Sunday, December 15, 2019

Newtown wins state title on Sandy Hook anniversary

This is hilarious....Newtown wins the state title of Sandy Hook's anniversary? 
Notice it was # 13 who caught the game winning pass..
It also gave them 13 points and their 13th win of the season. 
Sandy Hook=41
13th prime is 41. 

The team that lost now has a record of 11-2. 
Sandy Hook=112
Adam Lanza weighed 112 pounds and his bday is 4/22 which is the 112th day of the year. 
The QB in for Newtown was "Jack Street"=112

There was 3.3 seconds left in the game too? 
The score of 13-7....
33rd prime is 137
Adam Peter Lanza=137
Riley=33 and 137(FB)

They haven't won a championship since 1992 huh? The year that Adam Lanza was supposedly born...4/22/1992. 

Remember this is all part of the Batman/Joker narrative..Ravens...Pope Francis...Howard on the Lakers...the Marathon symbolism...

Friday, December 13, 2019

David Stern had a Brain Hemorrhage-2014 NBA Season-Clippers-Baltimore Clippers-Ravens-Marathon

David Joel Stern=220
This comes 2 months 20 days after his birthday. 

This story sticks out to me because the year David Stern retired was the year the Los Angeles Clippers were the big story involving Donald Sterling and Racism....Kawhi Leonard beat LeBron James in the NBA Finals and won the MVP...Kawhi now a Clipper.
 Los Angeles Clippers=81
Notice it was also 81 days after Stern's bday. 

There was a big narrative with Slaves trading and ships in 2014 too...David STERN leaves and Adam SILVER replaces him...Donald STERLING the Clippers owner. 

Also interesting this story comes the day before LeBron and the Lakers play the Miami Heat...the team LeBron was on in the 2014 NBA finals. 

It also came the night the Baltimore Ravens defeated the New York Jets on Thursday night football....
The Clipper ships were developed from a type of schooner known as Baltimore Clippers....also a famous Baltimore Clipper is the LYNX...which only stands out because this comes before the Clippers play the Minnesota T-Wolves...the WNBA team in Minnesota is the LYNX. 
It's even important to the War of 1812..where the National Anthem was written in Baltimore. 

I've also been saying most of the year that the Dwight Howard stuff is connected to the first "conspiracy" video that I put out in the video I talked about Edgar Allan Poe..Tamerlane..Timur...Baltimore...

I also wonder if this is why yesterday we were also getting a story talking about the MARATHON dragging on..
My first video about Dwight Howard also involved the Boston Marathon which was just after the Ravens won the Super Bowl and Pope Francis became the new Pope. 

Doesn't this headline also make you think of Nipsey Hussle too?....Marathon...The Marathon Continues...
Killed in Los Angeles...

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Michael Vick's Dog Fighting and Lamar Jackson beating his single season record-Charles Manson Blackbird

I was sitting here holding Alistair and figured I'd turn on the football game. I saw that Lamar Jackson beat Michael Vick's record which makes a lot of sense. Michael Vick played for the Atlanta Falcons...the other Blackbird team....before Super Bowl 50 I remember thinking the Carolina Panthers would win because of the racial stories building up in the media...I thought they might let a black quarterback and a team related to the black panthers win to fit with the racial stories.....
Then we got Colin Kaepernick kneeling the next season which was all about Charles Manson and Black people rising up...then the Falcons lost in the Super Bowl(Rise Up)..the song Blackbird is what he said was telling black people to rise it's interesting the Colin Kaepernick workout announcement came on Charles Manson's bday this Lamar Jackson beating Michael Vicks(Falcons) record....It would make sense if a Black QB did win the Super Bowl this year if this narrative continues. This is also the 50th Super Bowl of the modern era..connecting back to SB 50. 

Also the Beach Boys song that they copied from Charles Manson is on the Album called 20/20...Super Bowl 54 being played in 2020 on 2/2 is pretty interesting with this. 

