Friday, May 25, 2018

15 people injured after explosive device goes off at Toronto Indian Restaurant-Bombay

A bomb/explosive device goes off at the BOMBay Bhel Indian Restaurant? 
Sam just made a video about a duck theme coming up in his life on 5/19....which oddly enough...that same day I watched the film D3 The Mighty Ducks. 
The name of the restaurant being "Bombay" makes me think of the Mighty Ducks and Gordon we just had the Van Attack in this same area(Toronto) that was connected to the death of Mini Me and the Toronto Maple Leafs(Hockey). 

In the D3 film I just watched the Ducks play the Varsity who are called the "Warriors". Remember in Happy Gilmore as well..his grandma is played by actress "Frances BAY"....Also in the beginning when Happy doesn't make the team he's wearing the "Warriors" hockey jersey. Think about this story of a Bomb going off the same day the Warriors lose to the Rockets....The Warriors from the BAY area...Bomb Bay...something I mentioned a long time ago. 
This story comes 32 days(end date) after the Van Attack. 
Bombay=32(rev red)
That van attack was on the 113th day of the year...Notice the attacker born on 11/3 too. 

Bomb=22(rev red)
Mississauga=79(rev red)
22nd prime is 79. 

Improvised Explosion Device=134(rev red)
Fifteen People=134
I'll try and remember to look at this tomorrow. I keep falling asleep while typing it. 

Rockets win with 98 points over the Warriors in Game 5.

Rockets win with 98 points in Game 5 over the Warriors. 
National Basketball Association=98
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=98
James Harden=98

I was watching the post game and they "accidentally" showed the score as Golden State with 98 and Houston with 94....I find this interesting as remember in 2015 the number 98 was important to the Warriors and the finals. They went to Overtime 98-98 and it was 98 days after they lost to Cleveland in regular season. 
Also with the School schooting on Valentines Day I want to point out again how the Warriors won 122 days after Valentines Day..
Golden State=122
Think about it in regards to the 98th season of the NFL too. 

It's interesting though that this year not only did we get the Valentines shooting we got a school shooting in Houston...

Chris Paul faked a Hamstring Injury tonight as well....I still think Rockets will win...Remember everyone was counting the Eagles out of the Super Bowl, yet they won it with Foles....possibly the narrative if Paul doesn't play again in this series? 
Andre Igoudala=112=Houston 
Remember in 2016 when Steph Curry hurt his knee against the Rockets when the score was 56-56=112....Just before he fell Andre Igoudala fell down too. "Wardell Stephen Curry II"=112....Curry fell because of a Wet Spot....Draymond was mad about the questions about the Houston Floods....think about that in regards to this past year....This was the same year Chris Paul supposedly broke his hand too and the reason the Warriors played the Blazers instead of Paul's Clippers in the 2nd round. 
I wonder if Steph Curry will get hurt now in Game 6 or 7? 

Anyway what I find interesting is...
Hamstring Injury=206
I've recently been documenting about this number with Cuba/Stock Market.....Also my grandma dying 206 days(end date) before my uncle. My uncles son was the only Eagles fan I know and him and his brother are also both Rockets fans. 
My half cuban friend Tom's name equaled 206 as well....I'm trying to remember what his favorite team was.....I remember him wearing a Jerry Stackhouse (Dallas) jersey a lot, but not sure if he was a Mavericks fan or not? 

When the score was 66-66 there was a 3 second violation with 3:33 left on the clock in the 3rd quarter too. 
Think about that...33+33=66....
I love how this game was a tribute to the Santa Fe shooting victims and the score was stuck on 66-66 for 1:37. 
Santa Fe=66
137 is the 33rd prime. 
Thirty Three=66

Chris Paul's injury comes when the score is 94-95....reminding us of the last time the Rockets won the Finals....

I still think it's going to be Rockets vs Cavaliers but there are some interesting other things.....such as the Rockets have only been to the Finals 4 times....They won in 94 and won in 95....but they lost in 81' and 86'....both times they lost it was to the Boston Celtics. 
I slept on the Celtics all year, and I wonder if some of the stuff I was talking about with the Cavs vs Rockets is significant to the Celtics....Such as the Caldwell Pope stuff playing against the Cavs and Rockets, but not against the Warriors....also the date of Isaiah Thomas becoming a Laker. 

