Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bruce Bochy's record of 1995-2019 on 9/9/2019-Pirates Tie Symbolism-Earthquake-Royal Family

My friend Cody tagged me in this on Facebook a few minutes ago. I guess after yesterday's game Bruce Bochy has a record of 1995-2019 and he became a manager in 1995 and it's 2019. 

Once again Francis Bacon gematria is important as this game happened 220 days before his bday. 
Bruce Bochy=202(FB) and 220(rev FB)
San Francisco=202
Notice the score of the game was also 6 to 4 and he is currently 64 years old. 

It's also interesting as my friend Cody butt dialed me yesterday afternoon and I called him back last night. I ended up talking to him for a while and telling him all about gematria stuff. He is the person who encouraged me to write this book, or at least gave me the final inspiration I needed to do so. I also accidentally snapchatted him the other night with the info about going to the bar and my old neighbor. I only meant to send it to my friend Sturgill, but I sent it to him as well. 
I was telling him last night though, how I think there is something symbolic about 9/19/19 and synced up to the King and Queen symbolism. He then told me it was crazy as his coworker was telling him earlier in the day that they named their kids "King" and "Queen". 
Prince Charles=220

I'm just wondering as Bobby messaged me on Facebook about the Lions and the Cardinals first game being a TIE. He also reminded me that 9/19/19 is International Talk like a PIRATE day...Remember how World LION day was 1 month 9 days before 9/19/19...A lot of stuff is connected to 2016 in which the Pirates and the Cubs were important to "Tie" Symbolism...
Tie=67(Franc Baconis)
The 19th prime is 67
Elizabeth's 67th anniversary being the Queen..

My friend who tagged me..
Cody Green=190(Franc Baconis)
King Charles=190
Cody is also a Cubs Fan...

The Cubs are playing the Cardinals on 9/19..
Interesting the Indians are playing Detroit that day...think how the curse of Rocky Colavito is connected to King Charles and the number 624 too. 

The Pirates play the Mariners who have been important to the symbolism this year too....I'll have to pay attention to the games this day..

How funny too in Francis Bacon..
It was the big number connected to the Cubs in 2016..
San Francisco Giants=114

The NFL game that day is the Titans vs the Jaguars too...It wasn't too long ago I mentioned the Titans/Giants and the Titanomachy/Gigantomachy..Earthquakes...

Giants did the tribute to the Earthquake series on 8/11..

Also notice that Bruce Bochy is from FRANCE of all places. He is one of 8 major leaguers to be born in France....He also was a high school teammate of Darrell Hammond...the guy famous for being on Saturday Night Live? 
Darrell Hammond=190(FB)
He was born on Oct. 8th..or 10/8 or 8/10..
Saturday Night Live=810(satanic)

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