Wednesday, September 11, 2019

OIL legend T. Boone Pickens dead age 91-Zach's hacked Skype on Gematria Effect

I've recently been mentioning how there seems to be a bunch of symbolism pointing to the importance of OIL....Now today we get the death of an OIL Legend named T Boone Pickens? 
He died on 9/11...think about the war in Afghanistan and then for no reason we invaded Iraq...many people believe it's about OIL..something I even mentioned in my video with the death of Anthoine Hubert. 
I like how he died age 91 on 9/11/19 too....911 front and back. 

Notice he died 8 months 11 days before his bday too. Also 254 days...9/11 is the 254th day of the year. 
T Boone Pickens=226(FB)
Remember the 2/26..1993 WTC attack...
Two Hundred Twenty Six=93
Thomas Boone Pickens=93
Flight 93..
Flight 11 hit floors 93 to 99..
Flight 175 hit at 9:03am. 
One World Trade Center=93
The Sun is supposedly 93 million miles away. 

T Boone Pickens=68
A number important to 9/11...the WTC construction began on 6/8/68 and so on..

Off topic, but I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and someone has hacked the keeps beeping and saying.."Anonymous just left the conference". 
It reminds me of the film "Unfriended: The Dark Web" in which I watched last year on 9/11...Remember the next day someone sent me a message from my girlfriends phone number, but it wasn't my girlfriend who sent the message....I just realized something about that though...
My computer crashed exactly 50 days later..
Dan Behrendt=50

Anonymous just left the conference=128
If you remember the video where Anonymous showed Zach it was at 12:08 in their video. 

It's interesting as the number 128 was super important to that...I just had the sync with my old neighbor that involved the number 128....think about Dwight Howard's bday being 12/8 too...

This comes 165 days after his 1st Porn Hack....
Scottish Rite=165
Nine Eleven=165

The night before was when I really noticed that Francis Bacon gematria was important...
Zachary K Hubbard=227(FB)
Thinking about France... 1-1-2 the 9-1-1 in France...
Tomorrow is the Ethiopian New Year....we have the upcoming Harvest Moon...
Tomorrow will also be 166 days after that first porn hack....166 was a huge number with Montagraph and so on..

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