Diana

I saw this story about a train crash that collapsed a bridge in Turkey. I was thinking how Jamal Khasgoggi died in Turkey. 
So I looked up Jamal Khasgoggi again and I never noticed that he was the cousin of Dodi Fayed. Fayed was the guy who was dating Princess Diana and died with Diana in Paris, France. I think Marian Marcus pointed out the connection to the Paris stuff and Diana dying there in a comment. 
So the Paris Protests about Gas/Oil.....Jamal/Saudi Arabia/Oil...

Remember last year on 12/18 we got the Train Crash off the bridge in Dupont, Washington too. 
Ankara, Turkey=65
Bridge Collapse=65

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Dark Knight Rises-National Anthem 322 Football Scene-Death of George HW Bush-Alaska Earthquakes

I'm wondering in regards to HW Bush dying in connection to the National all the 53 connections. 
If you go back and watch my videos just before Super Bowl 50 I talked a lot about the Dark Knight Rises and the field collapsing scene. Remember how they flash the 322 in this scene? I'm just wondering about this because of Bush and Skull and Bones 322...
Three Two Two=53
George Bush=53

Plus Bane waits for the kid to finish singing the National Anthem before he starts blowing stuff up. It makes more sense too in regards to the kicker being "Ravenstahl". It doesn't mean the Ravens will be in the Super Bowl, but could just be showing us the National Anthem symbolism. 

Remember too after the field collapses it shows all the bridges around the City collapsing as well. 
Also before Super Bowl 50 we got a major Earthquake in Alaska. Interesting we just got a major earthquake in Alaska again. 
We also had an Alaska Earthquake just before Super bowl 52 as well. 
Alaska Earthquake=53

I wonder too as a while back I was talking about the importance of 8/6....Hines Ward wore # 86....the worst recorded East Coast Earthquake happened in 86'(1886). Thinking about the Bears stuff and them winning the Super Bowl in 86'. 

Star Spangled Banner=190 and 107(rev red)