Thursday, August 31, 2017

Prince's sister says his favorite color was actually Orange not Purple

Prince's favorite color was Orange and not Purple according to his sister? 
Prince=34(red rev)
Orange=33 of course. also 60, 102(reverse)
Nigger=60, 102(reverse) 
Civil War began on 102nd day and so on. 
Get the joke of Orange is the new black now? 

His sister says this because of his Orange Cloud Guitar. 
Orange Cloud Guitar=97

Remember how last year I said Jim Irsay buying Prince's Yellow Cloud Guitar was significant to the Indians being in the World Series? I kept saying how it was connected to the Omaha Indians and the town I live in killed Chief Yellowsmoke reminding us of Yellow Cloud. Prince was super connected to the WS, died on the 112th day of the year, the simpsons killed him on 11/2, Vanity died 112 days before his bday, 112th WS that came to and end in the early hours of 11/2. 
Yellow Cloud Guitar=223=Curse of the Billy Goat

Just makes me wonder about the Twins in regards to Prince's connection to Minnesota. 
Minnesota Twins=60, 183(reverse)
Orange=60, 183(Jewish)

Tyka Evene Nelson=187
Orange Cloud Guitar=191
Society of Jesus=191, 187(reverse)
Born in 60' 
She reached #33 on the Billboards? 
Orange=33, 60

His sister talked about his upcoming exhibit in London. 

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