Monday, July 16, 2018

Synchonicity with Family Guy Vaccines episode-Bridge Symbolism-810-Indians/Cubs

Earlier today my girlfriend text me that Zamien is getting his shots. She didn't tell me when and assumed I knew what she was talking about, but I had no idea. I asked her when? She text back "1". It was already after 1, so asked her tomorrow? It was confusing as like I said, I had no idea what exactly she was talking about but she thought I did. Anyway it was just a strange thing and I thought about it for the next few hours before I got off work. Whenever I think about vaccines, I always think about people saying they are bad and autism. 
So I got home from work and then had to go to the grocery store. I was exhausted still, so I told her I was gonna lay down for a bit and then I'd cook supper. 
So I get up around 7:30 and come downstairs and sit in the chair and start watching what she had on tv. It was Family Guy...which no big deal.....but it was an episode about Vaccines and Autism. 
Hot Shots=124
Family Guy=124(reverse)
Remember I had the synchronicity with Family Guy when my son was born....also youtube banned my video on it worldwide. 
My son was born at 1:24pm on 1/17. His actual due date was 1/24 though. 

I then tell my girlfiend, "Don't you think it's strange that I was confused about your message with Zamiens Shots and now the first thing I see when I'm off work is an episode about Stewie not getting his shots?"...She agreed with me, but then had the...oh god he's gonna tell me about this for the next hour look...I told her how Zamien was connected to Family Guy and "Bridge" symbolism and then stopped as I know she doesn't care. 
Bridge=117(reverse) He was born on 1/17..
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=117(My girlfiend)
My Grandma died 1 month 17 days before my bday on 9/24. 
Zamien born 9 months 24 days befor my bday on 1/17. 
Also interesting today being the 197th day...
45th prime is 197. 

At the Climax of the episode Stewie hangs underneath a bridge and falls down. Only to be saved by Sean Penn. They then make a joke about him portraying Harvey Milk...Think about that...Harvey Milk the gay mayor of San Francisco(Golden Gate Bridge)...A big thing I have talked about in regards to the Bridge symbolism...

Harvey Milk=124

A few other things I talked about in connection to my son were the Jesuits and Rocky...
There was the Rocky scene in the episode while at the hospital...
Zamien James Behrendt=84, 321
Jesuit=84....he was born 3 months 21 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 

Anyway I noticed he was also born 8 months 10 days before the Jesuit anniversary....810 yet again...
Rocky Colavito born on 8/10 and so on...
My cousins daughter named after my grandma born on 8/10. 
The Indians Chess Boy born on 8/10...and more..
My Uncle Barney died on 1/14(Cubs) and 8 months 10 days before my grandma. Then my uncle Clancy died 6 months 24 days after my grandma, which was 6 months 24 days before my birthday. 
Also think about HARVEY...It could be connected to the Astros again, but remember Rocky was traded to Detroit for HARVEY Kuenn. He died the same day "Aroldis Chapman"=624(satanic) was born. 
Also think about London Breed being born on 8/11..
8/10 is "The Day Before"=114 in light of the 114th World series. 

Think of how important the number 17 has been this year as well...and Zamien was bonrr on the 17th day of the year. 

Zamien=585(Jewish) too. 
The earthquake number....Study goes back to 585BC and so on..

Also Zamiens bday is 6 months 24 days before Rocky Colavito's bday. 
Rocky Colavito=624(satanic)
Detroit Tigers=624(satanic)
Cubs and Indians both cursed involving Detroit. 
Indians played Detroit on 6/24. 

It sure seems to me the Indians or the Cubs will be in or are winning the World Series this year. Or there is something that I am supposed to learn in regards to all of this in connection to something else. 

Zamien James Behrendt=857(satanic)
The 148th prime number is 857. 
Cleveland Indians=148
Donald J. Trump=148
The Bridge Collapse in Miami was 148 days before 8/10. 

Eight Hundred Ten=81, 72(rev red), 162
Zamien Behrendt=72 and 72(rev red)
Sync with the 72nd episode after talking to my friend whose name equals 72. 

Day Before=45, 81, 162

They also make fun of John Goodman in this episode. They make fun of him for being FAT....think about the Ralph stuff and John 124 being that big number on Fat Comedians...
Fat Comedian=206(reverse)
Fat Comedians=214(reverse)...Valentines 2/14. 

XXXTentacion died 593 days after the Cubs won the World Series-Song "Look At Me" and death of Emmett Till-more 17

I started thinking that possibly XXXTentacion died in connection to the Chicago Cubs winning in 2016. 
Notice he died 593 days after the the Cubs won the World Series. 
593 is the 108th prime number. 
Cubs won for the first time in 108 years and so on...

