Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Kobe Bryant dead 4 months 1 day before the anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge Opening-Royal Rumble winners

I was wondering how far away Kobe died from the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge opening...He was really important to the bridge symbolism in 2018 with the 81st annivesary as so on...FIU Bridge collapse/San Francisco...
Notice Kobe died 4 months 1 day or 122 days before the 83rd anniversary of the GG Bridge opening? 
Kobe Bryant=41
San Francisco=122
Golden Gate Bridge=81, 81, 135
Kobe Bean Bryant=81, 135
Also the winners of the Royal Rumble have some interesting connections too. 
Charlotte Flair born on 4/5 or 5/4
Kobe originally drafted to Charlotte..
Wrestlemania 36 will be held on Charlotte's 34th bday...
Bridge=45, 36..

Notice the men's winner was Drew McIntyre who is currently 34 years old..
34 important to Dwight/Kobe..

Drew McIntyre=67 and 157
Drew born on the 157th day of the year. 
Kobe Bryant=157

Charlotte Flair=67


This year 5/27/2020 will be 9/19..2012 on the Ethiopian Calendar..

There is a whole lot of 49 symbolism that is seemingly pointing to the 49ers...The Chiefs however are the team I thought would win the 2015 leaving me wondering...
A lot of what I was saying with the Chiefs was about the numbers 11 and 31....I even mentioned back then that California is the 31st state and some other important things to California..

Monday, January 27, 2020

NBA All Star Week begins on Valentines Day in Chicago-Zach Lavine-Teen Wolf-Michael Jordan 2015

The NBA All Star week begins on Valentines Day this year. Notice that it's held in Chicago former home of Michael Jordan. Remember last year it was in Charlotte(owned) by Jordan and the All Star game fell on his bday....It was the Spectrum Center that is also important to Philadelphia and the Spectrum...Hulk Hogan...Earthquake...

I've mentioned the Chiefs and San Francisco being important to my 2015 info...Remember in 2015 the NBA All star week fell during Lupercalia(wolf festival)...Andrew Wiggins(teen wolf) won rising star challenge MVP. Then Zach Lavine(Teen Wolf) won Slam Dunk Contest on Valentines day...same day Denzel Valentine hit the game winner for Michigan State. 
Denzel Valentine and Zach Lavine now both play for the Chicago Bulls with Valentine wearing # 45 like Michael Jordan....
Westbrook was All Star game MVP(UCLA)
Zach Lavine(UCLA)
Andrew Wiggins traded for Kevin LOVE(UCLA)

Teen Wolf important to Nebraska Cornhuskers who later that year played UCLA in the Foster Farms bowl at Levi's Stadium(San Francisco 49ers). 
Chip Kelly then became the 49ers coach in 2016...and is now the UCLA coach. 
I know even further this narrative is important again, because Teen Wolf came out on Kobe Bryant's 7th bday. 

Michael J. Fox is currently 58 years old..
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Kobe Bryant=58

Kobe died 135 days before Michael J. Fox's bday. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=135

MJ Fox
MJ..Michael Jordan

He will turn 59 this year..
Michael Jordan=59
Philadelphia the capital of Jordan until 106AD and destroyed by an earthquake...

Remember too that former Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg now coaches the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team. 

Better keep an eye on MJ Fox and the Teen Wolf narrative...Dwight Howard is doing the Slam dunk contest this year and wanted Kobe to help him with it..

Zach Lavine is currently 24 years old and wears # 8....reminding us of Kobe Bryant...

Think how much I mentioned the importance of 8/24 in the days leading up to Kobe dying too....just crazy. 

Tyler the Creator performs song "Earfquake" with Boyz II Men at the Grammy's

Boyz II Men do a tribute to Kobe Bryant at the Grammy's held in the Staples Center....then they also perform with Tyler the Creator on his songs EARFQUAKE? and New MAGIC wand..
Boyz II Men the group from Philadelphia...
I have talked about Philadelphia in regards to earthquakes since 2015...it's all important to 8/11...summer slam...Happy Gilmore..Black Cube

Notice the song was intially released on 5/7/2019....Remember on this same day someone trolled my old Kobe Bryant video
Michael Thomas=224(troll)
Toronto Raptors=224
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)
The Raptors won the finals after Kevin Durant tore his achilles....Summer Slam was in Toronto on 8/11. 

It was officially released on 6/4...
The Finals begin on 6/4 this year...
San Francisco=64...so on..

Tyler the Creator born on 3/6...Shaq's bday that is 41 days after Kobe died age 41. 

Don't forget the Independence Day Earthquake in Los Angeles....7/4....before the 74th season of the NBA. 

Kobe important to the Eagles winning SB 52 synced to the 4.1 earthquake near Philadelphia too. 

John Altobelli dead in Kobe helicopter crash-ROCKET strike-China

John Altobelli=54 and 135
Kobe Bean Bryant=54, 135
Notice his bday of 5/8. 
Kobe Bryant=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Notice that he played for HOUSTON in college....The Royal Rumble in Houston....all of the Houston connections to Kobe and other stuff...

It's interesting too that a major story was of a ROCKET strike at the US Embassy in Baghdad...

Today is 3 months 22 days after the Joker came out and Daryl Morey's tweet...
Batman...Skull and Bones...322 at the Football game...
Also 114 days..
Lebron James=114

Today also 1 month 14 days before Anthony Davis' bday. 
Just think 126 important to New Orleans...

New Orleans...France...David Stern born on the annivesary of France....

