Friday, September 20, 2019

49 Pages of my Book deleted somehow and my Odd day on Tuesday

I woke up today to start writing more in this book, and I noticed that a ton of it was deleted. I had 65 pages and now it's deleted down to 16 pages? Thankfully I had uploaded it to my email a few days ago, so I only lost a few days worth of writing. I mostly worked on the introduction part in the past few days, and oddly enough that is still on this old version...No one is ever on my computer either, so I am baffled as to how so much was deleted, or any....It's been a slow process as I'm trying to organize all of these interrelated things as much as possible. 
Just documenting this as it was 49 pages....thinking about 227...
There must be something about Harry S. Truman I am supposed to see? 

While I'm at it I want to document a crazy story from Tuesday night. We went and saw the film "Ready or Not", which was interesting in itself...About a rich family that made a deal with the devil....but we were running late as there is a ton of road construction in the town I live in. I was going 80mph down the highway and someone passed me like I was barely moving. When we got a few towns ahead we came around the corner to a car wreck in which the guy who passed me was in. It looked like everyone was ok and a lot of others were helping, so we drove around it. When we got to the next town, Missouri Valley, we were at the stoplight and a guy was walking a Skunk on a leash. We finally got to the movie and the lady working carded me because is was a rated R movie lol. I mean no big deal, but I'm 36 years old, and I don't look anywhere near under 18 I  don't think. On the way home another interesting thing happened, but I can't write that on my blog or my girlfriend will be pissed lol. It was just a strange night, and I wonder if there is some type of meaning to the oddness. 


  1. Hey Dan, hey Bobby,
    That's a bummer losing your work!
    I see the NFL conference finals on 1.19.20 119 will be exactly 227 synodic months from Sept.11 2001.
    Also, Pope Francis will be 30,349 days old on this day. 11 x 31(11thp) x 89(11th Fib)
    Same period of Haile Selassie's - died 30,349 days old.

  2. Ive been reminding Zach that the magic square of Venus is a 7x7. It seems to encode Christmas as well since the 49th triangular is 1225

  3. 49ers and steelers play Sunday. That's a very Venus infused matchup

  4. Cool! I'll checkout that game.
    I'm following the "Brady Sees a Bear" from 4th July 2018.
    4+7+20+18 = 49
    It's also the Bears 49th season at Soldier Field.

  5. Mega Power and Lotto are 227 80 and 3. Total sum is 310

  6. I drove through the end of a rainbow on my way to Anarchadelphia on mile marker 163. "Rainbow" = 163 Franc Baconis

  7. Truman the 33rd president & winner of the 41st presidential election 41-33=8
    Trump the 45th president & the winner of the 58th presidential election 58-45=13
    Venus Orbit ratio 13/8
    Donald Trump = 138
    243 year cycle. USA 243 years old
    243rd day of the year 8/31
    Thanks again Bobby, Dan, Sevenone.
    Cheers WB