Thursday, September 5, 2019

Amazon and T-Rex theme going on today-Margaret?-Prince Charles brother born on 3/10

Earlier today at work the owner of the store came up and asked me if she had a package from Amazon. I told her that nothing came in, and she was surprised because she thought her package from Amazon should have been here today. 
A few minutes later I got a spammed text saying they were Linda from Amazon...

Now I'm home and I go to CNN and they are running a story about Amazon apologizing for shipping Margaret Atwood's new book early?...

Margaret Atwood=213(FB)
This story comes 2 months 13 days before her bday. 
Notice it's 74 days as well...
The book was called "The Testaments"=74


A side synchronicity/pattern as I'm writing this up too is about T-Rex...
All day I was seeing people post this story of a maid of honor dressing up as a T-Rex for a wedding...then next to the Amazon story, I see a story about T-Rex having a built in air I was writing this up, my son brought me this fingerling T-Rex toy and my daughter started yelling that a T-Rex isn't a dinosaur lol. 
I have no idea what I'm supposed to see with this...I know that "Fingerling" was important to the PINK symbolism a while back..

She posted about her T-Rex outfit at the wedding on 8/10. 
This story out of Omaha, Nebraska as well...
T-Rex Costume=163...the 38th prime
Omaha=38 and 213(satanic)
Not the same....but still interesting as much as I've mentioned in regards to Lincoln and the Cornhuskers....
8/10 is the 222nd day..
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222

She must be into Astrology as well...

I'm also thinking about the Raptors winning the NBA Finals..Funny as my uncle Freddy took me to see Jurassic Park in the theaters years ago...we sat front row and I remember how scary the T-rex part was...
My uncle Freddie born on 8/10...oddly enough my dad was telling me not too long ago that his sister Margaret(above) was born on 8/11...Freddie and her were in the same class although Freddie was 1 year 1 day older than her.....Also yesterday we were talking about a coworker who's nickname is "Margaret" and the next person to walk into the store was my aunt Margaret's husband Chuck. I haven't seen either one of them in a long time, so it was odd. The last I remember is that she worked at the airport in Omaha too, but maybe not anymore? 
Maybe it's something to do with my video about Princess Margaret from 2015 too? 

Thinking about Princess Margaret, it made me look up Prince Charles siblings. 
Interesting Prince Edward born on 3/10....and Princess Anne born on the anniversary of Napoleon's bday..the 227th day..
Princess Anne=189(FB)

In regards to Amazon too...I was going to post this a while back but I got sidetracked and forgot....isn't it funny the Amazon rainforest is burning stories coming up in the same year Amazon creator Jeff Bezo's gets a divorce? 
Plus think about how many people have Roku and Amazon FIRE Sticks/TV and so on..

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