Sunday, September 22, 2019

Alligator found in a pond at a Michigan Junior High-Jim Harbaugh and Michigan Wolverines loss to Wisconsin

This story cracks me up as Michigan just had a huge loss to Wisconsin yesterday. It's all being blamed on Jim Harbaugh and so on..
Remember when Harbaugh first came to Michigan they beat the Florida GATORS in the Citrus Bowl. Last year Michigan lost to the Florida Gators in the Peach Bowl. 

Michigan also beat the Gators in a bowl game when Tim Tebow was the QB at Florida. This is hilarious because the Junior High team was called the Broncos. 
The Denver Broncos are the team Tebow is mostly known for playing with. In regards to Michigan losing to Wisconsin...the Broncos lost to the Green Bay Packers(Wisconsin) in today's game. 

Denver Broncos=64
Jim Harbaugh=64
Florida Gators=64
In the new rankings too, notice how Florida and Wisconsin are 8th and 9th now after the Michigan loss. 

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