Sunday, September 22, 2019

Calvin Johnson smoke "Pot" during NFL Career-Detroit Lions

This story caught my attention a second ago. Calvin Johnson smoke "Pot" while playing in the NFL. 
Notice how the article goes on to mention Rosenburg asking Johnson if it was a coincidence him and Barry Sanders both retired from the lions age 30. 
Calving Johnson=69

Calvin Johnson=310(FB)
Remember the LION theme was super important to 310...There is a person that has been telling me they think the Lions will be in the Super Bowl...We will see as the season moves along how the theme syncs up. The Lions were important in 2016 when the Dolphins symbolism was huge..Age of Aquarius and so on...Super Bowl 54 in Miami...the Lions have never been to a Super Bowl....
The Lions were in a TIE the first game of the season with the Cardinals...

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  1. Lions tied Cardinals 27/27=54 SB54, f you havent mentioned it