Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ISU Golfer Celia Barquin murdered on Golf Course-Synchronicity with the Cleveland Show

Right away I see a lot of 22 in this story. 
She was 22 years old murdered by a 22 year old. 
Found in a "Pond"=22
Golf=22 and 83(Jewish)
22nd prime is 79. 
Murder=79 and 83(reverse)

She also just won the 22nd Big 12 Womens Golf Championship on the 22nd of April this year. 

She dies 2 months 12 days(end date) after her bday...
Celia Barquin=212(reverse)

They found her dead at Coldwater Golf Links. 
Coldwater Golf Links=100(rev red), 206
Celia Barquin Arozamena=206
Collin Daniel Richards=100

Haha as I'm writing up this blog post I was thinking how the other big story in Iowa this year was Mollie CECILIA Tibbets(Iowa Hawkeyes)...Now we are getting a story of CELIA(Iowa State)....2 Iowa Women plust Iowa State's first game this year was against Iowa due to cancellation....Anyway...Right as I started thinking about that I hear the TV say "CELIA".....
It was the Cleveland Show....they even run with the Celia joke throughout the rest of the episode. He calls out Celia's name and then says he can't remember the other girls name. Then just before the episode ends, Cleveland mentions Celia coming over again. 

The Celia stuff happened because Cleveland went to Miami University to tell his wife he wasn't listening to her and to hopefully bring her home. 
Think about it....The Miami HURRICANES.....Hurricane Florence going on...
Iowa State Cyclones.....A Hurricane is a Tropical CYCLONE. 

Earlier in the episode they do a joke with the song "Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green too....just thinking about how CEE LO has similar attributes to Cecila too...possibly nothing...
The song "Fuck You" even came out on the Album called "Lady Killer". 
Cee Lo=22
Cee Lo Green=53....he's from Atlanta where Super Bowl 53 is happening. 

The name Celia means "Heaven"....interesting as this is the 55th episode of the Cleveland Show. 

Interesting too how I just documented about the Muppets and when you got to Cee Lo's wikipage it only has 3 pictures and 1 of them is him with the Muppets....
Someone to watch out for....possibly a sacrifice for SB 53 or maybe he will sing the anthem or do halftime show? 
Also watch out for Danger Mouse(Brian Burton=53) as he got famous for mixing Jay Z's Black Album with the Beatles White Album which is important to Charles Manson and not standing during the national anthem. The White Album had the song "Blackbird" like the Atlanta Falcons....Manson said that song was telling black people to rise up. 

Another thing that is interesting about the Beatles White Album is that it was their 9th Album and the Blackbird is Track 11. (911)...The song Helter Skelter is on Side 3 as track 6, but you could also say it's like Track 23 on the 9th album. 

As I'm researching more about this girl the Cleveland Show is contiually playing on the TV. I randomly look up at the TV again and I hear "Women's Sports". Cleveland was listening to the Radio. This was on the 56th episode. 

Like a half hour later I again stop and look at the TV and now they are talking about a Golf Tournament...This is the 57th episode....What are the odds? 

I see the 2nd episode of this season is also called "The Hurricane" so interesting.. Which is Season 3 episode 2...
Ames, Iowa=32
Iowa State=32

Maybe I need to check out the 22nd episode or Season 2 episode 2? 

One last thought....
I've mentioned the "MOLLIE" symbolism and the connections to Mollie Tibbetts. 
Mollie=30, 33(rev red)
Celia=30, 33(rev red)
The 30th prime number is 113...
Iowa State=113
Remember the State of Iowa is really important this year in regards to the Stock Market symbolism/Kneeling. 
 Mollie's death was all about Freemasonry...
Celia born on the 187th day...
Mollie's death also about the "FLAG" symbolism....Brooklyn has all the Flags....thinking about Golf and each hole having a Flag as well.  Mollie Celia.....Maybe there is something important to the area of "Tibet"? The Buddhists monks? 

I'm also wondering if we are going to get a major Tornado like Joplin again. Remember in the syncs with Mollie It was showing me the MOORE Tornado in Oklahoma....interesting as Iowa State just played Oklahoma in football before this murder. That post also involved the chick from Mike and Molly who is in the Muppets film(Happytime Murders). 

Bert and Ernie Gay or Not? Death of Jim Henson

Mark Saltzman=41
Sesame Street=41

Sesame Workshop says Bert and Ernie are not Gay. 
Sesame Workshop=61, 74(rev red)
Bert and Ernie=61, 74(rev red)

We also find out that 74 year old Frank Oz says that they are not gay as well. 
Frank Oz=46
The Muppets=46(rev red)

Jim Henson died age 53 on the 136th day of 1990? 
Jim Henson=44, 53 and 136(reverse) and 46(rev red)
The Muppets=44, 53, 46(rev red)
Jane Ann Henson=53(his wife)

Jane Henson even died 44 days before the anniversary of her husband dying..
She died of "Cancer"=44

This story of Bert and Ernie comes 53 days before the anniversary of Sesame Street in which they debuted too. 
Sesame Street came out 48 years ago and aired 48 seasons. 

