Sunday, June 16, 2019

Anthony Davis traded to the Lakers in connection to 34 and LeBron's injury-Philadelphia-King Symbolism

Anthony Davis is traded to the Lakers 3 months 4 days or 96 days after his bday? 
How funny that I just talked about the Kobe narrative with Kevin Durant and this story...
Remember LeBron and Kobe's injuries all about 34. 
LeBron injured on the Lakers 34th game of the season before turning 34. He then came back against the Clippers on 1/31 which was the same team DeMarcus Cousins came back against. Then LeBron sat out in the game against the Warriors 34 days after his 34th bday....The Lakers then lost their 34th game of the season playing the Clippers on 3/4. 

Remember how Magic Johnson blamed Rob Pelinka...Pelinka was Kevin Durant's former agent. 

This also comes 172 days after LeBron got injured on the Lakers 34th game of the season just before LeBron turned 34 years old. 
Anthony Davis=172(reverse)

Also interesting to note that all of the stuff I was documenting with Kobe/Magic/LeBron involved the KING/Royal symbolism. Notice this story comes 152 days before Prince Charles bday and also 213 days after? 
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(Francis Bacon)
The NBA Finals=213
Los Angeles the 213 area code
Los Angeles=213(rev Fra Bacon)
Anthony Davis=152
King Charles=64=Anthony Davis

Today also 311 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday. 
Davis born on 3/11 the 64th prime number. 
The Lakers 34th loss to the Clippers on 3/4 was their 64th game of the season too. 
Also in regards to New Orleans...King Charles married to Henrietta Maria of France....

This also comes 9 months 23 days after Kobe's bday. 
LeBron James=923(Jewish)

Honestly with the Allen Iverson makes me wonder if next year we don't get a Lakers vs 76ers NBA Finals again. 
Lonzo Ball born on the annivesary of Philadelphia...
Kobe from Philadelphia....announced his retirement 34 days after Philadelphia's anniversary.
Josh Hart born on the 65th day of the year..Also played for Villanova the Philadelphia team that beat UNC(Michael Jordan) in 2016 in the March Madness tournament. 
Philadelphia the capital of Jordan/Earthquakes so on...
Today is also 101 days after Hart's bday...
Philadelphia=65, 101

Kobe tore his achilles age 34 and scored 43 points getting the Lakers their 34th win of the season that game. 
Then comes back in the 34th week of his injury in a game against Toronto who just won the NBA Finals....Also the team he scored 81 points against. 
Toronto important to the Philadelphia narrative with Summer Slam/Hulk Hogan/Earthquake....
This trade comes 134 days before Lonzo/Philadelphia's bday...
Summer Slam=134
King Charles III=134
Tisha Bav=134
Luke Walton=134(Now coach of the KINGS)
Walton became a Cavalier(King Charles) the same season Kobe tore his achilles. 
Walton stepped down as Lakers coach on the anniversary of Kobe tearing his achilles(4/12). 
I got that comment on my old Kobe video 3 months 4 days before Summer Slam...then Durant injures his achilles 34 days later...Achilles killed by PARIS reminding us of France. 

Brandon Ingram's bday is 79 days after today. 
New Orleans Pelicans=79
Brandon Xavier Ingram=101

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran's brother dies in the Dominican Republic

I saw this story on CNN and thought go figure another story out of the Dominican Republic reminding us of David Ortiz. 
I saw the article mentioned other vacationers that were recently found dead in the DR as well, so I went to Yahoo to search for the old stories. 
Of course the top headline on Yahoo was about a new American who died in the DR. 

Barabara Corcoran of course born on 3/10(310) as well. 
I've honestly never watched "Shark Tank", but it reminds me of the "Water" theme I was mentioning with Neptune. 

The last episode of "Shark Tank" to air was on 5/12 and it was the 222nd episode...
Remember 8/10 is the 222nd day...
5/12 important to the Philadelphia Trainwreck and Nepal Earthquake and more...

It's funny he died in April and they are just now reporting on it on 6/15? Interesting as it's the 166th day of the year...
166 has been super important to the things I've been talking about..
Pigs=166 and so on..