Ha,  I see Thomas became a Laker 112 days before the finals begin...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trump collapses bridge with North Korea and cancels summit.

The Bridge between the US and North Korea collapsed today....
Today is also the anniversary of Pope Francis and Donald Trump meeting in 2017...
Collapsed=48(rev red), 156(reverse)
Donald Trump=48
Kim Jong-Un=48(rev red)
The meeting was supposed to take place 156 days after Kim's bday. 
New History=156
World War III=156(reverse)

You know another interesting 156 I noticed is "God"=156(sumerian). 

Kyle Korver story of his brother Kirk Korver dying on 5/23/18.

Interesting we get this story on 5/23 about Kyle Korver's brother. 
Notice it's 2 months 3 days ago. 
The Cavs lost tonight with 83 points. 
23rd prime is 83. 
Lebron wears #23. 
The Cavs became 2-3 in the series. 
The 23rd of May. 

He died on 20/3....
Remember that "Three Hundred Eighteen"=203
203 is 23 in numerology....
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)

Kirk Korver=57, 69(rev red)
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
NBA Finals=57(rev red)

Kyle Korver went to Jesuit Creighton University....Lebron James is super synced to the Jesuits with his birth/Pope Francis. 
The NBA Finals on 151st day..."Jesus Christ"=151 and so on...

I'm not sure if this is a connection but I find it interesting...His brother died 2 months 11 days before the Finals begin...
2/11 the 42nd day...."Lebron James"=42 and so on..
Also think about their names K K....KK...his whole family is KK...
Father...Kevin Korver.
Sons: Kyle Korver, Kirk Korver, Kaleb Korver, Klayton Korver...
Think about the letter K.....K=2 and K=11
K=2, K=2.....
3/20 is the 79th day...
22nd prime is 79. 

NBA's Sterling Brown arrest in Milwaukee-Warriors 16-0 Streak broke by Milwaukee-Lebron James

Notice this story comes 102 days after his bday on 10/2. 
The Civil War began on the 102nd day. 
Of course a black guy arrest story would come the same day the media is telling us black people lose again in regards to the NFL and standing during the national anthem. 

Sterling Damarco Brown=231
National Anthem=231

Notice he was drafted to Philadelphia....the team connected to the Warriors...also played his first game against the Cavaliers.
Notice he wears # 23...
I'm listening to Zach's radio show now and he just talked about Lebron wearing #23 losing on the 23rd day....

The Cavs had 83 points.....83 is the 23rd prime number. 
The series is now 2-3. 

February 10th is the 41st day...
The 13th prime is 41. 
The final score of the game was 83+96=179
Cavs lost by 13. 
179 is the 41st prime number. 
This is Lebron's 13th playoff season. 

Remember the Warriors set a record becoming 16-0 to open the season in 2015-16 the year the Cavs won the finals. 
Remember they beat the Lakers....then lost the next game to the Milwaukee Bucks...
Sterling Brown=175(reverse)
Golden State=175(reverse)
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)

The Rockets just broke the Warriors 16-0 home playoff win streak too. 
The Warriors also lost after winning 54 Home in 2016...and they lost to none other than the Boston Celtics. 

Milwaukee Bucks=156
Boston Celtics=156

Sterling is a brother to Shannon Brown...just interesting as he won 2 championships with the Lakers, but was drafted to Cleveland...
I also find it funny that he was named after Sterling and Shannon Sharpe....someone called into the Radio show tonight and brought up Shannon Sharpe loving Lebron James even...

This story comes out 117 days after it actually happened. 
Golden State Warriors=117
Steph Curry=117
It happened in a Walgreens parking lot. 
Golden State=41=Oakland
41 is the 13th prime number
James Harden wears # 13....remember the Rockets stopped the Blazers from winning 13 in a row this season. 

