Saturday, September 7, 2019

Antonio Brown signs with the Patriots and the connections to the 2016 NFL things I was documenting

Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr=98
New England Patriots=98
Tom on..
I think this is a riddle with the Packers winning the first game of the season 10-3. 
Notice this story comes 10 months 3 days before Antonio Brown's bday. 
Brown had all the controversy with the Los Angeles Raiders....The Packers won the first Super Bowl in Los Angeles over the Chiefs....but they won Super Bowl II in Miami over the Raiders. Notice Brown is also from Miami where Super Bowl 54 will be held. 

Remember the Packers were the team Colin Kaepernick knelt against when the controversy began as well. 
Also remember how I had synchronicity with the Clay Matthews/Packers at Cheers back on 3/22? I've wondered about this connection for a while now...
Green Bay Packers=150
All the other stuff was about 150 in that post..
The first game of the NFL season was 150 days before the Super Bowl...
It's the 150th MLB season..
World Series=150
Super Bowl LIV=150
Remember too how Geronimo Allison was important to the game with Kaepernick and the Nebraska Cornhuskers..
Lincoln Nebraska=150
Samuel Foltz=150.....he died in Wisconsin..
Kaernick from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...
Dolphins/Packers Geronimo Allison
Dolphins/Packers Alpha/Omega 2016
I know that this narrative is connected to my 2016 stuff with my Uncle dying and the Dolphins...I mentioned the Packers a bunch in regards to this stuff...

Especially with my sync at Cheers with the Packers being 3 months 18 days before Antonio Brown's bday and 318 days before the Super Bowl...Remember 318 and 166 were the big numbers with my Uncle/Dolphins/God and so on..
Notice it's also 10 months 12 days...which was also important to the Knights of Columbus and why the Dolphins were important. 
Antonio Brown=318(Franc Baconis)

Brown also born on the 191st day and wears # 84....
Green Bay Packers=84....both numbers important to the Jesuits...

Zach pointed out that first game was also 103 days(end date) after the anniversary of Bart Starr's death...Starr was the MVP of the Super Bowl 1 and 2. Without the end date it was 3 months 10 days too. 

Think about the score of the first NFL game this season also being the Bears losing 3 to 310...the number important to the Lion theme and more recently too. 
I can't imagine the Lions being in the Super Bowl, but who knows...I bet something significant may happen with the Lions to watch for though..Look at the links above, I also mention the Lions...the Book of Daniel 10:12..


  1. He was fined $215,000 by the Raiders

  2. Did you hear about the mlb game being played in Iowa next year at the field of dreams site? 8/13/2020