He also died 4 months 5 days or 127 days before the 114th World series begins. 
Cubs=45=Wrigley=Miami=Illinois and so on...

Houma People=127
Falcon Heights=127
It was all connected to the Omaha Indians and my town killing their last keeper of the sacred pole(Yellowsmoke). 
The Omaha's got their sacred pole back on 12/7..1989
Remember 127 was a number significant to the Indians/Cubs in 2016 too. 
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=888
Curse of the Billy Goat=888
Dakota Access Pipeline=888
Jocelyn Amparo Flores=888.....Infinity(888)
Native American=810
Standing Rock=810
Cleveland played the Chicago White Sox on 6/18 and the Cubs were postponed against the Dodgers. 
The Cubs had 40 wins at the time...
40th prime is 173. 

Remember Marjory Stoneman Douglas died age 108 on 14/5. 
Chicago Illinois=145
Great Chicago Fire was 145 years before 2016 on 10/8. 
One Hundred Forty Five=108
Anyway a 17 I overlooked was Marjory Stoneman Douglas died 1 month 7 days after her 108th bday. (17)
Also this person has been leaving me comments asking about the stuff I am documenting on this. Look at this great find in regards to Emmett Till. 

On XXX's music video "Look At Me"...the one where he hangs a white kid that had controversey.....the first story they bring up in the video is that of Emmett we have Emmett Till's case being brought back again after 63 years? 
Jahseh Onfroy=63

Also this song was what caused the beef between XXX and Drake who he said would sacrifice him...
It was because Drake played a new song title "KMT" 17 days before Valentines in the year 17' that had the same flow as Look at Me. 
Drake=214(satanic)...Valentines 2/14. 
Miami, Florida=214(reverse)
The number 206-synchronicity-Casino Omaha Trip with my Mom
Read the above blog post too. Remember when my dad was in the 206 area code(Seattle), I went to the Casino owned by the Omaha People with my mom. Her name equals 206 and more....She won over 1,000 dollars when we first got there on the Penn and Teller machine. I just looked up Penn and Teller and I see "Teller" was born on Valentines Day...of all days...
Back when I had black hair I used to get a bunch of people telling me I looked like Penn as well. 
Ohio is the 17th state. (Cleveland)....remember the Omaha Indians were originally the Maha Indians from the area around Cleveland. 
It would be interesting if the Indians won the World Series this year. Cleveland seems to be in the dumps with LeBron leaving, possibly the Indians winning the World Series would ease that? 

I'll look more at the stuff tomorrow night after work. I have fell asleep a bunch of times writing this blog post. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Death of XXXTentacion's Cousin in 2017-Also Cousin Drowning on 7/11/2018 in Jamaica-Chicago Cubs-Valentines-Synchronicity with band Drowning Pool

Notice XXXTentacion's cousin was murdered 151 days after X's bday. 
Valentines Day=151
June Eighteenth=151
Michael Boatright=151

His cousin also died 214 days before his next bday. 
Valentines is 2/14. 

His cousin also died 63...or 2 months 2 days before his debut album "17" was released. 
Jahseh Onfroy=63
XXX's bday was 22 days before Valentines...The murder suspects all 22 years old with Michael Boatright being arrested 22 days after XXX died. 
Murder=79....22nd prime is 79. 

He canceled his Revenge Tour because of his cousins death. 
The mixtape called Revenge was released 1 month 7 days before his cousin died. (17). Remember all the 17 connections in regards to Valentines Day...
Also 38 days...
Rapper=38=Nigga=Death=Murder and so on...

It was also 40 days or 1 month 9 days after Jocelyn Flores died. 
Valentines=40 and 67. 
19th prime is 67. 
Remember he died on "Trippie Redd"=173 19th bday. 
40th prime is 173. 
He released his album '17"..173 days before Valentines Day. 
Ghostbusters=173(song released after he died). 
Story of Michael Boatright came out on day that leaves 173 days in the year. 

Something I never caught before was "Jocelyn Amparo Flores"=888(satanic)
XXXTentacion also has the song 888(Infinity)...all the 888's from late too. 
Jesus Christ=151.....also 888(isosephy)

Now he has a cousin who dies in "Jamaica" of all places. Once again reminding us of Tupac telling us he's not dead but in Jamaica sippin daquiris. 
Jamaica=38 and 151
XXXTentacion=151 and 173
40th prime is 173

22nd prime is 79...."Murder"=79....22 year old murder suspects...his bday 22 days before valentines. 

