Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Big Lewboski-Jeff BRIDGES-231 recaps

I just remembered the significance of Jeff Bridges to the death of Ralphie May...Just want to document him again in light of "Bridges" in case I forget and can find it easier. 
Ralphie May died 231 days after his bday of 
Cardiac Arrest=231(reverse). I put my video out about Fat Comedians on the 231st day of the year. 
The Big Lebowski=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Minnesota Vikings=231(reverse)
The guy from the Price is Right messaging me just before the Vegas shooting...
The Price is Right=231(Reverse)
One Hundred Fifty=231(reverse)
The Ben Franklin Bridge was built to honor the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence..The engineer was RALPH Modjeski. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150
The Big Lebowski hates the Fucking Eagles too. 

Angel Gabriel=231(Reverse)
A theme I talked a lot about for the first 6 months or so of 2017. 
Ariana Grande=231(reverse)....Concert Attack and days later we got the Attack on the Bridge...

A lot of the Ralphie May stuff was connected to the death of my Grandma as well...She was from Flintstone, Georgia just outside of Chattanooga where Ralphie May was from....My Grandma used to live on "Eagle" Street. I live right behind her house but my address isn't Eagle Street. 
I also had the synchronicity with Country Singer Kane Brown who is from Chattanooga around this same time...
Kane Allen Brown=231(reverse)
The Pilot episode of the Flintstones was called "The FLAGstones". Trump born on Flag Day...Philadelphia rumored to have sewn the first flag..
Think about Ralphie May as well....he was a STAND UP Comedian..STAND By seems a lot is about Standing and Kneeling...

The Big Lebowski released on 3/6 and is 117 minutes?
Bridge=36 and 117(Reverse)

Also Ralphie was a Fat Comedian and I showed the connections with 124 and Fat Comedians.....Jackie Gleason is the reason Lois Griffin's brother hates Fat people and kills them....Gleason was Ralph Kramden on the Honeymooners which was the inspiration for Fred Flintstone....Gleason also Minnesota Fats...
Jeff Bridges born on 12/4 and David Huddleston(other Big Lebowski) died 124 days before 12/4...

Paul McCartney wrote the song Blackbird..The song Manson said was telling blacks to rise up, which why we got the kneeling stuff again this year and the death of Manson. 
McCartney's bday is 231 days before Super Bowl 52....he sang the Halftime show in SB 39 as a safe bet after the Timberlake/Janet Jackson boob thing in SB 38.....SB 39 was the Patriots vs the Eagles. 

Natural Disasters=231(reverse)
Unnatural Disasters=124(rev red)

Two Hundred Thirty One=266
Think about how the mainstream media gave us the stories of Donald Trump calling out the Kneeling on 9/23 the 266th day....Pope Francis the 266th Pope went to the Whitehouse in 2015 on 9/23 came to America on his 923rd day as Pope and so on...
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope was on Trump's 70th bday(Flag Day)..
Donald J Trump=1,189(Jewish)
1,189 Chapters in the KJV. 
Key of David=1,189(Jewish)
Francis' visit was finished in Philadelphia on the Jesuit anniversary..the bible mentions the key of david in regards to the Church in Philadelphia...
Francis Scott Key....Francis Got Key.....

Trump met Pope Francis on 5/24/17...both jesuits synced up to each other in multiple ways connecting to the jesuits. 

The Minnesota Bridge collapsed replaces by the 
"Saint Anthony Falls Bridge"=231

Dutch=231(satanic)....Pennsylvania Dutch other Dutch stuff I talked about...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Carolina Panthers Employee kills kids and Jumps off a Bridge

Christina Treadway=81, 261(reverse)
How interesting the story involves a Bridge and the main person has gematria of 81. It was a "Highway Bridge"....
Highway Bridge=81
Eighty one=36(rev red)
Bridge=36(reduced) and 36(rev red)
Now wonder 81 is important to the bridge symbolism. 

Carolina Panthers Employee=117

Notice the children were ages 7 and 3...
Carolina=37 and 73

The father of the kids was out with his friends for the Eagles I mean why even write this in the article? Why just the Eagles and not the Falcons too?  Once again Philadelphia is the reason I even began talking about Bridges back in 2015...

Tomorrow 1+17+18=36
Would be a fitting day for a Bridge story....
1/ numerology of 36. 

Also interesting in regards to the Stock Market Crash stuff I've mentioned and US Bank Stadium....notice the Carolina Panthers play at Bank of America Stadium...
US Bank...Bank of America...
With the end date 1/17 is 81 days after the 88th anniversary of Black Thursday....
88 days after the 88th anniversary might be a day to look into as well....1/20 or 1/25...depending on Black Thursday or Tuesday...

