Wednesday, September 18, 2019

US Navy confirms UFO Videos are the real deal-Tom DeLonge and synchronicity

Tom Delonge-Randy Quaid post
I saw this story and remembered I talked about it with my Tom Delonge blog post about Aliens a while back. I searched Tom Delonge on my blog and started reading it over...I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and some guy calls in and talks about Randy Quaid and the Star Whackers...I then notice that in my blog post I talked about Randy Quaid. 

It's crazy as even further on this post I mentioned Aiwass and Aleister Crowley....All day at work I was reading more about Thelema and Aleister Crowley as I want to understand more about Magic and the purpose of this. 
I was trying to figure out why synchronicity is important to magic. 

US Navy=39
Tom Delonge released this video on 3/9. 

It's interesting too that someone recently took Tom Delonge's birthday off his wikipedia page...In my old post it has the date of 12/13...but on 9/8/19 they removed it from his wiki? 
Tom DeLong=43
He's currently 43 years old...

Interesting this story comes 279 days after his 43rd birthday...
The old story came 279 days before his 43rd birthday..

I'm also interested that the pilot was calling it a Drone....I saw my best friend on Thursday and he was hammered talking about the 9/10/2001 when we saw a UFO outside of Beebeetown, Iowa. I've mentioend that story a ton of times in videos and blogs...but we both have wondered if it was some type of drone or really Aliens for years.....the next morning was 9/11/2001 and then George Bush came to Offutt Air Force base which is not too far from where we saw this UFO that followed us. 
Also last night I even talked about Blink 182 at the bar, as I played Pennywise and I was explaining stuff about "Punk/Pop Punk" to someone. 

This new story comes 86 days before Tom DeLonge's bday...
This story is for sure important to Tom DeLonge...I just dont' see the full picture yet. 

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  1. Guy who hijacke and crashed a plane last year on August 10th in Seattle was "Beebo" Russell.