Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"Twilight" Vampire Theme today-Kristen Stewart can't hold hands with GF-Robert Pattinson mad about Batman Leak-Kirsten Dunst gets no respect-Ariana Grande story on 9/3-Nike Mac Miller

A "Twilight" theme in the media today...Kristen Stewart can't hold hands with her girlfriend..then just below a story of Robert Pattinson mad about people finding out he was going to be "Batman". 
Remember how all of this was important to France/Donald Trump in the Helicopter at the Iowa State Fair....Also the Aurora shooting on 2/15....
Twilight=215(FB) and 215(rev FB)

Twilight is an interesting word in itself as it's the same front and back on many of the ciphers...
In regards to my son being born 93 days before Aleister Crowley's anniversary of dying...
Aleister Crowley=215(reverse)
Just mentioning this because today is 9/3 and I forgot to put that in here I think.

I almost forgot I started a blog post the other day and never posted it about Kirsten Dunst too....remember she is Claudia on Interview with the Vampire..She gets killed by the other vampires in FRANCE...Lestat from New Orleans and so on..
Notice the lady who reported on the Dunst and Pattinson story is Lisa Vespers FRANCE as well. 

Plus the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme that has been ongoing is important to these stories....Vampire theme....
Buffy was trolled with Dean Cain who was Superman...Trump said he was Batman on Ben Affleck's bday in 2015..then later Affleck was Batman in Batman vs Superman..

This story comes 8 months 10 days before Robert Pattinson's next bday as well....810...8/10...Slipknot Iowa State Fair...

This story comes 7 months 7 days before Kristen Stewart's bday..
Kristen Jaymes Stewart=77

It's funny that she's in the film "Into the Wild" as well. I've always thought the main character in that film looked similar to Robert Pattinson. 

Robert Pattinson=80

Notice the story about Ariana Grande above all of these too...
Today is 9/3..
Ariana Grande=93
Born in 93..
Manchester Arena broke ground in 93'. 
Mac Miller died a few days after Nike supports Colin Kaepernick on 9/3 and Roseanne says she's moving to Israel..
Nike all about "Saturn"=93
Colin Rand Kaepernick=93
Mac Miller had the song "Nikes on my Feet". 

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  1. Victor Hugo has a book called 93 set around the Reign of Terror in France 1793, that will be 227 years ago next year. There is a region of Paris called Quatre-vingt-treize (93) which is featured in the movie La Haine, it's where most immigrants in Paris are housed. Thanks for your blog BTW.