Sunday, September 1, 2019

Interesting connections to my son Alistair's birth

My son has a lot of interesting numbers with his birth. 
Alistair Addie Behrendt=266(FB), 923(Satanic), 188
It wasn't even planned this way, but it's funny with the 9/23 connection to the 266th Pope who went to the Whitehouse on the 266th day(9/23). 
Bavarian Illuminati=188
In regards to the connections to my girlfriend with 117...I don't see that connection with him...however...he was born 9 months 8 days after my girlfriends bday. 
Alistair Addie Behrendt=98

Alistair Behrendt=165..a number we've associated with "Scottish Rite"=165
I think this is funny as he was born at 4:44pm
Masonic=444=Jesus=Cross and so on..
The Pope gave a speech on Abe Lincoln's lectern in Philadlephia beginning at exactly 4:44. 

He wasn't necessarily named after Aleister Crowley either. I came home one day and my girlfriend and daughter suggested we name the baby Alistair. I laughed about it as I had covered the importance of Aleister Crowley's 72nd anniversary of dying coming up this I've been telling people it's about Crowley, but it's not exactly after him. 
Anyway how interesting my son was born 93 days(end date) before the anniversary of Aleister Crowley's death...
Think about Thelema/Crowley and 93. 

Plus he was born 72 days(end date) before my bday...
Notice also 2 months 11 days...
I never really thought about too much until now, but the new house we moved into in June has a 211 address. It's also on 11th street.(Funny with all the 11 this year). 

72 demons of the Goetia..
72 names of God...
31/8....318 is the "God" number...

As much as I've documented about 310 too...I'm sitting here and I realized my other son was born 310 days before my girlfriends bday. 
Zamien Behrendt=72 and 72(rev red)