Sunday, January 26, 2020

2016 Legends of Chamberlain Heights episode has Kobe dying in Helicopter crash-China

An episode of the cartoon "Legends of Chamberlain Heights" depicted Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash. 
The episode came out on 11/16/2016...
This was 13 days before he announced his retirement. 
13th prime is 41. 
Remember too the Lakers played  Philadelphia the next game after he announced his retirement. 

Remember Wilt Chamberlain also from Philadelphia. 

Kobe dies 2 months 10 days after the anniversary of that episode....and 210 days before his bday...
Notice how the plot of the episode is about the internet going out, but one of the kids gets internet by connecting to a Chinese satellite for the internet. 

This episode came out 2 months 24 days after Kobe's bday...
Kobe Bryant=224(fb)
Watch End of days episode Here
The scene is around 11:20. 

End of Days....Philadelphia...Revelation...

Kobe's death in relation to Super Bowl LIV-Also dead on the 3rd month 4th day of NBA Season

In light of Kobe being connected to the number 41...
Super Bowl=41
He dies a week before the Super Bowl..
Notice he died 4 months 9 days before the NBA Finals begin on 6/4...
6/4 is the annivesary of the San Francisco 49ers being founded...
San Francisco=64
Kansas City Chiefs=64

Notice today is also 49 days after Dwight Howard's 34th birthday. 
Super Bowl=49

Also Kobe died on the 3rd month 4th day of the NBA season. 
Remember his achilles was torn age 34 when Dwight Howard was on the team. The same year that Jerry Buss died. Shaq wore 34....you know the drill with 34 and this narrative I have been following for years. 
Notice too it's the 96th day of the season.

Kobe tore his achilles 54 days or 1 month 26 days after Jerry Buss died too. 

I honestly can't stop thinking that this death is connected to the New Orleans Pelicans either. 
New Orleans=126 and 54
This comes after Zion makes his return on the anniversary of Kobe's 81 point game. 

Kobe Bryant dead age 41-China-Royal Rumble-Batman

Kobe dies on his 157th day of being age 41. 
Kobe Bryant=41 and 157
Notice it's 5 months 4 days as well. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
Gianna Bryant=54 and 126(his daughter)
His Daughter was 13 years old...the 13th prime is 41. 

Notice Kobe also died 41 days after JoAnn Buss died.
She died 115 days after Kobe's bday. 
Joann Buss=115
Remember Jerry Buss and Kobe's bday's are 157 days apart without the end date....Jerry Buss died when Dwight Howard was on the team...just before Kobe tore his achilles. Jerry died after the Lakers played the Clippers....Kobe dies just before the Lakers play the Clippers. 
Staples Center=157

Kobe Bryant=41
Dear Basketball=41
They nominated Dear Basketball for an Oscar 41 days before the Oscars. 
Kobe's final game they took him out with 4.1 seconds left. 

Kobe also dies 41 days before Shaq's bday. 

Think how LeBron just passed Kobe for 3rd on all time scoring yesterday too. LeBron now 3rd...Kobe 4th....34...The big number I mentioned around Kobe/Lebron...
Dwight Howard just turned 34 on 12/8. 
LeBron did it against the Philadelphia 76ers...where Kobe is originally from. Howard joined the Lakers on Kobe's 41st  bday...which was also Jeremy Lin's bday..and 4 months 1 day after Luke Walton's sex case began...Walton resigned on the anniversary of Kobe tearing his achilles. 

I have been saying all year how multiple events lined up to Kobe Bryant. I didn't think he would actually die at such a young age though....but age 41 is perfect for him. 

Remember Kobe's bday 8/23 is 8/10 on the Julian calendar...the night Tisha B'Av began....then on 8/11 we got the Hong Kong riots...

Kobe Bryant also died 210 days before his bday...
Remember all of the China connections...Jeremy Lin playing for the Shanghai Sharks and so on...
The other major story right now is the coronavirus from China. 

The first outbreak was reported on New Years Eve...
New Years Eve=56, 142
Coronavirus=56, 142
The first symptons appeared on 12/8 which is Dwight Howard's birthday. 
Remember how the Lakers stuff is important to China with the Houston Rockets. 

Also the royal family stuff going on currently...the Royal Shakeup...reminds me of the Royal Rumble that will be held tonight. Remember Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin both struck ROCK Bottom this year...the Howard story around the same time the Rock got married....then Rock's dad dies on Shane McMahon's bday and was born on Vince McMahon's bday of 8/24....reminding us of Kobe's number 8/24....JoAnn Buss=115(Shane's bday is 1/15)...
Shane was in a helicopter crash synced up to the Crown Jewel...

The news of Kobe is announced just before the Rockets played the Nuggets...and the Spurs played the Raptors. 
Remember the Raptors won last year in connection to Kobe Bryant who scored his 81 points against them on 1/22..
Kobe scored 81...rest of the team scored 41 points...
San Antonio=122

Summer Slam was in Toronto on 8/11...synced up to the Philadelphia Earthquake stuff..Hulk Hogan..Happy Gilmore..

The Rockets played the Nuggets, which is important to South Park/Batman/Joker narrative....The Royal Rumble is in Houston tonight. Houston important to the oil theme..

Today is a span of 23 days before Michael Jordan's bday too. 
Think about it...it's 22 days without the end date...
K=2, B=2
Zion's game back on 1/22...the anniversary of Kobe's 81 points. 
Michael Jordan just said that Zion Williamson is going to be great...because Zion is signed to Jordan Brand shoes...once again important to the Nike symbolism I've mentioned. 

Kobe was really important to the Bridge symbolism as well...

After LeBron passed Kobe in Philadelphia look what he said.....things happen ORGANICALLY and it's not supposed to make sense....interesting choice of words..