I also cannot help but think of my recent post in regards to the film with Muppets called "The Happytime Murders". Also I see Frank Oz was in the Blues Brothers. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

SpaceX will take Japanese billionaire on Trip around the Moon

Yusaku Maezawa=42, 51
Currently 42 years old.....

He's taking 6 to 8 artists with him? 
Today is 17/9...
Space Exploration Technologies Corp=179

2023 is also the year we are getting a Total Solar Eclipse in the US again too. 
He also has an interesting bday on the anniversary of JFK dying. 

I love how just below this article in the headlines they tell us that the South Korean president is in North Korea....remember the South Korean president is MOON Jae-In. 
Moon Jae In=42
Kim Jong Un=42

Vontae Davis retires at halftime-Flag Symbolism and connection to his brother Vernon

Chargers=43(halftime of Chargers vs Bills)

Right away when looking at his bday the Flag symbolism sticks out. 
Born on the 147th day of 88'. 
National Anthem=147
Kneel=88=The Star Spangled Banner=Colin Kaepernick so on..

Notice how he was traded to the Colts on 8/26/12 which was the 239th day of the year. Later that season the Colts went on to lose to the Baltimore Ravens who beat them in his first ever playoff game. The Ravens then went on to beat the 49ers in the SB....
Kaepernick took a knee on 8/26/16....the 239th day and so on..
The Colts originally from Baltimore..
Baltimore where the Star Spangled Banner was written during the War of 1812. 

There's a super bowl riddle here to figure out. 
He retires 112 days after his bday...
Super Bowl=112(reverse)
It was also 253 days before his next bday...
Super Bowl Fifty Three=253

His brother is Vernon Davis who played with Colin Kaepernick and  the 49ers when they lost to the Baltimore Ravens in SB 47. 
Vernon also won Super Bowl 50 with the Broncos...remember it was in Levi's Stadium where the 49ers play. 
Think about how he plays for the Redskins now with QB Alex Smith who was part of the controversy over who should play in 2012....Smith or Kaepernick. 
He's got the perfect bday for Super Bowls too. 
Super Bowl=131
I like how he's # 85...
Washington Redskins=85
He's currently 34 years old...

Nebraska goes 0-2 for the first time since 1957

I didn't watch one second of the Nebraska game this week, but I want to just document something and see how it plays out. 

Remember when my Uncle Clancy died this year I said the Huskers are a team to watch. He was the biggest Nebraska hater ever....How funny that Nebraska starts off with a canceled game and then starts off 0-2? I honestly hope they lose every single game this year just for Clancy and for me to point out to everyone how "coincidental" it would be. 
Remember Clancy died on the anniversary of Rocky Colavito being traded too...
Rocky born on 222nd day....Cleveland in it's 222nd year of being founded. Notice Nebraska's first game was canceled against "Akron" reminding us of Lebron James/Cleveland too. 

Nebraska Cornhuskers=222

Remember he died 6 months 24 days after my grandma and 6 months 24 days before my bday. 
Rocky Colavito=624=Detroit Tigers  and so on...

Have to appreciate that "Troy"=24 wins with 24 points. 
Also a total of 43 points against 43 year old Scott Frost and Nebraska's 43 conference championships...
Remember 43 was really important with the death of Sam Foltz in 2016. 

Also Nebraska scores 19 points....in 1957 they went 1-9. 

Nebraska plays Michigan next week which is funny too as Frost just coached UCF to an undefeated season yet they didn't win the championship. They claimed to have won though...Remember Frost's senior year at Nebraska they got to split the title with Michigan. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Alan Jackson/Twin Towers on South Park this morning when I first turned on the TV-9/11-Jacobs Ladder

I have been really busy lately and haven't made very many blog posts. Still there are very interesting things that happen on a daily basis such as this....The last blog post I did was a random post about the death of Alan Jackson's son in law. No idea why I chose to document about that story over many others that were in the media the other day...it just for some reason drew me in. I think partially because I remember seeing a story about George Strait's Drummer dying recently too....He had the last name "Kennedy" which has been important this year. 

Anyway last night my band played a gig in Dow City, Iowa so my girlfriend was able to come. She did way too many shots and I knew she was going to be hungover so I slept on the chair downstairs in case Zamien woke up. I turned on South Park on Hulu before going to bed and later I woke up and just turned the TV off and let Hulu continue to play. 
So Zamien wakes up this morning and I get him and just turn the tv back on as South Park was still playing. 
Of course the first thing I see is Alan Jackson...
Is it not interesting they mention Alan Jackson's tribute song to 9/11 as well? Think about how much I have mentioned the 9/11 symbolism this year too.

It's also interesting that the episode is season 6 episode 12. 
612 has been super important as well...
think about how its HW's bday too.
Also Revelation 6:12 about the great earthquake sticks out to me as Alan Jackson's bday is the same day as the Loma Prieta Earthquake. 
Eminem's bday is also that day and he's been a pretty popular topic lately as well. 

I'm also wondering about the name JACKSON in general...possibly it has something to do with Andrew Jackson and Jacksonville? 