I'll think about this more later. I got a bunch of stuff to do, but didn't want to forget this Dominican thing...

The DR is where the first permanent European Settlement in the American's was too....

Just thinking about how Christopher Columbus was important to the number 166 and my Uncles death in early 2017. Also how this year has been all synced up to late 2016 early 2017...

Synchronicity with "Look A-likes" after my post about my friends looking like Celebrities

It's awesome. I just posted about Keanu Reeves and how my friends look like other people. I was even thinking about writing how I have a lot of friends that people say look like Celebrities, and how I've been told I look like Fulton on the Mighty Ducks and also Mikey from American Chopper...
My friend Pat who is also in my band looks like "Edward" from Twilight(Vampire)....
Anyway while making that post I was listening to the Gematria Effect that I didn't get to listen to all the way through since my internet was out for a few days. I can't listen on my phone because my son threw it in the toilet a while back and the media speaker doesn't work anymore...

So I post that post about my friends looking like other people and then right after a lady calls into the after show and tells Zach that he has a "Twin" in Maryland. 

Keanu Reeves coming up a lot recently-Toronto-Hawaii-What's the point of the Vampire Theme?

I've been seeing a lot of Keanu Reeves lately. I can't think of all the times but it's been at least 5 times on random things. 
I finally started to take screenshots of it the other day. 
A random post about him being a vampire on Facebook. Then I went to CNN later that day and there was a mainstream story of him not touching women in pictures. 

Remember how I just mentioned him too in regards to my friend Tom and Vampires. There is something I'm supposed to "get" with Vampires that I just don't I think. Buffy...The Lost Boys...Keanu Reeves is a Vampire.
What else is interesting is the synchronicity with my friend Jimmy and his grandpa dying the next day. 
Jimmy I have always thought looks like Keanu Reeves. Jimmy also important to Hawaii where he was stationed in the Navy....Keanu's dad is from Hawaii...

Reeves also grew up mostly in Toronto of all places....this around the time of the Raptors winning the NBA Finals. 

Jimmy also the reason I discovered the syncs with Slipknot again. 

Remember my friend Tom shares a bday with Keanu of 9/2 as well....
It leaves 120 days in the year...
Illuminati=120=Drake=Kanye West and so on...France stuff..
I need to rewatch "Interview with the Vampire" as it's important to when I hung out with Jimmy and Tom back in the day it was mostly at our friend Kyle's house...The reason I say this is because Kyle looks like Brad Pitt or at least that's always what the chicks told him, but I can see it. 
Kyles name equals 227 and 914(Jewish)

We also got the story recently of Justin Bieber wanting to fight Tom Cruise...
Also Claudia(Kirsten Dunst) in that film dies in France, but remember she also plays "Mary Jane" in the Spiderman films(born on 8/10). 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Kevin Durant's achilles injury in relation to comment on my old Kobe Bryant Video(Achilles)

I still don't have internet but I have my phone that goes super slow. I have to document this before I forget. 
The Raptors just won the NBA Finals of course in Game 6 and Toronto is known as the 6ix. Also today is 6/13..
The 6th prime is 13. 
Klay wonder he had to leave the game with a fake knee injury. 
Also I loved how there was .9 seconds left and they fouled Leonard making him shoot 2 more free throws. It made the score total 114+110=224. 
Toronto Raptors=224
Kobe Bryant=224(Franc Baconis)

I mention this because remember how I got a Trolled comment on my old Kobe video on 5/7...the day before Durant first got injured? I talked about how Kobe tore his achilles against the Warriors in the year 13'...then made his comeback against the Raptors who were also the team he scored 81 points against. 
Kobe was important to LeBron's injury as well...
I just find it interesting because Durant ends up tearing his Achilles like Kobe. 
Remember Achilles was killed by Paris in Mythology...think about the France symbolism. 
Everything with Kobe Bryant was important to the number 34 which is interesting as I got that message 34 days before Durant tore his Achilles. 
It's also why DeMarcus Cousins became a Warrior in which I have previously talked about. He tore his achilles as well. Cousins known for being a "KING"...then Luke Walton becomes the KINGS head coach...LeBron is the KING...It's why the Virginia Cavaliers won the College Tournament. 

