Friday, September 6, 2019

Simpsons episode titled "Little Big Girl" where Lisa lies about being Native American-Elizabeth Warren

I'm sitting here writing still and I stop and look up at the tv for a few minutes. It's an episode of the Simpsons in which Lisa fakes that she comes from native american heritage for a school presentation. 
I'm just interested by this as it reminds me somewhat of Elizabeth Warren claiming that she is native american. Remember how the Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump would become president before Lisa Simpson too. 
I haven't really looked much into the candidates or the election currently, but I want to document this in case Elizabeth Warren would happen to become the next president. 
Notice it's season 18 episode 12 too, which reminds me of the War of 1812/Native Americans. 

This comes 77 days(end date) after Warren's bday. 
Elizabeth Warren=77
Without the end date it's 76 days...
Donald John Trump=76, 220
Little Big Girl=220(FB)

It's also 209 days after Warren announced she was running for president...
Little Big Girl=209 and 83

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