Also the episode is a tribute to Jacob's Ladder...
Ladder to Heaven=624(satanic)
Jacob=624(rev sum)
Twin Towers=624(rev sum)

Also it makes me think about the Masonic ladder which I believe is a representation of Jacob's Ladder. Think about how in Genesis 32:30 Jacob says he saw God Face to Face at a place called "Peniel" which many say is actually a reference to the "Pineal" gland. 
Remember it's all about spiritual ascension to Sirius which is a Twin/Binary Star..
Think about how Modern Freemasonry was established on 6/24 as well...

The song South Park is making fun of is "Where were You(when the world stopped turning). It's from Alan Jackson's 10th studio album....

Also interesting that Jacob's ladder is somewhat of a "Bridge" between heaven and earth....
Ladder=44 and 114(Jewish)

Plus the 1989 World Series was the 86th world series...just thinking about all the connections to the date of 8/6 and 86 a while back with the Cubs and Indians...Alex Jones..Pink and more...

Alan Eugene Jackson=94
Jacob's Ladder=94
World Trade Center=94
The 624 stuff special to the Indians...
Rocky Colavito=Detroit Tigers=624
Cleveland Indians=94
Curse of Rocky Colavito=94

I also wonder if it's something to do with the name Alan/Allen...I just mentioned this again in regards to Tim Allen too. 

Indians clinch division over the Tigers 15-0-NFL 2 Ties in a season and the Indians connections

Indians clinch the Division on their 148th game of the season with a score of 15-0 against the Detroit Tigers during their 148th game. 
Cleveland Indians=148
World Series=150
The Indians cursed by the trade of Rocky Colavito to the Detroit Tigers. 

Notice they clinched the divison 83 days after 6/24 getting their 83rd win of the season too. 
Remember how they beat the Red Sox 8-3 in the one game playoff in 1948 too. 
Detroit Tigers=624(satanic) and 83(rev red)
Rocky Colavito=624(satanic)
The Indians won 12-2 on 6/24 over the Tigers this year too. 
It was a span of 122 days before the World Series begins. 

Also notice how 83 days is 2 months 22 days...
Rocky Colavito born on the 222nd day. 
Cleveland in it's 222nd year of being founded. 

Another thing to note with the Indians/Cubs stuff is that there was a 2nd Tie this year in the NFL today. 
Remember in 2016 there were 2 ties in the NFL and the Indians played the Cubs in the World Series that went to 7 games and was Tied going to extra innings before the Cubs won. Plus all the Tie stuff I documented with the Cubs and the number 114.....This year is the 114th World Series. Plus the last time before 2016 with 2 ties was in 1997 when the Indians lost in 7 games in the World Series. The Dolphins vs Bears Game even got moved to a Monday night because of it and that game went to OT 33 to 33. 
2 Ties in NFL 2016-Dolphins vs Bengals Same Day as Hoboken Train Wreck
Keep in mind as well that I grew up a Dolphins fan and my best friends favorite team is the Bengals...His favorite MLB team is the Indians too....growing up I was always an Atlanta Braves fan as they were good and always on our basic cable. I really quit watching baseball though sometime after the strike and when I quit baseball in high school in 1998 or 1999. 
But still how funny the last time the Indians won was over the Boston Braves. 

What's interesting too is that the first NFL tie this year happened on 9/9 with the CLEVELAND Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. 
Notice on this day the Cubs game was postponed....also the Pittsburgh Pirates game was postponed. 
In 2016 the Cubs tied the Pirates the same day we got the Hoboken Train wreck with 114 people injured. The previous tie in the MLB was in 2005 when the Astros tied the Reds 114 days before they made the World Series. 
The Cubs won the World Series getting their 114th win of the season in their 114th season being called the Cubs. 
Terry Francona became 11-4 coaching the World Series. 
My Uncle Barney who was a Cubs fan and went to a game on 8/8 in 2005 against the Reds died on 1/14 just after the Cubs won. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
My neighbor who was also a huge Cubs fan died and the girl who moved in to the house has a 11/4 bday. 

Trying to figure out why this new tie was with the Vikings and Packers...
The Packers were the original team Kaepernick took a knee against...
Tie=34 and 139(satanic)
34th prime is 139. 
Green Bay=139
Green Bay Packers=150=World Series

Checked my Facebook and I had this message about the ties as well. Possibly we will get more than 2 ties in the NFL this year, but if it stands it's pretty interesting the Indians have made the World Series and lost 2 of the only 3 times there have been 2 ties in the same year. The other time was in 1986 that was when the Mets won the WS. See previous posts on the connections to Daniel Murphy/The Mets/Cubs/National Anthem and more. The riddle is clear and I think it's for the the Indians, but the riddle is for sure connected to the Red Sox as well. 
One of the previous Posts

Notice the Red Sox even beat the Mets today too. 
The 1986 World Series was also the 83rd World Series. 
Also after todays games the Braves and the Indians are the only teams with 83 wins....

Remember too how 2016 was the year Kaepernick first took a knee and the Super Bowl of the Falcons vs Patriots was the first tie to ever happen in a Super Bowl as well. 
The Patriots won in overtime with 34 points. 
Indians=34 What else is interesting is that all of the years there were 2 Ties in the NFL the World Series went to 7 games.