Monday, January 15, 2018

Death of Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries-Why she died on MLK Jr. Day-Catholic/Jesuit connections-Warrington Bombings on 2/26/93-MLK Jr. connections to WTC

The lead singer of the Cranberries dies today. It's a fitting day for her to die as I talked about her on June 30th 2017 telling how she was connected to the Jesuits. 
Now she dies on 15/1 at the age of 46. 
Jesus Christ=151
Catholic=46 also 145(reverse)
Jorge Bergoglio=145(Current Pope...Francis' real name)
The Cranberries=145
The Troubles=46, 145(Conflict involving Warrington Bombs). 
Dolores Mary Eileen O'Riordan=145

Notice I made that video and blog post about her 199 days ago. 
199 is the 46th prime number. 

I only made the post because I got a comment on my How To Gematria Video that took me to a strange link of a cover of "Zombie". 
Notice I put my How to Gematria Video out on the 46th day of 2016. 

The video that the link took me to is also interesting. 
Zombie by Eywa=61, 151
Zombie Cover=61
Jesus Christ=151
God=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit=Cross=Christian=Church=Time=Miracle
Ha funny too...."Zombie"=29(rev red)
Jesus=29....comes back from the Dead. 

The last album The Cranberries released was called "Something Else". 
Something Else=61
Notice how the article highlights "Devastated"=61(rev red). 

Dolores O'Riordan also met Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict. 

She also dies 132 days (end date) after her bday. 
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

She dies 3 months 20 days(end date) after the Jesuit Anniversary. 
Notice the Warrington Bomb Attacks that Zombie was about came to an end on 3/20. 
Notice the second attack happened on Bridge Street too.....interesting in regards to the Bridge symbolism with the Super Bowl. 
Remember 3/20 to the Jesuit Anniversary is 191 days. 
Society of Jesus=191, 187(reverse)
The First Attack was on the same day the WTC bombing happened in 93' and it was 7 months 1 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
The bombings were done by the "Provisional Irish Republican Army"=187
The UDA retaliated on 3/24 which is 187 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Warrington Bomb Attacks=132=Catholic Church=Roman Catholic

Everything about Dolores was connected to the Catholics..
Dolores O'Riordan=88(rev red)
E Minor=88
Warrington, England=88
London=88(where she died). 
In the post I even talked about synchronicity with the show Archer in regards to the Pope and Assassination...It was Season 8 episode 8. 

Looking back at the reason that started me looking into the Cranberries I thought it was because I got the same message twice. It was actually 2 similar messages by different people. Both started off with "Hey Dan Behrendt" I love your Video is why I thought they were the same message. 

Also her death on Martin Luther King Jr. Day is fitting for a number of reasons. 
The Warrington Bombs were because the mostly Catholic IRA wanted to be independent from the United Kingdom...The Loyalists...the Church of England...the Protestants....think about Martin Luther King Jr. in regards to Martin Luther who supposedly created protestantism with his 95 Theses. Then later King Henry VIII left the Catholic Church because he couldn't get divorced. Remember Henry VIII was fully excommunicated by Pope Paul III who also created the Jesuits. 
King Henry VIII=191
Society of Jesus=191
Pope Paul III died on what would've been Martin Luther's 66th bday 11/10/1549.   
He was the 220th Pope...Pope Francis Bday is 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary...."Donald John Trump"=220(reverse)
Pope Paul died age 81...2 months 20 days is 81 days...Francis turned 81 which was 81 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
"London, England"=220(reverse)
Prince Charles=220(reverse)

South America=191(where Francis from..first Jesuit Pope)
Elizabeth II=191(reverse)
House of Windsor=191 and 187(reverse)

All of these people/things are just different sides of the same group.
United States of America=132(rev red)

Martin Luther King Sr. died age 84 in 1984.
MLK JR's real name is "Michael King Jr."=231(reverse)....
fitting for the Kneeling and "National Anthem"=231(reverse0
MLK Jr. connected to civil rights reminding us of the Civil War...thing about the IRA wanting to be it's own nation and what not. 
One last thought in regards to Martin Luther King Jr. Day...
Martin Luther King Jr.=93
Malcolm X=93
Both die age 39(refelection of 93). 
They only met 1 time on 3+26+64=93
King gave his final speech on the 93rd day at a Masonic Temple on 930 Mason Street. (Actually it was 4/3 but a leap year so the 94th day...still interesting). 