Anyway I figured I would look at the Dog Fighting case with Vick...
Bad Newz Kennels=70
Dog Fighting=70
Notice how the Wiki page says over 70 dogs were seized..They can't write the exact number? it's laughable. 

Michael Vick's bday is also on the 177th day of the year. 

Monday, December 9, 2019

Actor Rene Auberjonois known for Star Trek dead age 79

René Auberjonois= 67

He died 6 months 7 days after his bday. 
Odo=67(FB)..character he played on Star Trek.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Paris Hilton says she wouldn't be shamed for her Sex Tape in #MeToo era-Princess Diana-Paris, France

I just went to and a headline story is that of Paris Hilton saying she wouldn't be shamed of her sextape in the #MeToo era. 
I just documented about her not even a week ago and now she's in the news? 

Interesting she mentions how she looked up to Princess Diana in this story...Diana died in PARIS, France. 
Sex Tape=36
This story comes 3 months 6 days after the anniversary of Princess Diana dying as well. 
It's also 97 days...
Paris Whitney Hilton=97

The sex tape was with Rick Salomon.
Rick Salomon=49
This story came 49 days before his bday..
49th prime is 227....the number special to France. 

Also interesting the Sex Tape begins with a tribute to 9/11/ stands out because that's what I have recently been writing about in the book. I was even doing so before I saw this article. 

Also interesting that I'm seeing this on 12/8 and South Park has an episode about Paris in the 12th episode of season 8. 

MeToo Era=38
Paris Hilton is 38 years old...

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Comment on my 11 video this morning about Tesla and 369(The KEY)

I wake up this morning to a comment on 2 of my videos. One of them of course is the video I made in regards to the number "11" that I just blogged about last night. 
It's also interesting as I mentioned "The Key" and this person keeps asking me about Tesla saying the Key to the universe is 369. 
One thing that has always stuck out to me about 369. 
By tripling each digit in order and reducing to numerology in order it gives you the 369 pattern. 
TJ 3+3+3=9

Ironically the word "Hermeticism"=369(Jewish) which is something that has been important to what I have been documenting about lately too. 

Maybe I am mistaken and the Key is actually 9 or 11....The 177 and Aurora just showing me to pay attention to this. I mean I was documenting about the 11's with 9/11 when this synchronicity started last night. 

It's no coincidence Tesla(band) remade the song "Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's signs" either. 

Maleficent on after my last blog post-Princess Aurora-177

I started writing again after my last blog post and I finally just looked up at the TV. Of course the first thing I see is the movie Maleficent and the lady saying Sweet AURORA. I have never seen this film so it's funny one of the main characters is named Aurora. 
Interesting the girl on the Ice Princess picture from my last blog has the same bday as Angelina Jolie of 6/4...
Angelina Jolie is also the former wife of Brad Pitt who is the Vampire Louie on Interview with the Vampire. 
The girl who plays Aurora is Elle Fanning who is in the film Super 8 that I mentioned not too long ago too. 

What's even funnier is that on 11/11 I blogged about synchronicity with the film "Takin Care of Business"=1111(Eng ext) was JJ Abrams first film..and I mentioned how I just talked about Super 8 killing Buffalo Wild Wings workers....
It's only funny because my last post began because I heard Eleven Eleven on the TV while documenting about the number 11 in the book. 

6/4 is 9/27 on the Ethiopian Calendar..

Charles Perrault=177(wrote Sleeping Beauty)
Princess Aurora=177
I wrote these back in November 2016 when a shooting happened next to where I lived in Des Moines Iowa...on Aurora street. 
Princess Aurora Blog Post

The movie that was on before Malecifent was the Wizard of Oz too..not sure if that' significant. 

A new Malecifent movie came out on 10/18/19 as well...Like I said, I have never watched this film and I really don't want to...maybe someday. The key is Aurora and 177 it seems.