Lebron James=66(rev red)

The last thought I have is in regards to his name being "Sterling". Remember the racism in the NBA got really big because of DONALD Sterling....then Adam Silver replaced David Stern as commissioner....Sterling...Silver......A clipper ship was a ship that was used in slave trading after it was outlawed by the US....Stern is the back of the boat....this is funny to me too in regards to the caller tonight talking about Maritime Law. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NFL requires players to stand for anthem on 5/23-Steve Kerr calls out Trump-Lebron "U Bum" story

What a perfect day to bring back the standing during the national anthem crap. Today is 5/23...
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
Notice the only 3 numbers you can make out clearly in the picture are 88, 10, 25....
Trump=25, 88
Kneel=25, 88
Colin Kaepernick=88
The Star Spangled Banner=88

Think about all of the "10" stuff I have documented with Trump as well that was all connected to the Helter Skelter Theory/Marilyn Manson....

The other story below that is of Steve Kerr calling out Trump for his NFL attacks. Remember the day we got the story of Trump calling out the NFL was on 9/23, which was the same day Lebron James called Trump "U Bum". Lebron and the Cavs visited the White House the same day Trump did in 2016 after winning the election. Lebron said this because Trump had beef with Steph Curry who wasn't going to attend the White House because of Trump. 
Remember the NBA Finals begin 8 months 8 days after 9/23...the Shut Up and Dribble stuff makes more sense now too as it was on the 48th day and a lot of other 48...
48th prime is 223..
The Star Spangled Banner=223
Kaepernick=48 and 223(Jewish)

Also I want to point out the headline of Jay-Z saying Kaepernick is "An Iconic figure"=624(satanic). 

Pope Francis tells gay man God made him that way-Chile Bishops resign-58th anniversary of Chile Earthquake Worst ever recorded

God made you like that and loves you like that=156
Thirty Three=66, 156
137 is the 33rd prime. 
Gay Guys=33

Notice his name...
Juan Carlos=33, 156(reverse)
Juan Cruz=33
He was supposedly a victim of sexual abuse from a Chilean Priest. 

This story comes 156 days after Pope Francis' bday. 

It's also 6 months 26 days before his next bday...This sticks out because 6/26 is the day gay marriage was legalized in the US...when Obama was the president...Then the conspiracy theory they popularized like Flat Earth about him married to a Tranny and everyone in Hollywood's a Tranny. All part of the mocking. 

The 1:38 video on CNN as well.

The 33 Youtube Video
Juan Carlos being from Chile also reminds me of the Chilean Miners story and the film called "The 33" they released about it. 
Sexual abuse of Minors......

Funny in this video I talk about Antonio Banderas being Tom Hanks gay boyfriend in the film "Philadelphia". 
This story of Pope Francis and Juan Carlos comes on 5/21..

Remember the worst ever recorded Earthquake was in Chile on 5/22/1960...How interesting today was the 58th anniversary....remember how everything with earthquakes is important to 58 and 85....
The Study of Earthquakes goes back to 585BC by "Thales of Miletus"=85..

Remember the Mexican earthquake this year happened exactly 585 days after Pope Francis visited Mexico. 
Pope Francis=58(rev red)

The story of Juan Carlos comes just days after we got the story of the Bishops in Chile Resigning...

lol seriously my mind is blown right now. For some reason earlier tonight I had the urge to watch the film "Encino Man". I have no idea why at all, it just popped in my head.....Anyway I just got up to pee and I noticed my girlfriend is sleeping on the couch so I could finally turn it on to watch it. I start the movie and it literally starts with an Earthquake scene...better yet the film came out on 5/22...which is today/yesterday(2:15 am right now on 5/23)....but it's the anniversary of the worst ever recorded earthquake that was in Chile. 
I'm still watching it and now there is another Earthquake that brings up the Caveman while he's digging up a pool in his backyard. 

You know thinking about it now too. I just recently watched "National Treasure" just because it was on TV. Remember my post with my Cuban Friend messaging me involved Keanu Reeves and Nicholas Cage...It's just crazy how random these things are and I don't even realize it until a day or so later sometimes.