Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Lil Nas X interrupted by Kevin Hart while explaining why he is gay-Nebraska

This story is perfect for the word "Nigger". 
It comes 148 days after Lil Nas X's bday and 60 days after Kevin Hart's. 
Nigger=60 and 148(Jewish), 102(rev red)
The Shop: Uninterrupted=102
Notice it's also 10 months 2 days before Kevin Hart's next bday. 

This story comes 7 months 6 days before Lil Nas X's next bday...
Kevin Hart born on 7/6. 

Lil Nas X=98
The Shop=98

You have to love how the show is called "The Shop UNinterrupted and we get a story about Kevin Hart "Interrupting" Lil Nas X too. 
Kevin Darnell Hart=102
Montero Hill=60(Lil Nas X's real name)

I haven't looked much into Kevin Hart's car crash either, but it's interesting this story would come just after that..

I'm curious as recently I've been talking about the Teen Wolf/Nebraska stuff again...also I've been looking at all the old information in the past few days to write about in the book. Kevin Hart was important to that narrative, because he was the Celebrity MVP on the NBA All Star game in 2015...the all star week held over Lupercalia...the Teen Wolf's Zach Lavine, Andrew Wiggins...UCLA and so on...

Kevin Hart's car crash on 9/1 which was really important to Nebraska as Dean Jones(Herbie: the Love bug) died that day...
Remember the Cornhuskers are important to Lincoln....Abraham Lincoln....think about that in regards to Slaves and so on...
The University of Lincoln was established during Lupercalia(2/15) 150 years ago..
Nebraska Cornhuskers=150

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