Thursday, September 19, 2019

Justin Trudeau wears Brownface/Blackface synced up to Ralph Northam-Lil Bow Wow-Like Mike

This news came 228 days after the Ralph Northam Blackface story...
Arabian Nights=228

There were a ton of stories yesterday that were connected to the number 39...
I saw Zach pointed out 9+18+2+0+1+9=39
Remember the Blackface stuff in Virginia was super connected to Lil Bow Wow and Like Mike...Bow Wow born on 3/9. 
Like Mike=39
Blue Devils=39...the 39 year old Justin Fairfax story came 39 days before March Madness..

I think it's funny as well as today my boss put a new brand of cigarettes out called "Chesterfield". I mentioned how it reminds me of the film Lady Bugs and Rodney Dangerfield as his character is Chester....but the orphanage on Like Mike is called Chesterfield too. Possibly nothing, but worth noting..

This story comes 193 days after Bow Wow's bday on 3/9. 
Shad Gregory Moss=193(his real name)
The 44th prime is 193
Lil Bow Wow=44

In the film Like Mike, he has the shoe blowout in the game against the Toronto Raptors as well. The Canadian team that just won the NBA finals...

Brownface=48, 42
Justin Trudeau=48

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