Thursday, September 5, 2019

Record Store find Kurt Cobain's Royalty Check-Flipper theme from 2016/2017

First thing I notice about this story is that it comes on 9/5. 
He died on the 95th day of the year. 
He died 95 days before Courtney Love's bday on 7/9. 
Also the check dated on 3/6/1991...of course the 65th day of the year. 
Kurt Donald Cobain=65
Dave Grohl=65
Foo Fighters=65
Krist Novoselic=65...born in 65'. 
Remember the story in 2017 about Kurt's daughter being in a legal battle with her over Kurt's guitar? 
Frances Cobain=65
Isaiah Silva=65

The check was from..."Broadcast Music Inc"=114
Kurt Cobain=114
Dave Grohl born on 1/14.
Notice it says Kurt's Address was 114 N Pear too. 

Today is 6 months 1 day before the anniversary of that check...
It was found by "Matt Vaughan"=61
Easy Street=61
Royalty Check=61

I can't help but think this is a story I'm supposed to see. They used to be my favorite band or up my connection to 9/ in 2016/2017 they were important to Flipping the Script with the band "FLIPPER" that I was documenting about...
Notice how the article tells us they "Flipped" through every page before the check fell out.
Remember how all of that Flipping stuff involved the number 166? 
Kurt Cobain=166(Francis Bacon) and 310(rev Franc Baconis)

I wonder about Krist Novoselic as well considering his bday is 5/16(516) and he turned 54 years old...
Nirvana was all about Valentines/Love...
Remember how Kevin HART was important in 2015 with the Teen Wolf/Love stuff as well. 
Love Buzz...Courtney Love...
4/5....Valentines the 45th day...

Flipper also important to 9/11. 

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