Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Synchronicity with my TV-Rams-Wolf, Vampire, Witches..Halloween?

I just went back and added a point about Ramesses II also being the pharaoh who chased Moses in regards to the Ram symbolism. I was looking at my post about Cecil B. DeMille and the 10 Commandments and it mentioned the Covington High School stuff. I started looking at that post and was trying to figure out where I can place that info for it to make sense and I hear the TV say "Ramsey". I got up and took a picture, then I sit down and I hear the guy start talking about the "Coven"...it's some Wife Swap episode....
It's just funny as the Covington High School stuff we even mentioned the Coven....
I'm just wondering as the Rams stuff was really important to Teen Wolf...Werewolf...The Buffy Stuff important to Vampires....Coven...important to Witches....All of this reminds me of Halloween....Remember the 310/Buffy Stuff was important to Ethiopia which is where the Ark of the Covenant is held supposedly..(10 commandments)..
Maybe I will start seeing a "Witch" theme...or some other Monster type theme? 


  1. Ethiopia adopted its current flag on Halloween 1996. The Flag has a pentagram/pentacle on it. "Halloween" and "Pentagram" match in all four base ciphers. Venus is currently an evening star which I imagine would make a witch happy. Venus passes thru the golden gate on Halloween in heliocentric astrology. Venus makes the pentagram.

  2. The moon also passes through the Golden Gate that day as well.

  3. Hey Airman,
    Love your work! What is the best way to communicate with you?

    1. Hey just now seeing this. I'm on YouTube as Bobby Simpson