Saturday, September 7, 2019

73 year old Indian Woman gives birth to Twins story the same day the Indians played the Twins

We get a story about an Indian woman age 73 giving birth to Twins today....Notice that today the Indians played the Twins in baseball too...oh the odds. 

The only game that had a score of 7-3 today was the Tigers vs the A's. It was a made up game from 5/19....I'm not sure why but it still says the game is live on I'm writing this at almost 2:30 says the game will start at 8:15 eastern which it would be 3:30am now on the east coast. 
Detroit the team who Rocky Colavito was traded to...the A's important to the Earthquake series/Field of Dreams...

It's also interesting in regards to a story about TWINS, which is a major theme I documented about in 2017. I have been writing in this book tonight and literally every single part is about the year 2017 and the jesuits. The Twins and the Yankees were important this very code and it's why they played each other in the wild card game that year. The Yankees won 8-4..."Minnesota Twins"=84=Jesuit
New York Yankees=191=Society of Jesus

Remember the Astros went on the win that world series though..
The Astros got their 92nd win of the season tonight over the Mariners..

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