Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mariners became 1995-2019 since 1995 the same day Bruce Bochy's record Became 1995-2019 since 1995

Sam sent me a message about this earlier. Yesterday after the Mariners won over the Reds their record became 1995-2019 since 1995. I just documented about Bruce Bochy last night having a record of 1995-2019 and began coaching in 1995....he did it after a game against the Pirates. 
I mentioned how the Pirates were important to the "Tie" symbolism in 2016....remember the REDS were important as the last time before 2016 there was a TIE it was the Reds vs the Astros in 2005. I mentioned this same narrative with the Yasiel Puig trade earlier this year too. 

I even talked about the Pirates playing the Mariners on 9/19 as it is International talk like a Pirate day....

It would be funny if the Atlanta Braves make the World Series considering the emphasis on 1995 and they won over the Indians that year. 
Plus all the Angel symbolism connected to Angels in the Outfield that came out the summer of the MLB Strike...Also the Lion King came out that summer too. 
Atlanta Braves=215
Interesting in Francis Bacon..
Atlanta Falcons=239
I just wrote about this last night in regards to the Flag symbolism and the War of 1812 connected to Colin Kaepernick. It was symbolic enough with the Atlanta Falcons, but even better with Atlanta too. 
The Braves were also the team the Indians last won a world series over in 1948. 
Think how the Indians are playing Detroit on 9/19 in connection to Rocky Colavito...It's also 1 month 9 days after Colavito's bday...9/19/19..I can't help but think of the Rock symbolism that has been ongoing as well...David and Goliath..that I mentioned in the previous post...

Love how the Mariners got that record above to with a score of 4-3. 
Kyle Seager=54
His Homerun in the 8th is when the Mariners took the lead..
The game was 54 days before his birthday..
Baseball=54=MLB...54 outs...

The Mariners were important to the No Hitters with the Angels and Astros as well. It's funny as I said at the beginning of the year they were a team to watch for, but of course they are just a guide for the narrative like stuff from years past. 

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