Durant also tore his achilles 2 months 13 days before Kobe's bday. 
Remember Kobe scored 60 points in his final game 213 days after Moses Malone died age 60. 
Los Angeles the 213 Area code.
The NBA Finals=213
Los Angeles=213(rev francis Bacon)
Los Angeles=161 and Durant injured on the 161st day. 

The NBA Finals=111
Durant tore his achilles 111 days before his bday. 

Looking back at my info, remember LeBron tweeted the Lyrics about the Jewish Money in the song "ASMR". On wikipedia is shows us a guy with the last name that has ASMR from Jordan who was a Guantanomo Bay prisoner...Just pointing this out because Gitmo was important not too long ago...

Plus a lot of the coding was connected to Philadelphia in which Kobe Bryant is from..and Jordan finished his career against. Remember how Summer Slam is important to Philadelphia and this year it's on Hulk Hogan's bday in Toronto. 

There has to be a riddle with John Wall rupturing his achilles at home too. Think about how Durant is from Washington DC and the Wizards play in Washington DC. 

Kevin Durant's childhood favorite team was also the Raptors haha. He tears his achilles against them in the finals of all places? 

I know there has to be something important to the War of 1812 as well. They really made it important in these finals of the song "O Canada"...and the War of 1812 is where the US Anthem came from and US fighting Canada...

LeBron also injured on Christmas Day which was Justin Trudeau's bday. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Hope Solo in the media-Also a Iowa/Herbert Hoover sync today

I might not post much in the next few days. We started moving into our new house tonight, and have a lot more to go. I'm not sure when my internet will be hooked up either. They are supposed to come tomorrow, but I know how they are and it might be weeks before they actually come. 
I'm using my hotspot right now trying to listen to the Gematria Effect and go to bed. 
I went to Yahoo and I see another article about HOPE Solo is the headline. 
Remember how the Slipknot stuff is connected to HOPE and I also mentioned Star Wars: A New HOPE.....think about her name HOPE SOLO reminding us of Han Solo/Star Wars. 
Hope Amelia Solo=310(Rev Francis Bacon)
Also interesting she's born on July 30th which is the 211th day. This is the first story I see and click on in this new house with an address number of 211. 

Also random thing here, but today at work a guy we know came in and was giving my boss crap. Later I started talking to her about his wife, because she posted a funny picture on Facebook. We started talking about how she is a fun person and so on...I told my boss about the meme I made with the last supper and Gold Slipper chicken that this lady wanted to frame and put there. She worked there at the time and so on...I then started thinking about how I used to have "Slipknot's Last Supper" on a bunch of pictures such as Facebook and Myspace. I then looked at the camera because someone was getting diesel and I see a truck with the words "Herbert Hoover" clear as day. It's only funny as Slipknot has the connection to Iowa like Herbert Hoover...and they are playing their first Iowa State Fair on 8/10 this year which was Herbert Hoover's bday. 
Herbert Hoover=211(Francis Bacon)
Herbert Hoover=66(rev red)...just been talking about 66 a bit lately...

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Neptune-Death of Osama Bin Laden/D-Day

Two important connections to Neptune that I forgot to mention earlier are D-Day and Osama Bin Laden's death. 
D-Day was codenamed Operation Neptune. 
The raid that killed Osama was called Operation Neptune Spear. They list Osama as being killed on 5/2 but they for sure told us in the US that he died on 5/1. I'll never forget that day because a bunch of people got really mad at me on Facebook because I called the War a Fake cause. 

Osama Bin Laden born on 3/10. 
He died 3 months 10 days before 8/11 or 8/10 depending on how you look at it. 

Also remember how D-Day was supposed to be on 5/1 but got delayed to 6/6. 

World War III=141
141st prime is 811. 
8/11 is 66 days after 6/6. 
World War II=66

Funny I have a video from 2015 in which I talk about the possibility of World War III on August 12th because it leaves 141 days in the year. I also later talked about the Major League Baseball Strike being important to Michael Jordan who retired from baseball on 3/10. Anyway I thought I'd look it up again and notice it mentions that the length of 232 days was surpassed by the NHL Lockhout that lasted 310 days...