Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hells Gate Flash Floods in Kenya-The Lion King-Texas Oil-Laremy Tunsil trade

I am so tired I can't hardly think, but I see this story and have to document it. Flash Floods in Kenya's Hell's Gate....where the Lion King setting is based off? Remember the Ethiopian Airline crash was going to Kenya connected to all the LION symbolism...Obama said he was the Lion King and his dad is Kenya and more..

I'm also pretty sure all the Texas stuff recently is part of the OIL theme I've mentioned. Houston...Oil...The recent Texas shooting and the Laremy Tunsil/Clowney trades with Houston...
Laremy Tunsil...drafted to the Dolphins in 2016...the year SB 50 was in Houston...remember how the Dolphins were important to that Super Bowl and my uncle dying....think how Houston has been important and the Super Bowl this season is in Miami. 

Kevin Hart injures his back on 9/1..

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  1. It's crazy man. The day I take my kids to see Lion King this happens. The movie released in JULY!! I knew we'd get a drowning theme yesterday for how it was interconnected with the Mt Everest stuff. The next 50 date will be September 7th. It's the 250th day.