Thursday, September 26, 2019

King Ralph came out on 2/15

I've been writing about the Vegas attacks and how it was synced up to a bunch of things..including the death of my grandma on 9/24/2017....Anyway in the mix of that the RALPH theme was really important so I looked up King Ralph again....Notice it came out on 2/15.....This number I have been mentioning a lot lately, and it has been very important all year.. 215

Also interesting this happens right after the newest episode of "The Conners" comes out on 9/24/2019. 

King Ralph=190(FB)
King Charles=190


  1. Have you heard about the July 12 Assault, Big Ben MONSTER ATTACK, the Neurophone Time-Experiments and the HELLFIRE LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS ?

  2. An example of the HELLFIRE LANGUAGE :33