Monday, September 23, 2019

Andre Emmett Former NBA player shot and killed in Dallas

It's funny as I am only thinking of this because of the recent Blackface stories with Justin Trudeau. Remember the Blackface stuff began in February synced up to the Virginia Cavaliers winning the college championship. They beat Texas Tech though, and I see this guy played for them as well. 
Notice he died 169 days after they lost to the Virginia Cavaliers. 
Red Raiders=169

He also died in Dallas Texas. 
Dallas Texas=46, 118
Andre Emmett=46, 118
Texas Tech Red Raiders=118
Virginia Cavaliers=118

It's also interesting that he died 11 months  4 before his next bday. Considering it's synced up to the Cavaliers it reminds me of LeBron James...
He dies on 9/23...
LeBron James=114 and 923(Jewish)

He also died age 37 and it's 3 months 7 days before LeBron's bday...

Think how the College Championship was on 4/8 too. 
This number is big in regards to Cleveland and the Cavaliers symbolism with the Royal Family. They mention a lot about Andre Emmett being in the BIG3 in the article as well. The BIG3 created by Ice Cube. 
Ice Cube=48
Texas Tech=48
Remember how Ice Cube was in the media not too long ago criticizing Kawhi for going to the Clippers and not the Lakers. Ice Cube a big Lakers fan...

They refer to Andre as DRE in the article as well, which makes me think of the NWA...Ice Cube...Dr. Dre...
The NWA also had Saudi Prince which is interesting in regards to the Oil theme and Saudi Arabia too.. 

His birthday is also the 239th day of the year and he dies on 23/9. 

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