Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Eli Manning Benched for Daniel Jones-Patriots 16-0 season and loss to the Giants

We got a story today about the Giants benching Eli Manning. It's funny as there has also been a lot of talk that the Patriots could go 16-0 again. Remember Eli Manning and the Giants upset that 2007 team in the Super Bowl. 

You have to appreciate the picture above making sure we see the number 108 because of Eli and Jones numbers. 
This story comes 108 days before Eli's birthday. 
Daniel Jones=108

To further laugh at it, it comes 8 months 10 days before Jones' bday. 
Like the number 8 and 10 or 10 and 8. 

Plus Eli is currently 38 years old..
New York=163(FB)...the 38th prime number. 
The Patriots were in their 38th NFL season when the Giants upset them in 2007. 

Also interesting this is a headline story right now on Espn...I have been writing all about the Rams and the Jacksonsville shooting still in the book...now RAMsey wants traded? 

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