The Warrington Bomb Attacks happened in 93' the same day as the WTC bombing...2/26/93. 
Warrington Bombing=93
Two Hundred Twenty Six=93
Remember on 9/11 Flight AA:11 hit the 93rd to 99th floor. The second plane hit at 9:03...Also Flight 93. 
One World Trade Center=93
MLK JR. Died 9 months 11 days before his bday. 
Larry Silverstein=226 

Construction on the WTC began in 1968...the same year MLK Jr. died. Then it opened on 4/4/ the 5th anniversary of his death. He would've been 44 years and it was on 4/4. 
George Bush born 68 days before 9/11. 
1968 was 33 years before the 9/11 WTC attack...
North Tower=156(what was bombed in 93')
156th prime number is 911
Thirty Three=156
False Flag=33, 156
Magnusson Klemencic Associates=156(build the WTC)

King also would've turned 64 years old 44 days before the 93' WTC bombing too lol....
Civil Rights=64   Civil Rights Act passed in 64' by "Lyndon B Johnson"=64 and died age 64... and so on..
Cranberries-Warrington Bombings Youtube Video
Cranberries-Warrington Bombings Blog Post

Simpsons said, "It's a Miracle" right after I posted my last blog about "Miracle".

I really have to get some sleep, but I just posted about "Miracle". Right after I posted it I turned on SlingTv on my computer. I rolled over and closed my eyes to go to bed and I heard the TV say "It's a Miracle" was this Simpsons episode. 

I'll try and watch the episode when I get time, but interesting it mentions this guy being the Hobo and not Jim Carrey...
Notice he was born on 4/25....the same day Sasha Lakovic died and the day after Michael Mantenuto died....It also says he played in "A night at the museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". 

How interesting I turned on Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb on SlingTv....not the same movie but makes me wonder. I've never seen the Simpson's episode, the Film Miracle, or either of the Night at the Museums on this possibly a clue in these films. Not enough time to watch em all though. 

Viking kneel instead of kick extra point-"Miracle" reminds me of the death of the 2 "Miracle" actors in 2017.

This article was on my trending Yahoo articles. The Vikings "Kneel" instead of kicking the extra point...
Think about all of the kneeling stuff all year long. 
Also the big thing in the article was that the Saints were 5.5 point underdogs and only lost by 5 points. 
Stefon Diggs=55(rev red)

It's also funny they are calling the Diggs play a "Miracle" reminding us of the Music City Miracle stuff earlier. 
Remember earlier this year 2 actors from the film "Miracle" died. Notice the coach in the film was the coach at the University of Minnesota too. 

I'll look more at this tomorrow but I bet anything there is a big connection. The Miracle on Ice was all about the Soviet Union and the Olympics....think about how Russia can't participate in the Olympics and/or if they do they can't listen to their national anthem....(Kneeling symbolism)
Brother Berg's post on "Miracle"

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ford brings back the Ranger a Top Story on CNN

Just want to document this story. I've been saying the Cowboy Theme is most likely a big hint for the 2018 World Series. Possibly for the Texas Rangers. This story was a top story on CNN just now about Ford bringing the Ranger back. 

Space Cowboy Simpsons episode that aired after Super Bowl 39 in Jacksonville

Since the Steelers lost I figured I would see if the Jacksonville Jaguars were on anything connected to the Simpsons or Family Guy. Of course a connection to a Simpsons episode I documented about last year..This was the Super Bowl after the Janet Jackson boob incident too. When they had the Beatle perform..(Charles Manson stuff). 

I forgot Kid Rock also performed in SB 38 with Timberlake and Jackson...even had controversy about desecrating the FLAG with his outfit. 

Interesting Jacksonville was where Homer got to arrange the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl in the episode Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass....

This episode has the fireworks that put the Cowboy hat in the sky making us think of "Space Cowboy". 
Notice the episode aired the same day the Eagles lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl 39. SB 39 the only Super Bowl to be played in Jacksonville as well. 
The Bridge symbolism is heavy but I like I noted last year it doesn't always mean that team is gonna win. 

Space Cowboys came out on 8/1 too. lol how did I not see that before? 
Keifer Sutherland's father Donald in the film...Kiefer in Young Guns and so on...
Also the film is directed and produced and stars Clint Eastwood. 

I discovered some new stuff the other night that I haven't posted yet on the blog. Clint Eastwood stars in the Bridges of Madison County...Stand By Me important to the Train BRIDGE. Also STANDING not Kneeling.  
EdRod left a bunch of great comments about this. 
Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle-Space Cowboy Old Post
Just posting this here to find it the link above I mention Lindsay Lohan in the film Herbie....She's wearing the shirt with the Golden Gate Bridge and a Blood Moon on it......on 1/31 this year we will get the 1st blood moon since the Tetrad/Pope Francis visit to Philadelphia and so on..