Sunday, September 22, 2019

Vince Carter re-signs with the Atlanta Hawks for a record 22 seasons in the NBA

I was thinking about the Justin Trudeau blackface stuff that was important to the Like Mike film...In the shoe blowout game he is playing the Toronto Raptors and Vince Carter is also the best player for the Raptors on that team..I figured I'd look up Vince Carter and apparently he just re-signed with the Hawks for a 22nd and record breaking season. He will be the first person to play 22 seasons in the NBA? 
It's funny this comes after the Raptors win the NBA Finals too. 
The Raptors also remind me of Tracy McGrady who is connected to the Rockets and Yao Ming as well...Plus Dwight Howard played for the Hawks after the Rockets....

I'll have to keep an eye on some of these things...of course Vince Carter is 42 years old right now too...which we know what that means in regards to black people...thinking about the blackface stuff. 

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