Monday, September 9, 2019

Fresh Prince actor John Wesley dies-Royal Family Symbolism-Prince Charles/Lebron James Francis Bacon Gematria finds

As much as I have talked about Queen Elizabeth/ King Charles this past year it's interesting we get the death of this guy...I've said since 2015 that Philadelphia and the Fresh Prince were important to Prince Charles becoming the King and now we get this death..
John Wesley=134
King Charles III=134
He died on 9/7...

He dieds 68 days before Prince Charles bday too. 
Prince Charles=68

I wonder if there is something important connected to Wilt Chamberlain too as a long time ago I pointed out he was from Philadelphia and died in Bel Air. 
Plus Kobe Bryant was important to that narrative and think how LeBron James is important to King Charles....Maybe someone will break Kobe's 81 points in a game this season or something of the sort? 
I just realized another connection to LeBron and Prince Charles..
Prince Charles=183(FB)
LeBron James=183
LeBron's bday is 1 months 16 days after Charles. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=220(FB)
Prince Charles=220


  1. Only a matter of time before Kevin Bacon comes up in the news. Been on to this 2020 great conjunction code with the numbers 174 & 471. Kevin Bacon = 174 reverse ordinal. He did the spoof of the tom petty song free falling on August 30th 2016. He kept repeating "horses" then Tom Petty dies the day after the Vegas shooting which was heavy on the horse code. A Paddock is a horse enclosure.

  2. Lol, just saw this. Tom Petty = 134 ordinal

  3. From Katie Sowers birthday 8/13/19 to SB 54 2/2/2020 is 174 days
    She is an assistant coach for San Francisco (also LGBTQ)
    Narrative for NFL is Empowering Women it seems. I think SF is going to SB