She died on 7/11 too.  
July 11th leaves 173 days in the year. 
XXXTentacion=173=Trippie Redd=Ghostbusters and so on..
Releases his "17" album 173 days before Valentines Day. 

What's really crazy to me is that a few weeks ago I guess 7/2...I randomly thought of the Band "Drowning Pool" as I hadn't listened to them in forever. I even thought it was significant that I randomly thought of the band so I took a screen shot of it on my phone and now I'm seeing this girl drowning in a pool? 
I also saw that the singer who died of Drowning Pool was...
David Wayne Williams=206
Drowing Pool=162 and 162(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206
MLB=162=Major League Baseball=Baseball 
162 regular season games. 

Valentines/Stoneman Douglas synced up the Chicago Cubs....just interesting as this is the type of stuff that happens to me a lot and if you pay enough attention it's usually giving clues such as this. 

I also will never forget the day that I learned of this guys death as my friend sent me a message on Yahoo messenger. I didn't even know what he was talking about as I didn't know that much about the band. I guess he assumed I knew who Dave Williams was...I thought it was some guy that lived in town or something...
The friend that told me about his death was my Cuban friend...
Thomas James Alfonso=206, 62
He's been on tour with the band Smile Empty Soul as of late as well, so I wonder if there might be something connected to that Band. I think he's a guitar tech or something of the sort for the band. 
7/2 is 62 days before his 34th bday as well. 

Dave Williams also got his nickname "Stage" from Dimebag Darrell and we just had the death of Dimebags brothers Vinnie Paul on the 173rd day of the year. 

haha also "Drowning Pool"=72 
I randomly think about this band on 7/2. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Why Emmett Till's case matters-CNN mentions 60 twice+Ella Baker Gematria

This is what the media does. They start this article off by telling us of White Man in his 60's crying with a young black woman at the Emmett Till casket. 

Later they tell us about 60 years ago...
Also "Ella Baker"=59
Ella Josephine Baker=102

I've been seeing a lot of 810 the last few days

There is something with the number 810. Like always I haven't been saving them or documenting them, but I keep seeing 810 like crazy the past 2 days. 
Anything that's 135 is also 810, but I'm seeing it in Satanic and Jewish a lot as well. 

Gematria Effect News=810(satanic)
Christopher Boykin=810(satanic)
Flintstones=810(eng ext)
Tiger Woods=810
Golden Gate Bridge=810
Eighty One=810
Fifty Nine=810
Wall Street=810
Person of Interest=810
Papa John=810

There's so many more but I kept telling myself it was nothing, but I just keep seeing it. I can't find all the old ones because the Gematrinator only holds so many words before it erases them. 

Also remember 8/10 is Rocky Colavito's bday and the day Lou Boudreau died and more....
Possibly something helping me out to stay on track of the date of 8/10 or the Indians stuff? 
Remember how the Curse of Rocky Colavito involved a "Fire" as well...
Great Chicago Fire=810
It began on 8/10 or 10/8. 
Wiki says it cost 222 million....August 10th is the 222nd day. 
This year it will be the 147th anniversary of the fire...
World Series=147

Cops arrest 2nd suspect in XXXTentacion Murder Case-Valentines 17

There's a new suspect in the XXXTentacion murder now. 
Michael Boatright=151
Valentines Day=151
Jesus Christ=151
June Eighteenth=151
Remember his debut album "17" came out 151 days before his bday and he was super synced up to the Stoneman Douglas shooting on Valentines that was all about 17. 

Notice they arrested Michael Boatright on a Drug charge 17 days after XXXTentacion died. 
Also they arrested him 22 days later. 
Boatright is 22 years old..Dedrick Williams was 22 years old. Another person of interest is 22 year old Robert Allen. 
22nd prime is 79. 
Murder=79 and 83
Robert Allen=67
XXX's bday was 22 days before Valentines. 
Dedrick Williams born 8 weeks 3 days apart from XXX and on the 83rd day of the year. 

July 10th is 146 days after Valentines Day. 
XXXTentacion died 146 days after his bday. 
Jesus Christ=146(reverse)

Also all the news I have seen on this didn't report it until July 11th which is the day that leaves 173 days in the year. 
Trippie Redd=173(19th bday same day XXX died 67th prime)
Ghost Busters=173 and 151. 
His album "17" came out 173 days before Valentines Day. 
40th prime number is 173

Wendy Williams is 624 in Satanic-Statue of Liberty-Stand By Me

Wendy Williams=624(satanic)
Just wanted to document this as it's been an important number. Also Wendy Williams collapsed dressed as the Statue of Liberty on Halloween last year. It was all connected to the Stand By Me stuff.