Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mein Kampf-Society of Jesus-88, 191, 187

I just looked up Mein Kampf. I can't believe I never noticed this before. 
Mein Kampf=88 also 191(Jewish)
HH=88 Heil Hitler
Society of Jesus=191, 187(reverse)
Notice Mein Kampf published on 18/7. 
Adolf Hitler=187(reverse)

Published in English(abridged) 8 years 88 days(end date) after it came out in Germany. 

I can't believe I didn't notice this for the fact that HH is what got me started on Gematria. 
I learned that Nazi's used the number 88 because H=8 H=8 (Heil Hitler). I didn't even know it was called gematria until later.  I started applying it to license plates and background things in movies and my own life. Then shortly after someone told me to check out Zach's channel as he was showing how the media was coded this way. Most revealing thing I've ever learned in regards to truth. Thankful, I just wish more people could or cared to see it too. 


  1. Thanks dan for sharing this knowledge itss undeniable that gemertia is the real deal

  2. Thanks dan for sharing this knowledge itss undeniable that gemertia is the real deal

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  4. Almost forgot.....My brother-in-law was a minister at Rosebud Native American Reservation where Bob Barker was originally from and I would later work in Springfield MO as a TV meteorologist where Barker grew up. "T"