Friday, September 6, 2019

Some interesting finds in regards to Francis Bacon and Franc Baconis-Pope Francis Visit to the US

I'm writing more in this book, and I've been mostly talking about the Jesuit/Priest stuff from 2017. 

Anyway I was typing in phrases again to see the Francis Bacon connections and found some interesting things. 

Knights of Columbus=215
I recently mentioned "Aleister Crowley"=215 and his bday being on Columbus day...
Washington DC=215(FB)
Geometry=215(FB and rev FB)
Euclid=215(rev Franc Baconis)

Freemason=191(Franc Baconis)
Julius Caesar=191(FB)
Society of Jesus=239(rev FB) and 191
Illuminati=239(Franc Baconis)
George Washington=239(FB)
Vatican=139(FB) and 145(rev FB)

Pope Francis=227(rev FB)..the FRANCE number. 
That's why his visit to the US was so important in the 239th year of the US arriving on the anniversary of the French Republic and leaving on the Society of Jesus anniversary. 
God=52(FB)...Pope=52=President=White House=Government=Kabbalah=Gematria...52nd prime is 239. Remember how 52 days after Pope Francis arrived in the US we got the Paris France attack too...
Paris, France=239(rev FB)
Remember how Nascar is synced up to France and important to the numbers 52 and 56...which is why I think 56 days after 8/11 might be super significant...10/6..

Pope=82(rev FB)
Pope Francis is currently 82 years old..
His bday is a span of 82 days after the Jesuit annivesary. 

United States=312(Franc Baconis)
312 was a big number in connection to the Jesuits..
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312

Catholic Church=262(Franc Baconis) and 184(FB). 
This is interesting as I had all the synchronicity with Priests because of my daughter...
Claire Bobbi Jo Cowgill=184
I also mentioned how Father Paul was a jesuit and died 184 days after his bday...
Diocese of Des Moines=184
Freemasonry=184(rev Franc Baconis)

The word "Queen"=88(FB) which adds to how "Elizabeth"=88 and Trump's national convention 88 days after her bday coming out to We are the Champions. 

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