Sunday, September 8, 2019

4 Missing on Cargo Ship-More Synchronicity from Last Night-Jackson Browne in regards to Jackson, Brown making history against the Miami Dolphins

This is just even more funny to me. Just before the part about my neighbor last night, I wrote about the missing soldier on the USS Shiloh and the 7 missing soldiers on the USS Fitzgerald. Now today I go to CNN and there is a story about 4 people missing on a Cargo Ship. I didn't really think about it until now, but we also had that recent boat fire off the California coast too. 
I'm gonna have to go back and look at Edrods information as we was talking a lot about Container ships with the Philadlephia boat drug bust only a few months back...

The boat fire was on the boat called Conception..
It's interesting this new story comes on 9/8 which is when the Virgin Mary was supposedly born...thinking about the FATHER symbolism with the Priests and Howard was all about the number 624 which is important to John the Baptist and the connection to the Annuciation of Jesus. 

The ship from today is called the Golden Ray..
Golden Ray=153(FB)
Think about this in regards to the Vesica Piscis and the womb....Virgin Mary...The number 153 is said to be a reference to the Vesica it creates the shape of the Jesus Fish...Jesus catches 153 fish and so on...
It's the first Sunday of the NFL season that is also important to the Vesica Piscis and the shape of the football...

Hmm...all this stuff with 2017 was really important to my girlfriend being pregnant and the Virgin Mary too...
6/3 is also the 153rd day of the year....63 was a big piece to the Father/Jesuit code/Price is Right/Vegas attack...

Cargo Ship=48

So I wondered what the score of the Miami Dolphins game was today in relation to this...The Vesica Piscis important to Pisces and the Age of Aquarius that I mentioned with the Dolphins...
Sure shit there is an article about the Ravens making history against the Dolphins in the home opener...The way the article is written also stands out to me in regards to going to the bar last night. This older guy who just started working there...but we've known forever was there still was even brought up that me and him were both Miami Dolphins fans...he started playing a bunch of Jackson Browne songs on the Jukebox about putting everyone to sleep....I can't remember all the songs...but I know one of them was called "Cocaine"..
It's just hilarious...think how they wrote this headline..."Jackson, Brown make history in Ravens Opener". 
Jackson Browne=150
Super Bowl LIV=150
Super Bowl held in Miami this year...

Terry Fouts=50(guy at bar)
Dan Behrendt=50